HWienver et al 2005 ST2 altered expression in daf, 275 genes

Gene list file name:HWiener2005_ST2_daf-2-vs-control_Day6
Type of gene identifier:Cosmid name
Description:HWienver et al 2005 Supplement Table2: Comparison of gene expression between daf-2 and control worms on day 6  
Organism:Caenorhabditis elegans (nematode)
Gene list type:Experimental

Gene name             Source Gene ID          Annotation                                                  Date       Added by    

T04C12.6 act-1 P W
T04C12.5 act-2 P W
T04C12.4 act-3 P W
M03F4.2 act-4 P W
T25C8.2 act-5 P W
T20H4.4 adr-2 P W
F28H1.3 ars-2 P W
C15F1.6 art-1 P W
F02E8.1 asb-2 P W
Y39B6A.20 asp-1 P W
T18H9.2 asp-2 P W
H22K11.1 asp-3 P W
R12H7.2 asp-4 P W
F21F8.3 asp-5 P W
F21F8.7 asp-6 P W
C34E10.6 atp-2 P W
B0280.5 B0280.5 P W All gene names: B0280.5; 3I192; B028_CAEEL; CE31868; WBGene00015102; WP:CE31868 WormBase description: B0280.5 encodes a protein with a chitin binding peritrophin-A domain that is required, in conjunction with CEJ-1, for early embryonic development; B0280.5 mRNA is expressed specifically in the adult hermaphrodite germ line, is a direct target of GLD-1, and has an RNAi phenotype consistent with the hypothesis that B0280.5 is an effector of GLD-1 in the germline.
B0403.4 B0403.4 P W All gene names: tag-320; B0403.4; CE03880; PDIA6_CAEEL; WBGene00015168; WP:CE03880; XH686 WormBase description: protein disulfide-isomerase
B0464.9 B0464.9 P W All gene names: B0464.9; 3K555; CE26705; WBGene00007188; WP:CE26705; YKD9_CAEEL
K04F10.4 bli-4 P W
R06C7.8 bub-1 P W
C05C10.4 C05C10.4 P W All gene names: C05C10.4; 2K223; CE17370; PPAW_CAEEL; WBGene00007331; WP:CE17370 WormBase description: acid phosphatase
C09H10.6 C09H10.6 P W All gene names: C09H10.6; 2L397; CE03007; Q17886_CAEEL; WBGene00007500; WP:CE03007 WormBase description: histone binding protein
C11E4.1 C11E4.1 P W All gene names: C11E4.1; CE31410; WBGene00007516; WP:CE31410; XK203 WormBase description: glutathione peroxidase
C15C7.5 C15C7.5 P W All gene names: C15C7.5; CE03991; WBGene00015791; WP:CE03991; XD770
C17G10.1 C17G10.1 P W All gene names: C17G10.1; C17G10.1.1; C17G10.1.2; 2F887; CE01785; WBGene00015915; WP:CE01785
C25A1.8 C25A1.8 P W All gene names: C25A1.8; 1K760; CE08374; WBGene00007709; WP:CE08374 WormBase description: lectin
C30H7.2 C30H7.2 P W All gene names: C30H7.2; C30H7.2a.1; C30H7.2a.2; C30H7.2a.3; C30H7.2a.4; 1F986; CE27807; CE39231; WBGene00016278; WP:CE27807; WP:CE39231
C32D5.8 C32D5.8 P W All gene names: C32D5.8; C32D5.8a.1; C32D5.8a.2; 2G632; CE01848; CE37326; WBGene00016316; WP:CE01848; WP:CE37326 WormBase description: Thioredoxin
C33H5.13 C33H5.13 P W All gene names: C33H5.13; 4I556; CE04156; WBGene00016379; WP:CE04156
C34D1.5 C34D1.5 P W All gene names: C34D1.5; 5N749; CE18541; WBGene00007932; WP:CE18541 WormBase description: Basic region plus leucine zipper transcription factors
C38D4.3 C38D4.3 P W All gene names: C38D4.3; 3F881; CE36378; WBGene00008004; WP:CE36378 WormBase description: mel-28 was identified in a screen for genes involved in cell division in the early embryo; mel-28 mutants have no or poorly visible pronuclei and a weak mititic spindle; the molecular identity of mel-28 is unknown.
C40H1.5 C40H1.5 P W All gene names: C40H1.5; 3K419; CE00113; WBGene00008040; WP:CE00113; YLF5_CAEEL WormBase description: Transthyretin-like family
C41C4.6 C41C4.6 P W All gene names: ulp-4; C41C4.6; 2I423; CE01521; NM_063302; ULP4_CAEEL; WBGene00006739; WP:CE01521
C47B2.6 C47B2.6 P W All gene names: C47B2.6; 1N569; CE17566; CE38295; O62107_CAEEL; WBGene00008132; WP:CE17566; WP:CE38295 WormBase description: The C47B2.6 gene encodes an ortholog of the human gene UDP-GALACTOSE-4-EPIMERASE (GALE; OMIM:606953), which when mutated leads to galactose epimerase deficiency (OMIM:230350). WormBase CDS description: NAD dependant epimerase/dehydratase family
C54G10.3 C54G10.3 P W All gene names: pmp-3; C54G10.3; 5P133; CE05518; NM_074219; WBGene00004060; WP:CE05518 WormBase description: peroxisomal membrane protein (PMP70)
T05C12.7 cct-1 P W
K01C8.10 cct-4 P W
F01F1.8 cct-6 P W
T05G5.3 cdk-1 P W
C07G2.1 cej-1 P W
F33A8.3 cey-1 P W
F46F11.2 cey-2 P W
Y39A1C.3 cey-4 P W
C07H6.5 cgh-1 P W
F56A8.6 cpf-2 P W
T03E6.7 cpl-1 P W
C52E4.1 cpr-1 P W
C25B8.3 cpr-6 P W
F32B5.8 cpz-1 P W
Y55F3AM.15 csn-4 P W
ZK856.1 cul-5 P W
ZC168.4 cyb-1 P W
T06E6.2 cyb-3 P W
Y63D3A.6 dnj-29 P W
T12E12.4 drp-1 P W
E04D5.1 E04D5.1 P W All gene names: E04D5.1; E04D5.1a.1; E04D5.1a.2; 2K709; CE37820; CE37821; WBGene00008480; WP:CE37820; WP:CE37821
K02A4.1 eca-39 P W
F25H5.4 eft-2 P W
F31E3.5 eft-3 P W
R03G5.1 eft-4 P W
C04A2.3 egl-27 P W
F01G4.6 F01G4.6 P W All gene names: F01G4.6; F01G4.6.1; F01G4.6.2; F01G4.6.3; F01G4.6.4; 4L912; CE09162; MPCP_CAEEL; WBGene00008505; WP:CE09162 WormBase description: phosphate carrier protein precursor
F07F6.8 F07F6.8 P W All gene names: F07F6.8; 2F714; CE30073; Q8WQF7_CAEEL; WBGene00017220; WP:CE30073
F09E5.15 F09E5.15 P W All gene names: prdx-2; tag-56; F09E5.15; F09E5.15.1; F09E5.15.2; 2F669; CE32361; WBGene00006434; WP:CE32361; ceprx2
F09G2.8 F09G2.8 P W All gene names: F09G2.8; F09G2.8.1; F09G2.8.2; 5H670; CE09303; PLDL_CAEEL; WBGene00017316; WP:CE09303
F12F6.5 F12F6.5 P W All gene names: tag-13; F12F6.5; 4M341; CE20680; Q19370_CAEEL; WBGene00006406; WP:CE20680 WormBase description: chimaerin like
F13D12.6 F13D12.6 P W All gene names: F13D12.6; F13D12.6.1; F13D12.6.2; 2M31; CE02185; WBGene00008741; WP:CE02185; YUA6_CAEEL WormBase description: F13D12.6 is orthologous to the human gene SIMILAR TO PROTECTIVE PROTEIN FOR BETA-GALACTOSIDASE (GALACTOSIALIDOSIS) (PPGB; OMIM:256540), which when mutated leads to disease. WormBase CDS description: serine carboxypeptidase
F18A1.5 F18A1.5 P W All gene names: F18A1.5; F18A1.5.1; F18A1.5.2; 2H955; CE04405; RFA1_CAEEL; WBGene00017546; WP:CE04405 WormBase description: F18A1.5 encodes the C. elegans ortholog of the replication protein A (RPA) large subunit; by homology, the F18A1.5 gene product is predicted to function as a DNA binding and oligonucleotide oligosaccharide binding (OB) protein that is required for DNA replication, repair, and recombination; large-scale RNAi screens indicate that the product of F18A1.5 is essential for embryonic development, and that in yeast two-hybrid assays interacts with the product of M04F3.1, the RPA medium subunit; in situ hybridization studies indicate that F18A1.5 transcripts are expressed in germ cells. WormBase CDS description: replication factor A
F22A3.2 F22A3.2 P W All gene names: F22A3.2; CE38505; WBGene00017688; WP:CE38505; XH131
F25B4.9 F25B4.9 P W All gene names: clec-1; F25B4.9; 5G181; CE09627; NM_072099; WBGene00017772; WP:CE09627 WormBase description: 7TM chemoreceptor, clec family
F25H2.6 F25H2.6 P W All gene names: F25H2.6; F25H2.6.1; F25H2.6.2; F25H2.6.3; 1L133; CE23681; WBGene00009120; WP:CE23681 WormBase description: PH domain
F27C1.7 F27C1.7 P W All gene names: atp-3; F27C1.7; F27C1.7a.1; F27C1.7a.2; F27C1.7a.3; F27C1.7a.4; 1F996; CE09719; CE36139; P91283_CAEEL; WBGene00000230; WBGene00017856; WP:CE09719; WP:CE36139 WormBase description: atp-3 encodes a mitochondrial ATP synthase and is part of a regulatory system that controls and establishes rates of respiration, behavior and aging during development that persist during adulthood.
F30F8.3 F30F8.3 P W All gene names: F30F8.3; 1I413; CE27147; Q93654_CAEEL; WBGene00009272; WP:CE27147 WormBase description: PDZ domain (Also known as DHR or GLGF).
F32E10.6 F32E10.6 P W All gene names: F32E10.6; F32E10.6.1; F32E10.6.2; 4I344; CE04479; WBGene00017993; WP:CE04479
F35C5.6 F35C5.6 P W All gene names: clec-63; F35C5.6; F35C5.6.1; F35C5.6.2; 2N187; CE15947; WBGene00009394; WP:CE15947 WormBase description: Lectin C-type domain short and long forms, von Willebrand factor type A domain
F44G4.4 F44G4.4 P W All gene names: tag-169; F44G4.4; 2J289; CE02231; CE36440; Q20414_CAEEL; WBGene00006514; WP:CE02231; WP:CE36440 WormBase description: RNA binding protein
F48E3.4 F48E3.4 P W All gene names: F48E3.4; CE35547; WBGene00018605; WP:CE35547; XI112
F53A2.6 F53A2.6 P W All gene names: ife-1; F53A2.6; F53A2.6.1; F53A2.6.2; F53A2.6.3; 3O433; CE31809; IF4E1_CAEEL; NM_067350; WBGene00002059; WP:CE31809 WormBase description: The ife-1 gene encodes one of five C. elegans homologs of the mRNA cap-binding protein eIF4E; it is specifically required for spermatogenesis, and is expressed in P granules. WormBase CDS description: EUKARYOTIC TRANSLATION INITIATION FACTOR 4E (EIF-4E) (EIF4E) (MRNA CAP-BINDING PROTEIN) (EIF-4F 25 KD SUBUNIT)
F54D8.1 F54D8.1 P W All gene names: dpy-17; F54D8.1; F54D8.1.1; F54D8.1.2; 3G197; CE11066; NM_065685; WBGene00001076; WBGene00018799; WP:CE11066 WormBase description: dpy-17 encodes a cuticle collagen; during development, dpy-17 activity is required for normal body morphology, hermaphrodite tail development, and outgrowth of posterior canal cell processes; genetic and immunofluorescence studies suggest that extracellular assembly of DPY-17 and the essential SQT-3 cuticle collagen is interdependent, as loss of dpy-17 activity results in intracellular retention of SQT-3 and dpy-17(gf) mutations suppress mutations in dpy-31, which encodes a zinc-metalloprotease predicted to affect C-terminal proteolytic maturation of SQT-3.
F55A3.3 F55A3.3 P W All gene names: phi-16; F55A3.3; 1L369; CE17113; SPT16_CAEEL; WBGene00018849; WP:CE17113 WormBase description: transcritpion factor
F55B12.5 F55B12.5 P W All gene names: nrf-5; F55B12.5; F55B12.5.1; F55B12.5.2; 5O309; CE32438; NM_074023; WBGene00003812; WBGene00010090; WP:CE32438
F55G1.8 F55G1.8 P W All gene names: plk-3; F55G1.8; F55G1.8.1; F55G1.8.2; 4I236; CE07285; NM_068795; PLK3_CAEEL; WBGene00004044; WP:CE07285 WormBase description: protein kinase
F57F5.1 F57F5.1 P W All gene names: F57F5.1; 5M483; CE05999; Q20950_CAEEL; WBGene00010204; WP:CE05999 WormBase description: cysteine protease
F58F12.1 F58F12.1 P W All gene names: phi-38; F58F12.1; F58F12.1.1; F58F12.1.2; 2G673; ATPD_CAEEL; CE01976; WBGene00019061; WP:CE01976 WormBase description: ATP synthase
F59B2.13 F59B2.13 P W All gene names: SRQ-1; F59B2.13; 3K110; CE37246; WBGene00010315; WP:CE37246; YMJC_CAEEL WormBase description: possible G protein coupled receptor
F59C6.5 F59C6.5 P W All gene names: F59C6.5; F59C6.5.1; F59C6.5.2; 1L97; CE11464; Q93831_CAEEL; WBGene00010326; WP:CE11464 WormBase description: NADH ubiquinone oxidoreductase
F59F4.2 F59F4.2 P W All gene names: F59F4.2; F59F4.2.1; F59F4.2.2; CE11548; Q93838_CAEEL; WBGene00010337; WP:CE11548; XQ461
W02A2.1 fat-2 P W
K07A3.1 fbp-1 P W
Y57G11C.10 gdi-1 P W
T09F3.3 gpd-1 P W
F33H1.2 gpd-4 P W
F11G11.2 gst-7 P W
F11G11.1 gst-8 P W
H02I12.1 H02I12.1 P W All gene names: H02I12.1; 4M141; CE37527; O45599_CAEEL; WBGene00010351; WP:CE37527
H02I12.8 H02I12.8 P W All gene names: cyp-31A2; H02I12.8; 4M169; CE37719; NM_069751; WBGene00010354; WP:CE37719 WormBase description: Cytochrome P450
H25P06.4 H25P06.4 P W All gene names: H25P06.4; 1L898; CE18825; WBGene00010417; WP:CE18825
F43E2.4 haf-2 P W
C53A5.3 hda-1 P W
C26D10.2 hel-1 P W
M163.3 his-24 P W
C50F4.5 his-41 P W
F55G1.3 his-62 P W
Y49E10.6 his-72 P W
C28C12.8 hlh-12 P W
Y48B6A.14 hmg-1.1 P W
Y17G7A.1 hmg-12 P W
W02B9.1 hmr-1 P W
F42A6.7 hrp-1 P W
F26D10.3 hsp-1 P W
F38E11.2 hsp-12.6 P W
T27E4.8 hsp-16.1 P W
T27E4.2 hsp-16.11 P W
Y46H3A.3 hsp-16.2 P W
Y46H3A.2 hsp-16.41 P W
T27E4.3 hsp-16.48 P W
T27E4.9 hsp-16.49 P W
C15H9.6 hsp-3 P W
K04D7.1 K04D7.1 P W All gene names: K04D7.1; K04D7.1.1; K04D7.1.2; K04D7.1.3; K04D7.1.4; 4K941; CE06090; GBLP_CAEEL; WBGene00010556; WP:CE06090 WormBase description: guanine nucleotide-binding protein
K04F10.6 K04F10.6 P W All gene names: rde-3; K04F10.6; 1G930; CE11740; CE33137; NM_059433; NM_182080; WBGene00004325; WBGene00019398; WP:CE11740; WP:CE33137 WormBase description: mut-2 encodes a nucleotidyltransferase that is a member of the polymerase beta nucleotidyltransferase superfamily that includes poly(A) polymerases, 2-5 oligoadenylate synthetases, C. elegans GLD-2, and S. cerevisiae Trf4p; MUT-2 activity is required for meiotic chromosome segregation, negative regulation of DNA transposition, non-transgene-induced RNAi (i.e. RNAi via feeding is affected, whereas RNAi via expression of sense and antisense RNA from a transgene is not), fertility, and viability; analysis of siRNA levels in mut-2 mutant animals indicates that during RNAi, MUT-2 activity is required at a point upstream of siRNA accumulation; neither the precise mechanistic role of MUT-2 in posttranscriptional silencing, nor the MUT-2 expression pattern, is yet known.
K07C5.4 K07C5.4 P W All gene names: K07C5.4; 5K832; CE06114; WBGene00010627; WP:CE06114; YZVL_CAEEL WormBase description: yeast protein L8167.9-like
K12C11.1 K12C11.1 P W All gene names: K12C11.1; K12C11.1.1; K12C11.1.2; 1B816; CE26819; WBGene00019673; WP:CE26819 WormBase description: The K12C11.1 gene encodes an ortholog of the human gene PEPTIDASE D (PEPD), which when mutated leads to prolidase deficiency (OMIM:170100).
T01G9.6 kin-10 P W
C33H5.4 klp-10 P W
K08H10.1 lea-1 P W
ZK1248.16 lec-5 P W
R07B1.10 lec-8 P W
Y105E8B.1 lev-11 P W
DY3.2 lmn-1 P W
C17G10.5 lys-8 P W
M04F3.4 M04F3.4 P W All gene names: M04F3.4; 1F340; CE12418; WBGene00019770; WP:CE12418 WormBase description: calcium binding protein
M28.5 M28.5 P W All gene names: phi-9; M28.5; M28.5.1; M28.5.2; 2K948; CE02283; NH2L1_CAEEL; SNU13CE; WBGene00010896; WP:CE02283 WormBase description: ribosomal protein (L7AE family)
Y17G7B.5 mcm-2 P W
C25D7.6 mcm-3 P W
Y39G10AR.14 mcm-4 P W
R10E4.4 mcm-5 P W
ZK632.1 mcm-6 P W
C05D11.11 mel-32 P W
W02A2.7 mex-5 P W
AH6.5 mex-6 P W
F57C12.5 mrp-1 P W
F54F3.1 nid-1 P W
B0213.2 nlp-27 P W
B0213.3 nlp-28 P W
B0213.4 nlp-29 P W
B0213.6 nlp-31 P W
Y54E5A.4 npp-4 P W
F22D6.3 nrs-1 P W
Y106G6H.2 pab-1 P W
M117.2 par-5 P W
CD4.6 pas-6 P W
C47B2.4 pbs-2 P W
W03D2.4 pcn-1 P W
C14B1.1 pdi-1 P W
C07A12.4 pdi-2 P W
H06O01.1 pdi-3 P W
F02E9.4 pqn-28 P W
Y48G1BL.3 puf-10 P W
Y45F10A.2 puf-3 P W
F54C9.8 puf-5 P W
F18A11.1 puf-6 P W
B0273.2 puf-7 P W
R01H2.3 R01H2.3 P W All gene names: egg-2; R01H2.3; 3I146; CE00802; WBGene00019811; WP:CE00802
R05H5.3 R05H5.3 P W All gene names: R05H5.3; 2K489; CE02290; Q21763_CAEEL; WBGene00011038; WP:CE02290 WormBase description: thioredoxin
R11A5.4 R11A5.4 P W All gene names: R11A5.4; R11A5.4c.1; R11A5.4c.2; R11A5.4c.3; R11A5.4d.1; R11A5.4d.2; R11A5.4d.3; R11A5.4d.4; R11A5.4d.5; 1I447; CE12728; CE36358; CE36359; CE36360; WBGene00011232; WP:CE12728; WP:CE36358; WP:CE36359; WP:CE36360 WormBase description: phosphoenolpyruvate carboxykinase
R11H6.1 R11H6.1 P W All gene names: pes-9; R11H6.1; R11H6.1.1; R11H6.1.2; R11H6.1.3; 5P76; CE12770; NM_074209; WBGene00003982; WP:CE12770 WormBase description: pes-9 encodes a zinc metallopeptidase; pes-9 was originally identified in a promoter trap screen for sequences that direct reporter gene expression in specific cell types during C. elegans development; pes-9 sequences direct expression in a limited number of cells in the early embryo and in putative head and tail hypodermal cells in adults; after some confusion, the pes-9 reporter gene fusion was mapped to R11H6.1. WormBase CDS description: Yeast hypothetical 52.9 KD protein like
F53G12.1 rab-11.1 P W
C26D10.1 ran-3 P W
K01G5.6 rib-2 P W
K02F3.11 rnp-5 P W
Y37E3.7 rpa-1 P W
JC8.3 rpl-12 P W
B0250.1 rpl-2 P W
E04A4.8 rpl-20 P W
C27A2.2 rpl-22 P W
B0336.10 rpl-23 P W
C53H9.1 rpl-27 P W
B0513.3 rpl-29 P W
Y106G6H.3 rpl-30 P W
W09C5.6 rpl-31 P W
ZK652.4 rpl-35 P W
B0041.4 rpl-4 P W
Y48B6A.2 rpl-43 P W
Y24D9A.4 rpl-8 P W
K07D4.3 rpn-11 P W
C23G10.4 rpn-2 P W
R12E2.3 rpn-8 P W
T06D8.8 rpn-9 P W
B0393.1 rps-0 P W
F40F11.1 rps-11 P W
C16A3.9 rps-13 P W
T08B2.10 rps-17 P W
C49H3.11 rps-2 P W
Y71A12B.1 rps-6 P W
ZC434.2 rps-7 P W
F43D9.4 sip-1 P W
T19E7.2 skn-1 P W
F46A9.5 skr-1 P W
C15F1.7 sod-1 P W
ZC404.8 spn-4 P W
T07C4.4 spp-1 P W
C28C12.7 spp-10 P W
K09F5.3 spp-14 P W
C27B7.1 spr-2 P W
T21B4.8 srh-61 P W
F48G7.1 srj-37 P W
F26E4.1 sur-6 P W
T03F1.3 T03F1.3 P W All gene names: T03F1.3; 1E435; CE13100; PGK_CAEEL; WBGene00020185; WP:CE13100 WormBase description: T03F1.3 is orthologous to the human gene PHOSPHOGLYCERETE KINASE 1 (PGK1; OMIM:311800), which when mutated leads to hemolytic anemia and neurologic disturbances. WormBase CDS description: phosphoglycerate kinase
T05E11.3 T05E11.3 P W All gene names: T05E11.3; T05E11.3.1; T05E11.3.2; 4L887; CE06362; WBGene00011480; WP:CE06362 WormBase description: endoplasmin precursor (GRP94)
T07A9.9 T07A9.9 P W All gene names: phi-58; T07A9.9; T07A9.9a.1; T07A9.9a.2; T07A9.9a.3; T07A9.9b.1; T07A9.9b.2; T07A9.9b.3; T07A9.9c.1; T07A9.9c.2; T07A9.9c.3; T07A9.9c.4; T07A9.9c.5; T07A9.9c.6; T07A9.9c.7; 4B149; CE17218; CE31600; CE33689; NOG1_CAEEL; WBGene00020297; WP:CE17218; WP:CE31600; WP:CE33689
T10B9.3 T10B9.3 P W All gene names: cyp-13A6; T10B9.3; 2K88; C13A6_CAEEL; CE01657; NM_063712; WBGene00011673; WP:CE01657 WormBase description: cytochrome P450
T10F2.4 T10F2.4 P W All gene names: T10F2.4; T10F2.4.1; T10F2.4.2; 3G260; CE38104; PRP19_CAEEL; WBGene00020423; WP:CE38104
T21B10.2 T21B10.2 P W All gene names: T21B10.2; T21B10.2a.1; T21B10.2a.2; 2J223; CE03684; CE32730; CE36954; ENO_CAEEL; WBGene00011884; WP:CE03684; WP:CE32730; WP:CE36954 WormBase description: T21B10.2 is orthologous to human ENOLASE 1 (also CRYSTALLIN, TAU; ENO1; OMIM:172430), which when mutated leads to spherocytic red cell enolase deficiency.
T21H3.1 T21H3.1 P W All gene names: T21H3.1; 5B657; CE13898; CE38551; WBGene00020662; WP:CE13898; WP:CE38551
T22C1.1 T22C1.1 P W All gene names: T22C1.1; 1I513; CE36611; WBGene00011912; WP:CE36611
T25E12.5 T25E12.5 P W All gene names: T25E12.5; T25E12.5.1; T25E12.5.2; 5R226; CE16466; WBGene00012020; WP:CE16466 WormBase description: glycogenin
T27E9.1 T27E9.1 P W All gene names: tag-61; T27E9.1; T27E9.1a.1; T27E9.1a.2; 3O553; CE14263; CE33843; CE33844; O45865_CAEEL; WBGene00006439; WP:CE14263; WP:CE33843; WP:CE33844 WormBase description: ADP/ATP carrier protein
T28B4.3 T28B4.3 P W All gene names: T28B4.3; CE14325; WBGene00020886; WP:CE14325; XH214
C47B2.3 tba-2 P W
K01G5.7 tbb-1 P W
C36E8.5 tbb-2 P W
F58A4.8 tbg-1 P W
F10G7.2 tsn-1 P W
F09E10.11 tts-1 P W
C47E12.5 uba-1 P W
F25B5.4 ubq-1 P W
C38C3.5 unc-60 P W
C17H12.14 vha-8 P W
K09F5.2 vit-1 P W
C42D8.2 vit-2 P W
F59D8.1 vit-3 P W
F59D8.2 vit-4 P W
C04F6.1 vit-5 P W
K07H8.6 vit-6 P W
W04E12.8 W04E12.8 P W All gene names: clec-50; W04E12.8; 5U222; CE19003; WBGene00012253; WP:CE19003 WormBase description: Lectin C-type domain short and long forms (2 domains)
W07G4.4 W07G4.4 P W All gene names: W07G4.4; 5N525; CE03794; WBGene00012338; WP:CE03794; YH24_CAEEL WormBase description: cytosolic aminopeptidase
W08E12.7 W08E12.7 P W All gene names: W08E12.7; W08E12.7.1; W08E12.7.2; W08E12.7.3; W08E12.E; 4E61; CE21275; WBGene00021088; WP:CE21275 WormBase description: peptidase
Y105E8A.16 Y105E8A.16 P W All gene names: rps-20; Y105E8A.16; Y105E8A.16.1; Y105E8A.16.2; Y105E8A.16.3; Y105E8A.16.4; Y105E8B.S; 1P60; CE29835; NM_170948; WBGene00004489; WP:CE29835 WormBase description: rps-20 encodes a small ribosomal subunit S20 protein.
Y32F6A.5 Y32F6A.5 P W All gene names: Y32F6A.5; Y32F6A.5.1; Y32F6A.5.2; 5K932; CE32010; WBGene00012530; WP:CE32010
Y41D4B.5 Y41D4B.5 P W All gene names: rps-28; Y41D4B.5; Y41D4B.5.1; Y41D4B.5.2; 4C425; CE21842; NM_067714; RS28_CAEEL; WBGene00004497; WP:CE21842 WormBase description: rps-28 encodes a small ribosomal subunit S28 protein.
Y41E3.10 Y41E3.10 P W All gene names: Y41E3.10; 4P803; CE37568; EF1B2_CAEEL; WBGene00012768; WP:CE37568 WormBase description: Elongation factor 1 (beta/delta chain)
Y43C5A.2 Y43C5A.2 P W All gene names: Y43C5A.2; 4L35; CE19151; WBGene00012782; WP:CE19151 WormBase description: Fibrinogen beta and gamma chains, C-terminal globular domain
Y51A2D.10 Y51A2D.10 P W All gene names: Y51A2D.10; 5T37; CE19206; WBGene00013078; WP:CE19206 WormBase description: Transthyretin-like family
Y54G11A.13 Y54G11A.13 P W All gene names: ctl-3; Y54G11A.13; 2O594; CE22478; WBGene00013220; WP:CE22478 WormBase description: ctl-3 encodes one of three C. elegans catalases; CTL-3 is predicted to function as an antioxidant enzyme that protects cells from reactive oxygen species; a ctl-3 promoter gfp fusion construct is expressed in pharyngeal muscles and neuronal cell bodies; loss of ctl-3 activity via RNAi results in no obvious abnormalities. WormBase CDS description: catalase
Y5F2A.2 Y5F2A.2 P W All gene names: Y5F2A.2; 4L830; CE19023; WBGene00012383; WP:CE19023 WormBase description: Transthyretin-like family
Y62E10A.15 Y62E10A.15 P W All gene names: cyp-31A5; Y62E10A.15; 4O167; NM_070183; WBGene00013381
Y65B4BL.5 Y65B4BL.5 P W All gene names: Y65B4BL.5; Y65B4BL.B; 1A982; CE24550; WBGene00022037; WP:CE24550
Y73B6BL.38 Y73B6BL.38 P W All gene names: Y73B6BL.38; 4H187; CE31128; WBGene00022257; WP:CE31128
Y73B6BL.6 Y73B6BL.6 P W All gene names: sqd-1; Y73B6BL.6; Y73B6BL.6a.1; Y73B6BL.6a.2; Y73B6BL.6a.3; Y73B6BL.6a.4; Y73B6BL.6a.5; Y73B6BL.6a.6; Y73B6BL.6a.7; Y73B6BL.6b.1; Y73B6BL.6b.2; Y73B6BL.6b.3; 4H89; CE29008; CE38662; NM_068562; WBGene00022235; WP:CE29008; WP:CE38662
ZC504.1 ZC504.1 P W All gene names: ZC504.1; CE34136; WBGene00013916; WP:CE34136; XL25
ZC64.2 ZC64.2 P W All gene names: ZC64.2; ZC64.2.1; ZC64.2.2; CE05048; WBGene00022515; WP:CE05048; XE458
ZK20.3 ZK20.3 P W All gene names: ZK20.3; 2L942; CE06606; WBGene00013924; WP:CE06606 WormBase description: RAD23 protein homolog2 like
ZK697.8 ZK697.8 P W All gene names: ZK697.8; 5C218; CE40007; TTHY2_CAEEL; WBGene00022808; WP:CE40007
ZK829.4 ZK829.4 P W All gene names: ZK829.4; ZK829.4.1; ZK829.4.2; ZK829.4.3; ZK829.4.4; 4M719; CE06652; WBGene00014095; WP:CE06652 WormBase description: ZK829.4 is orthologous to the human gene GLYCINE DECARBOXYLASE PRECURSOR (GLUD1; OMIM:238300), which when mutated leads to disease. WormBase CDS description: glutamate dehydrogenase