Stetina et al 2007, Expression of promoter-GFP re, 31 genes

Gene list file name:Stetina2007_table1
Type of gene identifier:Cosmid name
Description:Expression of promoter-GFP reporters in the embryonic and larval pan-nueral and A-class motor nuerons  
Organism:Caenorhabditis elegans (nematode)
Gene list type:Experimental

Gene name             Source Gene ID          Annotation                                                  Date       Added by    

C01G6.4 C01G6.4 P W All gene names: C01G6.4; 2J562; CE00866; WBGene00007226; WP:CE00866 WormBase description: Zinc finger, C3HC4 type (RING finger)
C04E12.7 C04E12.7 P W All gene names: plsc-1; scrm-3; C04E12.7; 5D836; CE16820; WBGene00015437; WP:CE16820 WormBase description: C04E12.7 encodes a homolog of human scramblase (PLSCR1; OMIM:604170), which is activated by a rise of intracellular calcium, and which promotes the exposure of phosphatidylserine on the surface of cells undergoing activation, injury, or apoptosis; closely related paralogs of C04E12.7 include T22H2.5 and ZK1053.5.
C11D2.6 C11D2.6 P W All gene names: nca-1; C11D2.6; 4G922; CE31301; CE37194; CE37195; CE37196; NM_068525; NM_068526; NM_171352; NM_171353; WBGene00003557; WP:CE31301; WP:CE37194; WP:CE37195; WP:CE37196
C18H9.7 C18H9.7 P W All gene names: rpy-1; C18H9.7; 2G994; CE01807; NM_062964; Q09485_CAEEL; WBGene00004507; WP:CE01807 WormBase description: rpy-1 is orthologous to the human gene 43KDA ACETYLCHOLINE RECEPTOR-ASSOCIATED PROTEIN (RAPSN; OMIM:601592), which when mutated leads to congenital myasthenic syndrome. WormBase CDS description: postsynaptic protein
C25D7.8 C25D7.8 P W All gene names: C25D7.8; 5P547; CE08394; OTUBL_CAEEL; WBGene00007718; WP:CE08394
C44B11.3 C44B11.3 P W All gene names: Alpha-tubulin; mec-12; tba-3; C44B11.3; 3E222; CE24843; NM_065262; WBGene00003175; WP:CE24843 WormBase description: mec-12 encodes a novel C. elegans alpha-tubulin that is unique amongst C. elegans alpha tubulins in that it may be subject to post-translational acetylation; MEC-12 is required for normal mechanosensory response to gentle touch, and specifically for formation of the 15-protofilament microtubule bundle present in the touch receptor neurons; mec-12 interacts genetically with mec-5, which encodes a unique C. elegans collagen secreted by the hypodermis; MEC-12 is highly expressed in the touch neurons as well as in several other neurons that do not contains the microfilament bundle, such as the ventral cord motorneurons. WormBase CDS description: alpha tubulin
CC4.2 CC4.2 P W All gene names: nlp-15; CC4.2; 1N587; CE36118; NM_060877; WBGene00003753; WP:CE36118
E03D2.2 E03D2.2 P W All gene names: nlp-9; E03D2.2; 5E699; CE16959; CE27903; NM_071767; NM_071768; WBGene00003747; WP:CE16959; WP:CE27903
F08G12.1 F08G12.1 P W All gene names: F08G12.1; CE03166; WBGene00008585; WP:CE03166; XL922 WormBase description: ras-related like protein
F09C3.2 F09C3.2 P W All gene names: F09C3.2; 1O862; CE36126; WBGene00008610; WP:CE36126 WormBase description: haloacid dehalogenase-like hydrolase
F25G6.4 F25G6.4 P W All gene names: acr-15; F25G6.4; 5J35; CE37637; NM_072805; WBGene00000054; WP:CE37637 WormBase description: A homolog of an alpha type nicotinic acetylcholine receptor subunit involved in the mediation of fast synaptic transmission at neuromuscular junctions. WormBase CDS description: ligand-gated ion channel subunit
F29G6.2 F29G6.2 P W All gene names: F29G6.2; CE09792; Q93635_CAEEL; WBGene00009258; WP:CE09792; XM128
F33D4.3 F33D4.3 P W All gene names: flp-13; F33D4.3; 4I462; CE17033; FLP13_CAEEL; NM_068854; WBGene00001456; WP:CE17033
F36A2.4 F36A2.4 P W All gene names: twk-30; F36A2.4; 1J386; CE34182; NM_059980; WBGene00006682; WP:CE34182 WormBase description: potassium channel protein
F39B2.8 F39B2.8 P W All gene names: F39B2.8; CE30529; WBGene00009558; WP:CE30529
F39G3.8 F39G3.8 P W All gene names: tig-2; F39G3.8; 5F206; CE10126; NM_071870; WBGene00006570; WP:CE10126 WormBase description: The tig-2 gene, like dbl-1, daf-7, and unc-129, encodes a TGF-beta-like protein.
F43C9.4 F43C9.4 P W All gene names: mig-13; F43C9.4; CE28324; CE34562; NM_076419; WBGene00003245; WP:CE28324; WP:CE34562; XF416 WormBase description: mig-13 encodes a novel single-pass transmembrane protein with a N-terminal signal sequence and two motifs that have been implicated in protein-protein interactions: a CUB domain and a LDL receptor repeat; mig-13 affects the migration and thus the positioning of the Q neuroblasts and their descendants and also the anterior migration of the BDU neuron and may be a component of a global anterior/posterior migration system; a mig-13-gfp translational fusion protein is expressed in embryonic pharyngeal, hypodermal and anterior body neuronal precursors as well as in the cell bodies and axons of a number of neurons in the retrovascular ganglion and the ventral cord; mig-13 localizes to the plasma membrane; mig-13 expression along the A/P axis is restricted by hox gene activity.
F55C12.4 F55C12.4 P W All gene names: F55C12.4; 2G148; CE19468; WBGene00018871; WP:CE19468
K02E10.8 K02E10.8 P W All gene names: syg-1; K02E10.8; CE37121; NM_076056; WBGene00006365; WP:CE37121; XD128 WormBase description: syg-1 encodes a novel transmembrane protein that is a member of the immunoglobulin superfamily of proteins; during larval development, SYG-1 activity is required cell autonomously within the HSNL neuron to specify proper synaptic specificity with its targets, such as vulval muscles and the VC neuron; in regulating synapse formation, SYG-1 acts as a receptor for a second immunoglobulin superfamily protein, SYG-2, a synaptic guidepost protein that interacts with SYG-1 and whose activity is essential for proper SYG-1 localization in HSNL; expression of a SYG-1::GFP reporter fusion in HSNL under the control of the unc-86 promoter reveals that SYG-1 localizes to axons and accumulates at future sites of synaptic vesicle clustering, while expression under an endogenous reporter reveals weak expression in head motorneurons, occasionally in HSN neurons, and in other cells in the vulval region.
M79.1 M79.1 P W All gene names: abl-1; M79.1; CE31570; CE31571; CE31572; NM_077376; NM_077377; NM_077378; WBGene00000018; WP:CE31570; WP:CE31571; WP:CE31572; XL224 WormBase description: abl-1 encodes a Src homology (SH) 2 and 3 domain-containing non-receptor tyrosine kinase of the ABL family, which negatively regulates germ cell apoptosis in response to ionizing radiation and which interacts genetically with ced-3 and ced-9, core components of the programmed cell death pathway; abl-1 mutations are suppresed by mutations in unc-34/enabled, a known modifier of abl activity in Drosophila, and hus-1, rad-5, and mrt-2 check point genes are required for the increased germ cell apoptosis seen in abl-1 mutant animals; ABL-1 is homologous to the mammalian proto-oncogene c-ABL (OMIM:189980) and to human CANALICULAR MULTIDRUG RESISTANCE PROTEIN (ABL2; OMIM:601107), which when mutated leads to Dubin-Johnson syndrome (OMIM:237500).
T05C12.2 T05C12.2 P W All gene names: acr-14; T05C12.2; 2I462; CE25099; NM_063315; WBGene00000053; WP:CE25099 WormBase description: acr-14 encodes a protein that contains neurotransmitter-gated ion-channel ligand-binding and transmembrane domains. WormBase CDS description: neuronal acetylcholine receptor protein
T19C4.5 T19C4.5 P W All gene names: T19C4.5; 5L649; CE06469; WBGene00011839; WP:CE06469
T23D8.2 T23D8.2 P W All gene names: tsp-7; T23D8.2; 1K546; CE26006; NM_060235; WBGene00006633; WP:CE26006 WormBase description: tetraspanin
T27A1.6 T27A1.6 P W All gene names: Ce-tbx-12; mab-9; tbx-12; T27A1.6; 2A811; CE24016; NM_061349; WBGene00003106; WP:CE24016 WormBase description: mab-9 encodes a member of the T-box family of transcriptional regulators containing a 200-amino acid T-box DNA-binding domain most similar to mouse Brachyury; mab-9 is involved in hindgut and mail tail development, specifically affecting the fate of two posterior blast cells in the hindgut, B and F; in the male this results in a grossly abnormal tail lacking spicules, and renders them incapable of mating; in the hermaphrodite this results in hindgut defects; mab-9 may also be part of a network of T-box genes that includes tbx-8, tbx-9 and vab-7 and is important for the correct patterning of posterior cells in the developing embryo; mab-9 affects movement to some extent though the basis for this defect is unknown; MAB-9 localizes to the nucleus of B and F and their descendents during development. WormBase CDS description: transcription regulator
T27E9.9 T27E9.9 P W All gene names: acc-4; T27E9.9; 3O570; CE24020; WBGene00012099; WP:CE24020 WormBase description: ligand-gated ion channel
VF11C1L.1 VF11C1L.1 P W All gene names: ppk-3; C05E7.5; VF11C1L.1; CE40822; NM_077754; WBGene00004089; WP:CE40822; XN588 WormBase description: FYVE zinc finger
Y34D9B.1 Y34D9B.1 P W All gene names: cfz-1; mig-1; Y34D9B.1; 1B422; CE24203; CE24204; CNT1; NM_058395; WBGene00003238; WP:CE24203; WP:CE24204; frizzled 1 WormBase description: mig-1 encodes one of four C. elegans Frizzled-like receptors; mig-1 was initially identified in screens for animals with defective cell migrations, and its activity is required for proper migration of the QL neuroblast and the HSN neurons.
Y71D11A.5 Y71D11A.5 P W All gene names: Y71D11A.5; 3C216; CE29908; WBGene00022106; WP:CE29908 WormBase description: ion channel protein
Y71H9A.3 Y71H9A.3 P W All gene names: sto-4; Y71H9A.3; CE22957; NM_077543; WBGene00006066; WP:CE22957; XM265 WormBase description: Band 7 family
ZC21.2 ZC21.2 P W All gene names: trp-1; ZC21.2; 3J631; CE33009; CE39997; NM_066480; TRPL_CAEEL; WBGene00006614; WP:CE33009; WP:CE39997; strpc1 WormBase description: trp-1 encodes a predicted transmembrane protein with similarity to transient receptor potential (TRP) ion channels; a TRP-1::GFP reporter fusion is expressed in motor neurons, interneurons, vulval and intestinal muscles, and the BAG sensory neuron; as loss of trp-1 activity via deletion mutation or large-scale RNAi results in no obvious defects, the precise role of trp-1 in C. elegans development and/or behavior is not yet known.