Stetina et al 2007, Aryl-hyrocarbon receptors, 3 genes

Gene list file name:Stetina2007_table3AR
Type of gene identifier:MA primer pair (sjj)
Description:Major transcription factor families enriched in C. elegans neurons Aryl-hyrocarbon receptor group  
Organism:Caenorhabditis elegans (nematode)
Gene list type:Experimental

Gene name             Source Gene ID          Annotation                                                  Date       Added by    

C25A1.11 C25A1.11 P W All gene names: aha-1; C25A1.11; 1K770; CE08377; NM_060286; WBGene00000095; WP:CE08377 WormBase description: aha-1 encodes an ortholog of human aryl-hydrocarbon receptor nuclear translocator; interacts with AHR-1 and HIF-1 in vitro, requires HIF-1 for proper localization, and is expressed ubiquitously. WormBase CDS description: aryl hydrocarbon receptor nuclear translocator
C41G7.5 C41G7.5 P W All gene names: ahr-1; C41G7.5; 1K107; CE20561; CE38293; NM_060129; WBGene00000096; WP:CE20561; WP:CE38293 WormBase description: ahr-1 encodes an aryl hydrocarbon receptor (ligand-activated basic helix-loop-helix transcription factor) ortholog that biochemically resembles its vertebrate relatives (OMIM:600253) which mediate the carcinogenic and teratogenic effects of environmental toxins; AHR-1 binds HSP90 tightly, and forms a dimer with AHA-1 that binds DNA fragments containing the mammalian xenobiotic response element; AHR-1 is expressed in neurons, and may play a role in neuronal migration.
C56C10.10 C56C10.10 P W All gene names: C56C10.10; 2G884; CE02564; WBGene00016966; WP:CE02564 WormBase description: TPR domain