Thoemke et al 2005, Male microarray results, 28 genes

Gene list file name:Thoemke2005_table2
Type of gene identifier:Cosmid name
Description:Male microarray results showing genes know to be enriched that both were and were not shown to be enriched in this publication as well as Male-enriched somatic genes tested for sex-enriched expression by GFP reporter analysis  
Organism:Caenorhabditis elegans (nematode)
Gene list type:Experimental

Gene name             Source Gene ID          Annotation                                                  Date       Added by    

AH6.4 AH6.4 P W All gene names: sra-1; AH6.4; 2J806; CE01458; NM_063641; WBGene00005027; WP:CE01458 WormBase description: sra-1 encodes a predicted seven transmembrane receptor; expressed in the male SPD and SPV neurons. WormBase CDS description: 7TM chemoreceptor, sra family
C08C3.1 C08C3.1 P W All gene names: ceh-11; egl-5; C08C3.1; 3I905; CE29076; CE32792; CE34523; NM_066296; WBGene00001174; WP:CE29076; WP:CE32792; WP:CE34523 WormBase description: egl-5 encodes a homeodomain transcription factor, orthologous to Drosophila Abd-B and the vertebrate Hox9-13 proteins, that is required for specification of the HSN cell fate and of cell fates within the tail region; EGL-5 is expressed in the posterior of the animal.
C34C6.8 C34C6.8 P W All gene names: ceh-7; C34C6.8; 2I994; CE08568; NM_063447; WBGene00000432; WP:CE08568 WormBase description: ceh-7 encodes a homeodomain transcription factor; expressed in cells around the rectum of the male tail. WormBase CDS description: Homeobox domain
C37H5.11 C37H5.11 P W All gene names: cwp-2; C37H5.11; 5F320; CE08634; NM_071894; WBGene00000860; WP:CE08634 WormBase description: cwp-2 encodes a nematode-specific protein that is coexpressed with lov-1 and pkd-2.
C49C3.12 C49C3.12 P W All gene names: C49C3.12; 4S290; CE19751; WBGene00008202; WP:CE19751 WormBase description: Lectin C-type domain
F15B9.1 F15B9.1 P W All gene names: far-3; F15B9.1; 5N476; CE09406; NM_073850; WBGene00001387; WP:CE09406 WormBase description: O.volvulus antigen peptide like
F16H6.1 F16H6.1 P W All gene names: clec-42; F16H6.1; 5S673; CE18597; WBGene00008891; WP:CE18597 WormBase description: Lectin C-type domain short and long forms, CUB domain
F58A4.5 F58A4.5 P W All gene names: F58A4.5; 3K694; CE36869; WBGene00010228; WP:CE36869
H04M03.4 H04M03.4 P W All gene names: glf-1; H04M03.4; H04M03.D; 4G653; CE38614; WBGene00019154; WP:CE38614 WormBase description: H04M03.4 encodes a UDP-galactopyranose mutase predicted to synthesize galactofuranose (Gal(f)) as a nucleotide sugar (UDP-Gal(f)); recombinant H04M03.4 has biochemical activity either in vivo (expressed in E. coli) or in vitro; orthologs of H04M03.4 are found in the urochordates Halocynthia and Ciona.
K09C8.2 K09C8.2 P W All gene names: K09C8.2; CE12006; WBGene00010715; WP:CE12006; XL579
M176.5 M176.5 P W All gene names: M176.5; 2J716; CE28947; WBGene00010944; WP:CE28947
R01E6.5 R01E6.5 P W All gene names: R01E6.5; CE03522; WBGene00010969; WP:CE03522; XO157
R03H10.4 R03H10.4 P W All gene names: R03H10.4; 2E458; CE02840; WBGene00019856; WP:CE02840
R08E5.3 R08E5.3 P W All gene names: R08E5.3; 5E251; CE12576; WBGene00019963; WP:CE12576
T10D4.4 T10D4.4 P W All gene names: ins-31; T10D4.4; 2D417; CE20044; NM_062053; WBGene00002114; WP:CE20044 WormBase description: ins-31 encodes an insulin-like peptide of the insulin superfamily of proteins (OMIM:176730, 147440); INS-31 is one of 38 insulin-like peptides in C. elegans, but is unique in that it contains three insulin repeats; although overexpression with INS-19 can result in low levels of larval lethality, the precise role of INS-31 in C. elegans development is not yet clear as INS-31/19 overexpression does not enhance dauer arrest in either a wild-type or daf-2 mutant background, and loss of INS-31 function does not result in a mutant phenotype. WormBase CDS description: 7TM chemoreceptor, ins family
T14F9.4 T14F9.4 P W All gene names: peb-1; T14F9.4; CE07500; CE34372; Q22491_CAEEL; WBGene00003968; WP:CE07500; WP:CE34372; XC837
T24C2.1 T24C2.1 P W All gene names: ram-5; T24C2.1; CE31070; NM_078021; WBGene00004301; WP:CE31070; XP173 WormBase description: ram-5 encodes a novel transmembrane protein; during male tail development, ram-5 activity is required in ray structural cells for proper sensory ray morphogenesis; a RAM-5::GFP fusion protein is expressed in all of the ray structural cells of the male tail, as well as additional sensory support cells in both hermaphrodites and males, including those of the inner labial sensilla as well as the ADE, PDE, and phasmid socket cells. WormBase CDS description: cuticlin like
T26A8.3 T26A8.3 P W All gene names: T26A8.3; 4J190; CE07549; WBGene00020826; WP:CE07549
T27A1.6 T27A1.6 P W All gene names: Ce-tbx-12; mab-9; tbx-12; T27A1.6; 2A811; CE24016; NM_061349; WBGene00003106; WP:CE24016 WormBase description: mab-9 encodes a member of the T-box family of transcriptional regulators containing a 200-amino acid T-box DNA-binding domain most similar to mouse Brachyury; mab-9 is involved in hindgut and mail tail development, specifically affecting the fate of two posterior blast cells in the hindgut, B and F; in the male this results in a grossly abnormal tail lacking spicules, and renders them incapable of mating; in the hermaphrodite this results in hindgut defects; mab-9 may also be part of a network of T-box genes that includes tbx-8, tbx-9 and vab-7 and is important for the correct patterning of posterior cells in the developing embryo; mab-9 affects movement to some extent though the basis for this defect is unknown; MAB-9 localizes to the nucleus of B and F and their descendents during development. WormBase CDS description: transcription regulator
T27A10.6 T27A10.6 P W All gene names: T27A10.6; CE30193; WBGene00020846; WP:CE30193; XE208
W04G3.1 W04G3.1 P W All gene names: W04G3.1; CE03785; WBGene00012255; WP:CE03785; XL679
W04G3.2 W04G3.2 P W All gene names: W04G3.2; CE03786; WBGene00012256; WP:CE03786; XL681
W04G3.3 W04G3.3 P W All gene names: W04G3.3; CE31627; WBGene00012257; WP:CE31627; XL685
Y39B6A.9 Y39B6A.9 P W All gene names: Y39B6A.9; 5T613; CE21699; WBGene00012671; WP:CE21699
Y53C12B.5 Y53C12B.5 P W All gene names: mab-3; Y53C12B.5; 2K27; CE14902; CE32983; NM_182109; WBGene00003100; WP:CE14902; WP:CE32983 WormBase description: DM DNA binding domain
ZK1290.8 ZK1290.8 P W All gene names: wrt-10; ZK1290.8; 2H824; CE02087; NM_063179; WBGene00006956; WP:CE02087 WormBase description: wrt-10 encodes a hedgehog-like protein, with an N-terminal signal sequence, a Wart domain, and a C-terminal region of low-complexity sequence; WRT-10 is expressed in both male and hermaphrodite intestine; the Wart domain is predicted to form a cysteine-crosslinked protein involved in intercellular signalling, and it has subtle similarity to the N-terminal Hedge domain of HEDGEHOG proteins; WRT-10 is required for normal growth to full size and locomotion; both of these requirements may reflect common defects in cholesterol-dependent hedgehog-like signalling or in vesicle trafficking.
ZK287.8 ZK287.8 P W All gene names: her-1; ZK287.8; 5K181; CE06617; CE37304; WBGene00001842; WP:CE06617; WP:CE37304 WormBase description: The autosomal gene her-1 is repressed by SDC-2 to elicit hermaphrodite differentiation; SDC-2 also represses transcription of X chromosomes to achieve dosage compensation.
ZK945.9 ZK945.9 P W All gene names: lov-1; pkd-1; ZK945.10; ZK945.9; 2K400; CE25697; NM_063783; WBGene00003058; WP:CE25697 WormBase description: lov-1 encodes an ortholog of human PKD1 (OMIM:601313; mutated in autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease) that is expressed in the cilia of three types of male-specific sensory neurons and that is required for two aspects of male mating behavior; LOV-1 acts with PKD-2; EGL-44 and EGL-46 regulate cell-specific expression of lov-1 and pkd-2 to specify the behavioral function of the HOB neuron WormBase CDS description: polycistic kidney disease protein 1 like with repeated domains at the N-terminus