Steina et al 2007, Uncharacterized enriched genes, 27 genes

Gene list file name:Stetina2007_supp9
Type of gene identifier:Cosmid name
Description:Genes encoding Uncharacterized Conserved Proteins (with human homologs) that are enriched in both the embryonic and larval pan-neural datasets  
Organism:Caenorhabditis elegans (nematode)
Gene list type:Experimental

Gene name             Source Gene ID          Annotation                                                  Date       Added by    

B0024.8 B0024.8 P W All gene names: B0024.8; 5K780; CE25738; WBGene00007098; WP:CE25738
C03C10.6 C03C10.6 P W All gene names: C03C10.6; CE30720; NM_065416; WBGene00007272; WP:CE30720
C11H1.7 C11H1.7 P W All gene names: C11H1.7; CE18492; WBGene00007531; WP:CE18492; XO945
C56G7.3 C56G7.3 P W All gene names: C56G7.3; 3E481; CE17608; WBGene00008348; WP:CE17608
D1007.15 D1007.15 P W All gene names: D1007.15; 1F131; CE34284; WBGene00017010; WP:CE34284
F09G8.5 F09G8.5 P W All gene names: F09G8.5; 3J345; CE00526; WBGene00017320; WP:CE00526
F23B2.4 F23B2.4 P W All gene names: daf-10; osm-4; F23B2.4; 4J898; CE40504; NM_069190; WBGene00000906; WBGene00009074; WP:CE40504 WormBase description: Uncloned locus that affects the development of amphid and phasmid neurons, dauer development, life span, chemotaxis, and nose touch response. WormBase CDS description: WD domain, G-beta repeats
F29A7.4 F29A7.4 P W All gene names: F29A7.4; 2D41; CE36835; WBGene00017914; WP:CE36835
F41D9.1 F41D9.1 P W All gene names: F41D9.1; CE30984; WBGene00018281; WP:CE30984; XJ1
F49E10.1 F49E10.1 P W All gene names: F49E10.1; CE29965; WBGene00018639; WP:CE29965; XG519
F57H12.7 F57H12.7 P W All gene names: mec-17; F57H12.7; 4I750; CE17128; NM_068936; WBGene00003178; WP:CE17128 WormBase description: mec-17 encodes a protein that has no clearly recognizable motifs yet shares a domain of similarity with an additional C. elegans protein as well as proteins from Drosophila, mouse, and human; MEC-17 activity is required for maintaining the differentiated state of the touch receptors, and hence the animal's touch sensitivity, during later stages of larval development; mec-17 is expressed solely in the touch receptor cells from late embryogenesis through adulthood, and this expression is dependent upon the MEC-3 LIM homeodomain transcription factor; in turn, as MEC-17 is necessary for maintaining differentiated touch receptors, its activity is required for continued expression of MEC-3 and the MEC-7 beta-tubulin.
T03G11.3 T03G11.3 P W All gene names: T03G11.3; CE39762; WBGene00020196; WP:CE39762; XF795
T10B11.9 T10B11.9 P W All gene names: T10B11.9; WBGene00020405
T24H10.4 T24H10.4 P W All gene names: T24H10.4; 2J401; CE35030; WBGene00012002; WP:CE35030
T26A8.2 T26A8.2 P W All gene names: T26A8.2; 4J193; CE07548; WBGene00020825; WP:CE07548
W06B11.1 W06B11.1 P W All gene names: W06B11.1; CE28508; WBGene00021059; WP:CE28508; XG469
Y105E8A.5 Y105E8A.5 P W All gene names: bbs-1; Y105E8A.5; 1O962; CE25181; NM_170937; WBGene00000241; WP:CE25181
Y38F2AL.2 Y38F2AL.2 P W All gene names: Y38F2AL.2; 4D70; CE21622; Q9N423_CAEEL; WBGene00021416; WP:CE21622
Y71H2AM.10 Y71H2AM.10 P W All gene names: Y71H2AM.10; 3D798; CE29141; WBGene00022175; WP:CE29141
Y75B8A.12 Y75B8A.12 P W All gene names: bbs-7; osm-12; Y75B8A.12; 3N280; CE23024; NM_067184; Q9XW70_CAEEL; WBGene00003892; WP:CE23024
Y9C12A.1 Y9C12A.1 P W All gene names: Y9C12A.1; CE24699; WBGene00021185; WP:CE24699; XB300
ZK688.9 ZK688.9 P W All gene names: ZK688.9; 3I972; CE40006; WBGene00022803; WP:CE40006
ZK973.11 ZK973.11 P W All gene names: ZK973.11; 1E948; CE29654; WBGene00022836; WP:CE29654 WormBase description: thioredoxin