, 67 genes

Gene list file name:HWiener2005_table3
Type of gene identifier:Cosmid name
Description:Comparison of gene expression between 10-day old daf-2 muntants and 6-day old controll worms broken down by gene family and increase or decrease  
Organism:Caenorhabditis elegans (nematode)
Gene list type:Experimental

Gene name             Source Gene ID          Annotation                                                  Date       Added by    

F33A8.3 cey-1 P W
F46F11.2 cey-2 P W
Y39A1C.3 cey-4 P W
C53B4.5 col-119 P W
T05A1.2 col-122 P W
C24F3.6 col-124 P W
F26F12.1 col-140 P W
T15B7.5 col-141 P W
T15B7.3 col-143 P W
F57B1.3 col-159 P W
F57B1.4 col-160 P W
C34F6.2 col-178 P W
C34F6.3 col-179 P W
F02D10.1 col-183 P W
F15A2.1 col-184 P W
ZK1193.1 col-19 P W
T05E7.2 col-55 P W
F11H8.3 col-8 P W
K12D12.3 col-84 P W
Y41C4A.16 col-95 P W
Y67H2A.8 fat-1 P W
W02A2.1 fat-2 P W
W08D2.4 fat-3 P W
VZK822L.1 fat-6 P W
F38E11.1 hsp-12.3 P W
F38E11.2 hsp-12.6 P W
T27E4.8 hsp-16.1 P W
T27E4.2 hsp-16.11 P W
Y46H3A.3 hsp-16.2 P W
Y46H3A.2 hsp-16.41 P W
T27E4.3 hsp-16.48 P W
M28.5 M28.5 P W All gene names: phi-9; M28.5; 2K948; CE02283; SNU13CE; WBGene00010896; WP:CE02283 WormBase description: ribosomal protein (L7AE family)
Y17G7B.5 mcm-2 P W
C25D7.6 mcm-3 P W
Y39G10AR.14 mcm-4 P W
R10E4.4 mcm-5 P W
ZK632.1 mcm-6 P W
Y48G1BL.3 puf-10 P W
F54C9.8 puf-5 P W
F18A11.1 puf-6 P W
B0273.2 puf-7 P W
F18A1.5 rpa-1 P W
F10B5.1 rpl-10 P W
C04F12.4 rpl-14 P W
C09D4.5 rpl-19 P W
B0250.1 rpl-2 P W
E04A4.8 rpl-20 P W
B0336.10 rpl-23 P W
B0513.3 rpl-29 P W
Y106G6H.3 rpl-30 P W
W09C5.6 rpl-31 P W
B0041.4 rpl-4 P W
Y48B6A.2 rpl-43 P W
B0393.1 rps-0 P W
F40F11.1 rps-11 P W
C16A3.9 rps-13 P W
T08B2.10 rps-17 P W
C49H3.11 rps-2 P W
F53A3.3 rps-22 P W
F56E10.4 rps-27 P W
ZC434.2 rps-7 P W
F42C5.8 rps-8 P W
F09E10.11 tts-1 P W
Y105E8A.16 Y105E8A.16 P W All gene names: rps-20; Y105E8A.16; Y105E8B.S; 1P60; CE29835; NM_170948; WBGene00004489; WP:CE29835 WormBase description: rps-20 encodes a small ribosomal subunit S20 protein.
Y24D9A.4 Y24D9A.4 P W All gene names: phi-22; rpl-7A; rpl-8; Y24D9A.4; 4F154; CE27398; CE30401; NM_171316; NM_171904; WBGene00004419; WP:CE27398; WP:CE30401 WormBase description: rpl-8 encodes a large ribosomal subunit L7a protein required in mass RNAi assays for fertility, vulval development, and general health; the rpl-8 transcription unit has one nonsense transcript that is up-regulated in vivo by smg[-] mutations, indicating that rpl-8 is a natural substrate for SMG-mediated nonsense suppresssion; several other natural mRNA substrates of SMG suppression (e.g., rpl-3, rpl-10, rpl-12) have protein products that are involved in translation.
Y41D4B.5 Y41D4B.5 P W All gene names: rps-28; Y41D4B.5; 4C425; CE21842; NM_067714; WBGene00004497; WP:CE21842 WormBase description: rps-28 encodes a small ribosomal subunit S28 protein.
Y48G8AL.8 Y48G8AL.8 P W All gene names: rpl-17; Y48G8AL.8; Y48G8A_3945.C; 1B631; CE22195; CE30023; NM_170799; NM_171832; WBGene00004429; WP:CE22195; WP:CE30023 WormBase description: rpl-17 encodes a large ribosomal subunit L17 protein; by homology, RPL-17 is predicted to function in protein biosynthesis; in C. elegans, RPL-17 activity is required for embryonic and germline development, as well as normal postembryonic growth rates.