Steina et al 2007, genes in germline, muscle, and , 30 genes

Gene list file name:Stetina2007_supp5
Type of gene identifier:Cosmid name
Description:Genes commonly enriched in the Germline, Muscle, or Intestine (GMI) dataset (based on Pauli et al, Development, 2006) and larval A-class enriched dataset  
Organism:Caenorhabditis elegans (nematode)
Gene list type:Experimental

Gene name             Source Gene ID          Annotation                                                  Date       Added by    

C05B5.7 C05B5.7 P W All gene names: rgs-1; C05B5.7; 3L104; CE27794; NM_066820; WBGene00004344; WP:CE27794 WormBase description: rgs-1 encodes a regulator of G protein signaling; by homology, RGS-1 is predicted to function as a GTPase-activating protein for heterotrimeric G-protein alpha-subunits, and in vitro RGS-1 can stimulate the GTPase activity of purified GOA-1; in vivo, rgs-1 appears to function redundantly with rgs-2 to regulate egg-laying behavior when animals are refed following starvation; rgs-1 is expressed in most or all neurons. WormBase CDS description: 1r20 protein (human)
C18D1.3 C18D1.3 P W All gene names: flp-4; C18D1.3; 2K345; CE01503; NM_063772; WBGene00001447; WP:CE01503 WormBase description: FMRFamide-like peptide
C26C6.2 C26C6.2 P W All gene names: goa-1; C26C6.2; 1I101; CE05311; GNAO_CAEEL; NM_059707; WBGene00001648; WP:CE05311 WormBase description: The goa-1 gene encodes an ortholog of the heterotrimeric G protein alpha subunit Go (Go/Gi class) that affects normal locomotion, egg-laying, and male mating; it genetically interacts with the egl-30 pathway, and is expressed in all neurons and sex-specific muscles. WormBase CDS description: guanine nucleotide-binding protein
C41G11.3 C41G11.3 P W All gene names: rgs-6; C41G11.3; CE30895; WBGene00004349; WP:CE30895; XG340 WormBase description: rgs-6 encodes a regulator of G protein signaling; by homology, RGS-6 is predicted to function as a GTPase-activating protein that binds G protein alpha subunits and negatively regulates heterotrimeric G protein signaling; loss of rgs-6 activity via RNAi or a deletion mutation results in no obvious defects, and likewise, rgs-6 overexpression has no measurable effect on egg-laying behavior, locomotion, or viability; the rgs-6 expression pattern has not yet been reported.
C50B6.4 C50B6.4 P W All gene names: col-161; C50B6.4; 5N796; CE08873; NM_073899; WBGene00000734; WP:CE08873 WormBase description: collagen
C55B7.2 C55B7.2 P W All gene names: gly-2; C55B7.2; 1H87; CE27887; NM_059473; WBGene00001627; WP:CE27887 WormBase description: gly-2 encodes a functional homolog of mammalian UDP-N-acetylglucosamine alpha-6-d-mannoside beta-1,6-N-acetylglucosaminyltransferase V (GlcNAc-TV) which regulates polylactosamine-containing N-glycans; gly-2 is functionally interchangeable with the mammalian gene; GLY-2 is expressed in late embryos and in a subset of neurons in larvae, spermathecal and pharyngeal-intestinal valves and in specific vulval cells of adults. WormBase CDS description: alpha-1,3(6)-mannosylglycoprotein beta-1,6-N-acetyl-glucosaminyltransferase
F15A2.6 F15A2.6 P W All gene names: sad-1; F15A2.6; CE28218; CE40646; NM_077852; WBGene00004719; WP:CE28218; WP:CE40646; XO108 WormBase description: sad-1 encodes a novel serine/threonine protein kinase; SAD-1 activity is required for several aspects of presynaptic development, including termination of axon outgrowth and presynaptic vesicle clustering, in GABAergic motor neurons and the ASI amphid chemosensory neuron; in addition, overexpression studies suggest that SAD-1 may also play a role in regulating axonal-dendritic polarity; SAD-1 is expressed in the nervous system, where it localizes asymmetrically to the synapse-rich regions of axons.
F26G1.5 F26G1.5 P W All gene names: F26G1.5; 2F60; CE02697; WBGene00017841; WP:CE02697
F29G9.6 F29G9.6 P W All gene names: dhs-17; F29G9.6; 5G508; CE27376; CE40050; NM_072160; WBGene00000980; WP:CE27376; WP:CE40050 WormBase description: dhs-17 encodes a member of the short-chain dehydrogenases/reductases family (SDR).
F35C8.3 F35C8.3 P W All gene names: jkk-1; sek-2; F35C8.3; CE24941; NM_076512; Q9UAH1_CAEEL; WBGene00002177; WP:CE24941; XF989 WormBase description: jkk-1 encodes a member of the MAP kinase kinase superfamily that affects synaptic vesicle localization and is required in type-D motor neurons for normal locomotion; can function in the Hog1 MAP kinase pathway I in yeast as an activator of JNK and is expressed in most neurons
F35H8.5 F35H8.5 P W All gene names: elr-1; exc-7; F35H8.5; 2J871; CE00983; NM_063656; Q20084_CAEEL; WBGene00001368; WP:CE00983 WormBase description: exc-7 encodes an ELAV, an mRNA-binding protein homologous to Drosophila ELAV and human HuC/D (OMIM:603458, 168360, autoimmune antigens associated with paraneoplastic neurologic disorders); EXC-7 is required for formation of the tailspike and the excretory cell canals; exc-7 mutations enhance defects produced by mutations in exc-3, predicted to encode a peptidase, and sma-1, which encodes beta H-spectrin, a key component of the apical cytokeleton of polarized epithelial cells such as the excretory cell; in vitro, EXC-7 can bind the sma-1 mRNA 3' UTR, and thus is predicted to regulate SMA-1 expression in vivo; EXC-7 is expressed transiently in the excretory cell nucleus during mid-embryogenesis and during larval stages is detected in the pharynx, nerve ring, and nerve cord nuclei. WormBase CDS description: HUD
F37D6.6 F37D6.6 P W All gene names: tag-68; F37D6.6; 1L81; CE36156; WBGene00006445; WP:CE36156
F47D12.3 F47D12.3 P W All gene names: F47D12.3; 3H389; CE01947; WBGene00018560; WP:CE01947
F55C12.4 F55C12.4 P W All gene names: F55C12.4; 2G148; CE19468; WBGene00018871; WP:CE19468
K10D3.2 K10D3.2 P W All gene names: unc-14; K10D3.2; 1H700; CE25055; NM_059617; WBGene00006753; WP:CE25055 WormBase description: The unc-14 gene encodes an activity required for both axonogenesis and sex myoblast migration.
R07C12.1 R07C12.1 P W All gene names: R07C12.1; 4E919; CE17204; WBGene00019931; WP:CE17204
R11H6.3 R11H6.3 P W All gene names: R11H6.3; 5P85; CE12774; WBGene00011251; WP:CE12774
T04A8.13 T04A8.13 P W All gene names: T04A8.13; 3F797; CE23943; WBGene00011414; WP:CE23943 WormBase description: neurofilament triplet M protein
T05B11.1 T05B11.1 P W All gene names: T05B11.1; 5I231; CE07464; WBGene00020245; WP:CE07464 WormBase description: This gene encodes a protein containing an F-box, a motif predicted to mediate protein-protein interactions either with homologs of yeast Skp-1p or with other proteins.
W05H12.2 W05H12.2 P W All gene names: W05H12.2; 1O0; CE14660; WBGene00012290; WP:CE14660
Y95B8A.1 Y95B8A.1 P W All gene names: nas-30; Y95B8A.1; 1B417; CE36770; NM_058394; WBGene00003548; WP:CE36770 WormBase description: peptidase