Lab 1: Introduction to NCBI
Lab 2: NCBI Entrez
Lab 3: Pairwise alignment
Lab 4: Multiple Seq align
Lab 5: Phylogenetics
Lab 6: Protein Visualization
Lab 7: Protein charactization
Lab 8: 2° and 3° Prediction
Lab 9: Gene Prediction
Lab 10: Transcriptome
Lab 11: Functional Genomics
Lab 12: Comparative Genomics

BIO520 Labs

Labs in class are generally due the Thursday after the Friday lab session. 

Students are welcome to work together on how to do the lab, but the final submitted work should be the student's own work.

A very clear problem for students is that they view completion of the lab in itself a goal.  *Mastery* of the topic is the goal, and the labs are simply intended to illustrate major points. 

Remember that almost every program that we use has its own extensive help.

University of Kentucky  BIO520

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