Stetina et al 2007, Transcripts encoding proteins , 60 genes

Gene list file name:Stetina2007_figure7b
Type of gene identifier:Cosmid name
Description:Transcripts encoding proteins that function in synaptic transmission are enriched in the neural datasets but largely excluded from muscle  
Organism:Caenorhabditis elegans (nematode)
Gene list type:Experimental

Gene name             Source Gene ID          Annotation                                                  Date       Added by    

C02H7.3 aex-3 P W
Y71H2B.10 apb-1 P W
F02E8.3 aps-2 P W
C27H6.1 apt-10 P W
B0495.10 B0495.10 P W All gene names: tag-178; B0495.10; 2I2; CE01760; CE32105; CE33266; WBGene00007044; WBGene00015209; WP:CE01760; WP:CE32105; WP:CE33266
C23H4.1 cab-1 P W
W01C8.6 cat-1 P W
T13F2.8 cav-1 P W
ZC416.8 cha-1, unc-17 P W
C48D1.3 cho-1 P W
D1014.3 D1014.3 P W All gene names: phi-29; snap-1; D1014.3; 5I613; CE38494; WBGene00017016; WP:CE38494 WormBase description: alpha-SNAP protein
T23G5.5 dat-1 P W
DH11.4 dh11.4 P W
W07A8.3 dnj-25 P W
C02C6.1 dyn-1 P W
ZK512.6 eat-4 P W
ZK1248.3 ehs-1 P W
F35A5.8 erp-1 P W
F45E10.2 F45E10.2 P W All gene names: F45E10.2; 2L342; CE24978; CE37015; WBGene00009729; WP:CE24978; WP:CE37015 WormBase description: sugar transporter
F45E4.3 F45E4.3 P W All gene names: F45E4.3; 4I391; CE24980; CE24981; WBGene00018468; WP:CE24980; WP:CE24981
F54G2.1 F54G2.1 P W All gene names: F54G2.1; CE34032; CE37652; WBGene00018837; WP:CE34032; WP:CE37652; XD240
K08F4.4 glt-3 P W
F35C8.3 jkk-1 P W
B0478.1 jnk-1 P W
F52F12.1 oct-1 P W
C18A3.6 rab-3 P W
F37A4.7 rbf-1 P W
C32E8.7 ric-19 P W
Y22F5A.3 ric-4 P W
Y69A2AR.2 ric-8 P W
T10H9.4 snb-1 P W
T03F7.1 snf-11 P W
T08A9.3 sng-1 P W
F31E8.2 snt-1 P W
T23H2.2 snt-4 P W
R12A1.2 snt-5 P W
C08G5.4 snt-6 P W
Y38C1BA.2 ssn-1 P W
T06D8.2 T06D8.2 P W All gene names: T06D8.2; 2L521; CE32931; WBGene00011523; WP:CE32931
T07A9.10 T07A9.10 P W All gene names: T07A9.10; 4B145; CE17219; WBGene00020298; WP:CE17219 WormBase description: acetylcholine regulator
T10B10.5 T10B10.5 P W All gene names: T10B10.5; CE41018; WBGene00011682; WP:CE41018; XP814 WormBase description: synaptotagmin like
T28F3.1 T28F3.1 P W All gene names: T28F3.1; 4S226; CE09683; CE19806; WBGene00012128; WP:CE09683; WP:CE19806 WormBase description: C2 domain
Y73F8A.19 tag-64 P W
K01C8.3 tdc-1 P W
M01A10.2 tomo-1 P W
T10A3.1 unc-10 P W
C32E8.10 unc-11 P W
M142.1 unc-119 P W
ZK524.2 unc-13 P W
K10D3.2 unc-14 P W
ZK1098.10 unc-16 P W
ZC416.8 cha-1, unc-17 P W
F27D9.1 unc-18 P W
H14N18.1 unc-23 P W
Y37D8A.23 unc-25 P W
K11E8.1 unc-43 P W
C04F5.3 unc-46 P W
T20G5.6 unc-47 P W
Y73E7A.4 Y73E7A.4 P W All gene names: cpx-1; Y73E7A.4; 1C66; CE26415; WBGene00022271; WP:CE26415
ZK637.1 ZK637.1 P W All gene names: ZK637.1; 3J974; CE32291; WBGene00014021; WP:CE32291; YOU1; globin WormBase description: Sugar transporter