Interactive mode: preplot [Dna.analysis.fplot]

Command line mode: preplot [-g -lReference_seq -mPrior_prob.-q -r] Import.file <Dna.fplot >Updated.dna.fplot

-b# Add a blank line to a fplot file after the given line number. The number must fall between 0 and the number of plotting lines. Instead of a number, 'last' or 'end' can be used to indicate a blank line will added after the last plotting line.

-g Import GRAIL 1.3 services: polyA, CpG, polII promoters, exons

-lReference_seq Import lineplot output, Reference_seq is either 1 or 2, the first or second lineplot comparison sequence.

-mPrior_prob. Import MZEF exon predictions, Prior_probability is the MZEF prior probability parameter.

-q Print out this help information.

-r Import GRAIL 1.3 repetitive and simple sequence repeats.

This program manipulates files formatted to be read by fplot. Various sequence analysis output files can be imported and put in a format fplot can read. Also, fplot formatted files can be manipulated, with plotting lines reordered, added, or deleted.

This program can be used in a command line mode, importing one file with each invocation, or in interactive mode. In interactive mode, additional editing functions are available, and multiple files can be imported.

Last modified: 11/98

Written by Jim Lund in the lab of Roger Reeves, Johns Hopkins University