This perl 5 script reads a DNA seq. from standard input, and writes to standard out put the 6 frame translation of the DNA seq. If the optional -f# switch is used, only the indicated frame is translated. The DNA code used is eucaryotic. Stop codons are indicated in the output by '-'.

Usage: trans [-f#] <DNA.file >DNA.translated Switches:

-b# Bp per line in the output. Default is 50 bp for printing the translation and 60 bp when the translation is printed along with the DNA.

-d Print the translation along with the DNA.

-f# The DNA is only translated in the indicated reading frame.

Example: trans <DNA.file >DNA.translated Example: trans -f1 <DNA.file >DNA.translated Example: trans -f-3 <DNA.file >DNA.translated Example: trans -d <DNA.file >DNA.translated

Last updated 6-14-99

Written by Jim Lund in the lab of Roger Reeves, Johns Hopkins University