Steina et al 2007, Neural genes conatining the N1-, 82 genes

Gene list file name:Stetina2007_supp29
Type of gene identifier:MA primer pair (sjj)
Description:Candidate neural genes containing predicted pan-neural motif ("N1-box") (Ruvinsky et al 2006) that are detected in the Larval and/or Embryonic Pan-neural Enriched datasets  
Organism:Caenorhabditis elegans (nematode)
Gene list type:Experimental

Gene name             Source Gene ID          Annotation                                                  Date       Added by    

C01B7.6 C01B7.6 P W All gene names: rpm-1; rpm-3; sad-3; sam-1; syd-3; C01B7.6; 5J282; CE06730; NM_072866; WBGene00004457; WP:CE06730
C01H6.3 C01H6.3 P W All gene names: C01H6.3; 1H784; CE05186; WBGene00007253; WP:CE05186
C06A8.9 C06A8.9 P W All gene names: glr-4; C06A8.9; 2I76; CE31294; NM_063238; WBGene00001615; WP:CE31294 WormBase description: glr-4 encodes a putative non-NMDA ionotropic glutamate receptor subunit, most closely related to GLR-3 and less so to GLR-7, possibly of the kainate subfamily; glr-4 is expressed in various sensory neurons and interneurons from embyrogenesis onward; glr-4 expression requires UNC-42, as well as CFI-1 in URA cells. WormBase CDS description: Glutamate receptor
C08F8.8 C08F8.8 P W All gene names: nhr-67; C08F8.8; 4L939; CE18491; NHR67_CAEEL; NM_069693; WBGene00003657; WP:CE18491 WormBase description: nuclear hormone receptor
C17G1.7 C17G1.7 P W All gene names: C17G1.7; CE39223; WBGene00007653; WP:CE39223; XK572 WormBase description: cysteine synthase
C24B5.1 C24B5.1 P W All gene names: C24B5.1; 5J675; CE36981; WBGene00016044; WP:CE36981
C32E8.7 C32E8.7 P W All gene names: ric-19; C32E8.7; 1E346; CE39089; NM_058815; RIC19_CAEEL; WBGene00004368; WP:CE39089 WormBase description: The ric-19 gene encodes an evolutionarily conserved cytosolic protein involved in neuroendocrine secretion via association with secretory vesicles.
C38H2.1 C38H2.1 P W All gene names: C38H2.1; 3L461; CE32601; WBGene00008018; WP:CE32601 WormBase description: Probable rabGAP domains
C39B10.1 C39B10.1 P W All gene names: C39B10.1; CE02157; WBGene00008021; WP:CE02157; XL82 WormBase description: G-protein coupled receptor
C44B11.3 C44B11.3 P W All gene names: Alpha-tubulin; mec-12; tba-3; C44B11.3; 3E222; CE24843; NM_065262; WBGene00003175; WP:CE24843 WormBase description: mec-12 encodes a novel C. elegans alpha-tubulin that is unique amongst C. elegans alpha tubulins in that it may be subject to post-translational acetylation; MEC-12 is required for normal mechanosensory response to gentle touch, and specifically for formation of the 15-protofilament microtubule bundle present in the touch receptor neurons; mec-12 interacts genetically with mec-5, which encodes a unique C. elegans collagen secreted by the hypodermis; MEC-12 is highly expressed in the touch neurons as well as in several other neurons that do not contains the microfilament bundle, such as the ventral cord motorneurons. WormBase CDS description: alpha tubulin
C48A7.1 C48A7.1 P W All gene names: eat-12; egl-19; pat-5; C48A7.1; 4I183; CE28820; CE31165; NM_171379; WBGene00001187; WP:CE28820; WP:CE31165 WormBase description: egl-19 encodes an ortholog of the alpha subunit of mammalian L-type calcium ion channels that affects muscle contraction in late embryonic morphogenesis, movement, egg-laying, mating and feeding; egl-19 is expressed in muscle cells and some neurons.
C50F4.5 C50F4.5 P W All gene names: his-41; C50F4.5; CE05470; NM_073063; WBGene00001915; WP:CE05470 WormBase description: his-41 encodes an H2B histone. WormBase CDS description: histone H2B
D1022.8 D1022.8 P W All gene names: cah-2; D1022.8; 2H772; CAH2_CAEEL; CE31777; NM_063166; WBGene00000280; WP:CE31777 WormBase description: cah-2 encodes a predicted carbonic anhydrase. WormBase CDS description: Carbonic anhydrase
F01D4.4 F01D4.4 P W All gene names: egl-21; F01D4.4; 4L244; CE09156; NM_069534; O17754_CAEEL; WBGene00001189; WP:CE09156 WormBase description: egl-21 encodes a putative carboxypeptidase (whose homologs include human enkephalin convertase/carboxypeptidase E); EGL-21 is expressed throughout the nervous system; EGL-21 is required for normal synthesis of FMRFamide-like peptides, and for egg-laying, locomotion, and defecation; EGL-23 promotes acetylcholine release at neuromuscular junctions; egl-21 mutant defects resemble those seen for mutants of the proprotein convertase type 2 EGL-3. WormBase CDS description: zinc carboxypeptidase
F08B6.2 F08B6.2 P W All gene names: gpc-2; F08B6.2; 1H335; CE20656; NM_059534; WBGene00001682; WP:CE20656 WormBase description: gpc-2 encodes one of two C. elegans heterotrimeric G protein gamma subunits; gpc-2 is required, along with its partner GPB-1, a G protein beta subunit, for proper mitotic spindle positioning and orientation during early embryonic cell divisions; to date, GPC-2 expression has been reported in electrically excitable cells (all neurons and muscles).
F09G2.5 F09G2.5 P W All gene names: F09G2.5; 5H653; CE37627; WBGene00017314; WP:CE37627 WormBase description: ion channel protein
F10G7.5 F10G7.5 P W All gene names: F10G7.5; 2E985; CE27947; CE40035; WBGene00017369; WP:CE27947; WP:CE40035
F13C5.2 F13C5.2 P W All gene names: F13C5.2; CE19384; WBGene00017423; WP:CE19384; XB213 WormBase description: bromodomain-containing protein
F17C8.1 F17C8.1 P W All gene names: acy-1; sgs-1; F17C8.1; 3F819; CE00955; NM_065569; WBGene00000068; WP:CE00955 WormBase description: The acy-1 gene encodes a protein with 40% identity to mammalian adenylyl cyclases, most closely related to the divergent mouse isoform type IX, that affects viability, muscle contraction, locomotion, and molting; it acts genetically downstream of gsa-1 and is expressed in excitable cells. WormBase CDS description: adenylate cyclase
F19H8.3 F19H8.3 P W All gene names: arl-3; F19H8.3; 2O895; ARL3_CAEEL; CE15872; NM_064636; WBGene00000188; WP:CE15872 WormBase description: arl-3 encodes a member of the ARL (ADP-ribosylation factor(ARF)-like) family of proteins which are very similar to ARF proteins but lack the ability to stimulate ADP ribosylation by cholera toxin; as loss of arl-3 activity via RNA-mediated interference (RNAi) does not result in any abnormalities, the precise role of ARL-3 is not yet known. WormBase CDS description: ADP-ribosylation factors (Arf family) (contains ATP/GTP binding P-loop)
F21F3.5 F21F3.5 P W All gene names: tmr-2; unc-38; F21F3.5; 1F466; CE24908; NM_059071; WBGene00006774; WP:CE24908 WormBase description: unc-38 encodes a nicotinic acetylcholine receptor (nAChR) alpha subunit; UNC-38 is required for normal locomotion and egg-laying, and functions as a subunit of a ligand-gated ion channel that likely mediates fast actions of acetylcholine at neuromuscular junctions and in the nervous system; when coexpressed with ACR-2, ACR-3, UNC-29, and LEV-1, non-alpha nAChR subunits, the resulting multimer can form levamisole-gated channels; UNC-38 is expressed postsynaptically in muscles and neurons where it colocalizes with TAX-6, and with ACR-8, ACR-12, and UNC-29, respectively. WormBase CDS description: ligand-gated ionic channel
F31E8.2 F31E8.2 P W All gene names: ric-2; snt-1; unc-121; F31E8.2; 2H105; CE02711; CE28229; NM_062993; WBGene00004921; WP:CE02711; WP:CE28229; syt1 WormBase description: Synaptotagmin
F32B4.5 F32B4.5 P W All gene names: F32B4.5; 1M110; CE17745; WBGene00009315; WP:CE17745
F32B5.7 F32B5.7 P W All gene names: F32B5.7; 1D242; CE30526; WBGene00017980; WP:CE30526
F32D1.3 F32D1.3 P W All gene names: F32D1.3; 5E828; CE09867; WBGene00017983; WP:CE09867
F41C6.1 F41C6.1 P W All gene names: unc-106; unc-6; F41C6.1; CE04538; NM_076764; WBGene00006746; WP:CE04538; XH515 WormBase description: unc-6 encodes a netrin orthologous to the human and mouse netrin-1 precursor proteins; UNC-6 functions as a guidance molecule that regulates the migrations of pioneer axons and mesodermal cells, such as the gonadal distal tip cell, along the dorsoventral axis; a secreted molecule, UNC-6 is expressed during embryogenesis by epidermoblasts and neurons; UNC-6 is involved in both attractive and repulsive interactions that are mediated by the UNC-40 and UNC-5 netrin receptors, respectively.
F45E1.6 F45E1.6 P W All gene names: his-71; F45E1.6; CE01943; NM_076943; WBGene00001945; WP:CE01943; XI600 WormBase description: his-71 encodes an H3 histone required for embryonic viability, body morphology, and larval viability. WormBase CDS description: Histone H3
F52B5.1 F52B5.1 P W All gene names: abts-1; F52B5.1; 1I874; CE27167; NM_059857; WBGene00009920; WP:CE27167 WormBase description: anion exchange protein
F52H2.2 F52H2.2 P W All gene names: aat-3; F52H2.2; CE28440; NM_076060; WBGene00000004; WP:CE28440; XD175 WormBase description: aat-3 encodes an amino acid transporter catalytic subunit; when co-expressed in Xenopus oocytes with the ATG-2 glycoprotein subunit, AAT-3 is able to facilitate amino acid uptake and exchange, showing a relatively high affinity for small and some large neutral amino acids; in addition, AAT-3 is able to covalently associate with ATG-2 or ATG-1 to form heterodimers in the Xenopus expression system; when co-expressed with ATG-2, AAT-3 localizes to the cell surface of oocytes, but when expressed alone, or with ATG-1, AAT-3 localizes intracellularly. WormBase CDS description: amino acid permease
F58G6.4 F58G6.4 P W All gene names: acc-1; F58G6.4; 4K427; CE28039; WBGene00010275; WP:CE28039 WormBase description: glycine receptor
F59A6.1 F59A6.1 P W All gene names: ask-1; esp-8; nsy-1; F59A6.1; 2F319; CE33405; NM_062524; Q21029_CAEEL; WBGene00003822; WP:CE33405 WormBase description: nsy-1 encodes a MAP kinase kinase kinase homolog that affects chemotaxis, egg laying, and pathogen response; NSY-1 activity is activated by the calmodulin kinase UNC-43, and is required for lateral signalling that leads to asymmetric olfactory neuron fates; interacts with SEK-1, and is expressed in the intestine, hypodermis, rectal gland cells, and neurons. WormBase CDS description: Protein kinase
H01A20.1 H01A20.1 P W All gene names: nhr-3; H01A20.1; CE18798; NM_078022; WBGene00003602; WP:CE18798; XP179 WormBase description: nhr-3 encodes a member of the superfamily of nuclear receptors which is one of the most abundant class of transcriptional regulators; nuclear receptors have a well conserved DNA binding domain and a less conserved C-terminal ligand binding domain; nhr-3 has been identified and characterised as a gene affected by ethanol exposure in a microarray analysis of all C. elegans ORFs. WormBase CDS description: Zinc finger, C4 type (two domains)
K01D12.4 K01D12.4 P W All gene names: K01D12.4; 5M868; CE06043; NM_073702; Q21094_CAEEL; WBGene00006669; WP:CE06043 WormBase description: potassium channel protein
K02B12.1 K02B12.1 P W All gene names: ceh-6; K02B12.1; 1J76; CE28045; NM_059903; WBGene00000431; WP:CE28045 WormBase description: ceh-6 encodes a POU family homeodomain protein, homologous to human POU3F4 (OMIM:304400, mutated in conductive deafness 3) that affects embryonic viability, locomotion, and molting, and that regulates ectodermal and excretory function; CEH-6 is expressed dynamically during development and expression includes neurons, the excretory cell, and ectodermal cells. WormBase CDS description: Homeobox domain, Pou domain - N-terminal to homeobox domain
K03E6.5 K03E6.5 P W All gene names: unc-1; unc-102; K03E6.5; CE28585; NM_075801; WBGene00006741; WP:CE28585; XB678 WormBase description: unc-1 encodes a homolog of human stomatin (OMIM:133090; deficient in stomatocytosis); UNC-1 protein is found in major nerve tracts, particularly in the nerve ring; unc-1 is required for anesthetic sensitivity; unc-24, which also encodes a stomatin homolog, is epistatic to unc-1 and is required for UNC-1 localization to the nerve ring. WormBase CDS description: Erythrocyte band 7 intergral membrane protein
K07A9.2 K07A9.2 P W All gene names: Ce-CaM-KI; cmk-1; K07A9.2; 4C597; CE25046; NM_067738; Q9TXJ0_CAEEL; WBGene00000553; WP:CE25046 WormBase description: cmk-1 encodes a Ca+2/calmodulin-dependent protein kinase I (CaMK1); CMK-1 activity is required, cell autonomously and downstream of the cyclic nucleotide-gated channel TAX-4, for several aspects of AFD thermosensory neuron differentiation, including expression of the gcy-8 guanylyl cyclase and nhr-38 nuclear hormone receptor genes and morphology of the AFD sensory endings; cmk-1 activity is thus also required for normal thermosensory behavior; a cmk-1::gfp reporter is expressed in head sensory and interneurons as well as in the ventral nerve cord; expression is seen specifically in the neurons of the thermosensory circuit, AFD, AIY, and AIZ; CMK-1 localizes exclusively to the cytoplasm. WormBase CDS description: ser/thr protein kinase
K09A9.2 K09A9.2 P W All gene names: rab-14; K09A9.2; CE11974; NM_078171; WBGene00004276; WP:CE11974; XQ224 WormBase description: rab-14 encodes a member of the Rab GTPase family. WormBase CDS description: RAS-related protein
K09E4.4 K09E4.4 P W All gene names: K09E4.4; 2O406; CE32692; WBGene00010722; WP:CE32692 WormBase description: K09E4.4 is orthologous to the human gene N-ACETYLGALACTOSAMINIDASE, ALPHA- (NAGLU; OMIM:104170), which when mutated leads to disease.
K10D3.2 K10D3.2 P W All gene names: unc-14; K10D3.2; 1H700; CE25055; NM_059617; WBGene00006753; WP:CE25055 WormBase description: The unc-14 gene encodes an activity required for both axonogenesis and sex myoblast migration.
R10H10.4 R10H10.4 P W All gene names: R10H10.4; 4L158; CE06295; WBGene00011223; WP:CE06295
R13.4 R13.1 P W
T02C5.5 T02C5.5 P W All gene names: unc-2; T02C5.5; CE29459; CE31225; CE34591; CE34980; NM_171638; NM_171639; NM_171942; WBGene00006742; WP:CE29459; WP:CE31225; WP:CE34591; WP:CE34980; XD330 WormBase description: unc-2 encodes a calcium channel alpha subunit required for desensitization to dopamine, normal flexion and speed during movement, normally low sensitivity of whole animals to serotonin, and neuronal migrations promoted by humoral serotonin; UNC-2 is orthologous to human CACNA1A (OMIM:601011, mutated in familiar hemiplegic migraine or episodic ataxia 2) and to Drosophila CACOPHONY; UNC-2 is expressed primarily in motor neurons, several sensory neurons, and HSN and VC neurons controlling egg-laying.
T07G12.1 T07G12.1 P W All gene names: cal-4; T07G12.1; 4L293; CE13387; NM_069542; WBGene00000288; WP:CE13387 WormBase description: cal-4 encodes one of five predicted C. elegans calcium-binding calmodulin homologs (the others being CAL-1, CAL-2, CAL-3 and CMD-1); as loss of cal-4 function via RNA-mediated interference (RNAi) does not result in any abnormalities, the precise role of CAL-4 in C. elegans development and/or behavior is not yet known. WormBase CDS description: calmodulin
T08A9.3 T08A9.3 P W All gene names: sng-1; T08A9.3; CE21167; NM_076838; WBGene00004912; WP:CE21167; XH947; sng1 WormBase description: synaptogyrin
T10B5.4 T10B5.4 P W All gene names: T10B5.4; 5C348; CE28254; WBGene00020390; WP:CE28254
T14A8.1 T14A8.1 P W All gene names: des-5; ric-3; T14A8.1; 4I585; CE27448; NM_068898; WBGene00004363; WP:CE27448 WormBase description: The ric-3 gene encodes a novel, highly charged protein with two transmembrane domains and extensive coiled-coil domains; it is necessary for the function of at least four nicotinic acetylcholine receptors; specifically, it is needed for assembly or trafficking of the DEG-3 nicotinic acetylcholine receptor.
T23H2.2 T23H2.2 P W All gene names: snt-4; T23H2.2; 1H17; CE30456; NM_059452; P91493_CAEEL; WBGene00004924; WP:CE30456 WormBase description: C2 domain protein
T24F1.3 T24F1.3 P W All gene names: T24F1.3; 2L601; CE02363; CE38227; WBGene00011995; WP:CE02363; WP:CE38227 WormBase description: DAG binding domain
T27A10.2 T27A10.2 P W All gene names: T27A10.2; CE07552; WBGene00020844; WP:CE07552; XE205
T28F2.2 T28F2.2 P W All gene names: T28F2.2; 1E207; CE31075; WBGene00020901; WP:CE31075
VF13D12L.1 VF13D12L.1 P W All gene names: VF13D12L.1; 2L990; CE31076; WBGene00012148; WP:CE31076 WormBase description: myo-inisitol-1-phosphate synthase
W05E10.3 W05E10.3 P W All gene names: ceh-32; W05E10.3; 5M182; CE29364; NM_073557; WBGene00000453; WP:CE29364 WormBase description: ceh-32 encodes a Six/sine oculis-type homeodomain protein most closely related to the Six3/6 subfamily that contains Drosophila OPTIX and human SIX3 (OMIM:603714, which when mutated leads to holoprosencephaly 2); CEH-32 appears to be essential for development and required for proper head morphogenesis; during embryogenesis, CEH-32 is expressed in hypodermal and neuronal precursors, and at later stages, in the descendants of these cells and in gonadal sheath cells; in some hypodermal cells, ceh-32 is a direct transcriptional target of VAB-3, a PAX-6 ortholog sufficient to induce ceh-32 expression in some cell types and able to bind the ceh-32 promoter in vitro. WormBase CDS description: homeobox protein (so subfamily)
W07B8.3 W07B8.3 P W All gene names: W07B8.3; 5B607; CE28510; O16286_CAEEL; WBGene00021071; WP:CE28510
Y44A6D.2 Y44A6D.2 P W All gene names: Y44A6D.2; 5V259; CE19160; WBGene00012853; WP:CE19160
ZC443.2 ZC443.2 P W All gene names: ZC443.2; 5N290; CE06586; WBGene00013897; WP:CE06586