Thoemke et al 2005, GFP reporter expression for ge, 7 genes

Gene list file name:Thoemke2005_figure3
Type of gene identifier:Cosmid name
Description:GFP reporter expression for genes with L4 male-enriched somatic expression, showing somatic gonad and sexually dimorphic tail structures  
Organism:Caenorhabditis elegans (nematode)
Gene list type:Experimental

Gene name             Source Gene ID          Annotation                                                  Date       Added by    

C49C3.12 C49C3.12 P W All gene names: C49C3.12; 4S290; CE19751; WBGene00008202; WP:CE19751 WormBase description: Lectin C-type domain
F58A4.1 F58A4.1 P W All gene names: F58A4.1; 3K689; CE20889; WBGene00010226; WP:CE20889
R01E6.5 R01E6.5 P W All gene names: R01E6.5; CE03522; WBGene00010969; WP:CE03522; XO157
R03H10.4 R03H10.4 P W All gene names: R03H10.4; 2E458; CE02840; WBGene00019856; WP:CE02840
W10G11.14 W10G11.14 P W All gene names: W10G11.14; 2D865; CE14826; WBGene00021144; WP:CE14826
Y39B6A.9 Y39B6A.9 P W All gene names: Y39B6A.9; 5T613; CE21699; WBGene00012671; WP:CE21699
ZK596.1 ZK596.1 P W All gene names: ZK596.1; 4L665; CE06631; WBGene00014006; WP:CE06631