Liu et al 2005, Data comparison to other publicati, 7 genes

Gene list file name:Liu2005_table2
Type of gene identifier:MA primer pair (sjj)
Description:Comparison of microarray data in this paper to other published experiments  
Organism:Caenorhabditis elegans (nematode)
Gene list type:Experimental

Gene name             Source Gene ID          Annotation                                                  Date       Added by    

B0491.2 B0491.2 P W All gene names: rol-5; sqt-1; B0491.2; 2L626; CE02104; NM_064020; Rol; WBGene00005016; WP:CE02104 WormBase description: sqt-1 encodes a cuticle collagen; during larval and adult development, sqt-1 activity is required, likely redundantly, for normal cuticle, and hence organismal, morphology; sqt-1 mRNA abundance oscillates during larval development, peaking at one point during each larval stage and peaking again in adults; sqt-1 transcripts are also detected in animals at the L1-L2d molt; in the temporally distinct waves of collagen gene expression that occur during larval development, sqt-1 mRNA appears to be synthesized during the second, or intermediate, stage, just very slightly earlier than sqt-3/col-1 and dpy-13; SQT-1 protein is detected in cuticle extracts from L2, L3, and L4 larvae, and from adults, but is not detected in extracts from L1 or dauer larvae; sqt-1 interacts genetically with a number of genes also required for normal cuticle and organismal morphology, e.g., rol-6 and lon-3, which also encode cuticular collagens. WormBase CDS description: cuticle collagen SQT-1
C08A9.1 C08A9.1 P W All gene names: sod-3; C08A9.1; CE08002; MnSOD; NM_078363; WBGene00004932; WP:CE08002; XR707 WormBase description: sod-3 encodes a iron/manganese superoxide dismutase, predicted to be mitochondrial, that might defend against oxidative stress and promote normal lifespan; sod-3 mRNA levels are diminished by mutation of daf-16, and heterologously expressed SOD-3 in E. coli protects against methyl viologen-induced oxidative stress. WormBase CDS description: superoxide dismutase
C47G2.1 C47G2.1 P W All gene names: cut-1; vmp-1; C47G2.1; 2L561; CE02165; NM_064009; WBGene00000851; WP:CE02165 WormBase description: cut-1 encodes a component of cuticlin, an insoluble residue of the nematode cuticle required for alae formation and radial shrinking during dauer differentiation; expressed specifically in the cuticle of dauer larvae and is secreted by the seam cells. WormBase CDS description: cuticulin
T01B7.7 T01B7.7 P W All gene names: rol-6; T01B7.7; 2J23; CE03591; NM_063457; WBGene00004397; WP:CE03591 WormBase description: The rol-6 gene encodes a cuticle collagen related to human collagen alpha 1 (III) chain precursor (OMIM:120180), and is required for normal cuticular morphology; ROL-6 interacts with SQT-1, a closely related cuticle collagen, and is expressed at all stages from L2 to adult with transcripts detected at each of the molts preceding these stages. WormBase CDS description: cuticle collagen ROL-6
T13B5.4 T13B5.4 P W All gene names: col-40; T13B5.4; 2B396; CE13609; COL40_CAEEL; NM_061512; WBGene00000617; WP:CE13609 WormBase description: col-40 encodes a cuticle collagen protein that belongs to the col-6 cuticle collagen family; col-40 transcript is present in L1 larvae and at the L2d-dauer molt. WormBase CDS description: cuticular collagen
T23G5.1 T23G5.1 P W All gene names: rnr-1; T23G5.1; 3K316; CE00331; NM_066638; RIR1_CAEEL; WBGene00004391; WP:CE00331 WormBase description: Ribonucleoside-disphosphate reductase large chain
W01B6.7 W01B6.7 P W All gene names: col-2; W01B6.7; 4K848; CE03759; NM_069428; WBGene00000593; WP:CE03759 WormBase description: col-2 encodes a member of the collagen superfamily containing collagen triple helix repeats (20 copies); expression peaks during the molt that separates the L2 larval and dauer stages as the dauer cuticle is being formed, and mRNA is expressed at low levels in post-dauer L4 larvae and in adult animals. WormBase CDS description: cuticle collagen (CC02)