Menzel et al 2007, PCB53-induced expression with , 9 genes

Gene list file name:Menzel2007_figure2b
Type of gene identifier:Cosmid name
Description:Menzel et al 2007 Figure 2b: Summarization of data on PCB52-induced gene expression, RNAi-coupled reproduction assay and RNAi effciency with SDR genes  
Organism:Caenorhabditis elegans (nematode)
Gene list type:Experimental

Gene name             Source Gene ID          Annotation                                                  Date       Added by    

C33E10.10 C33E10.10 P W All gene names: C33E10.10; CE17495; O61799_CAEEL; WBGene00016350; WP:CE17495; XR912
C55A6.5 C55A6.5 P W All gene names: sdz-8; C55A6.5; 5L996; CE09002; WBGene00008334; WP:CE09002 WormBase description: alcohol dehydrogenase
R05D8.10 dhs-15 P W
F55A12.4 dhs-2 P W
R08H2.1 dhs-23 P W
F25D1.5 F25D1.5 P W All gene names: F25D1.5; 5L26; CE05726; Q19774_CAEEL; WBGene00009110; WP:CE05726 WormBase description: dehydrogenase
K10H10.6 K10H10.6 P W All gene names: K10H10.6; 2O791; CE20000; WBGene00010762; WP:CE20000 WormBase description: Alcohol/other dehydrogenases, short chain type
R05D8.7 R05D8.7 P W All gene names: R05D8.7; 5D234; CE21095; WBGene00019885; WP:CE21095
K12G11.4 sodh-2 P W