Chi et al. 2006, ST other lin-35/elf-1/dpl-1 regul, 24 genes

Gene list file name:Chi2006_regulated-genes_not-in-group
Type of gene identifier:Cosmid name
Description:Chi et al 2006 Supplemental Table: lin-35/elf-1/dpl-1 regulated genes that not in group.  
Organism:Caenorhabditis elegans (nematode)
Gene list type:Experimental

Gene name             Source Gene ID          Annotation                                                  Date       Added by    

B0513.4 B0513.4 P W All gene names: B0513.4; 4O645; CE15560; WBGene00007196; WP:CE15560
C02G6.1 C02G6.1 P W All gene names: C02G6.1; 5G357; CE06755; WBGene00015359; WP:CE06755 WormBase description: peptidase
C02G6.2 C02G6.2 P W All gene names: C02G6.2; 5G353; CE35214; WBGene00015360; WP:CE35214 WormBase description: peptidase
C03B1.12 C03B1.12 P W All gene names: lmp-1; C03B1.12; C03B1.12.1; C03B1.12.2; CE03912; LMP1_CAEEL; NM_076671; WBGene00003053; WP:CE03912; XG996 WormBase description: lmp-1 encodes a protein with similarity to vertebrate lysosome-associated membrane proteins CD68, and appears to be the only protein in C. elegans that has a GYXX (phi) vertebrate lysosomal targeting sequence at its carboxy terminus; localized to the periphery of a large population of membrane bound organelles (granules) seen throughout the early embryos and restricted to the cells of the intestine during later stages.
C10H11.10 C10H11.10 P W All gene names: kca-1; C10H11.10; 1F328; CE39088; NM_059042; P91042_CAEEL; WBGene00015698; WP:CE39088
C28F5.4 C28F5.4 P W All gene names: C28F5.4; 2H808; CE01818; WBGene00016185; WP:CE01818; YQA4_CAEEL WormBase description: insulinase
C34C6.4 C34C6.4 P W All gene names: C34C6.4; 2I988; CE03052; WBGene00007917; WP:CE03052 WormBase description: choline dehydrogenase
C36E6.5 C36E6.5 P W All gene names: mlc-2; C36E6.5; C36E6.5.1; C36E6.5.2; C36E6.B; CE20542; MLR2_CAEEL; NM_078427; WBGene00003370; WP:CE20542; XS70 WormBase description: mlc-2 encodes, along with mlc-1 and mlc-4, one of three C. elegans regulatory myosin light chains; MLC-2 is predicted to function as a regulator of myosin ATPase activity, and genetic studies indicate that MLC-2 is nearly essential in hermaphrodites for normal pharyngeal muscle function, but redundant with MLC-1, with which it is nearly identical, for proper bodywall muscle development; accordingly, loss of mlc-2 activity eventually results in larval lethality, as animals are not able to feed properly; mlc-2 mRNA is expressed in bodywall, pharyngeal, and vulval muscles.
C43E11.11 C43E11.11 P W All gene names: C43E11.11; 1E821; CE32607; WBGene00016608; WP:CE32607
D2045.1 D2045.1 P W All gene names: atx-2; D2045.1; D2045.1b.1; D2045.1b.2; 3L557; CE37889; CE37967; WBGene00000231; WP:CE37889; WP:CE37967 WormBase description: atx-2 is required for early embryonic patterning; it encodes an ortholog of human ataxin-2, which when mutated leads to spinocerebellar ataxia 2 (SCA2; OMIM:183090).
F44E7.4 F44E7.4 P W All gene names: F44E7.4; F44E7.4c.1; F44E7.4c.2; 5G254; CE10402; CE30799; CE33092; CE37110; WBGene00018426; WP:CE10402; WP:CE30799; WP:CE33092; WP:CE37110 WormBase description: peptidase
F45B8.1 F45B8.1 P W All gene names: rgs-11; F45B8.1; CE10428; NM_078082; RGS11_CAEEL; WBGene00004354; WBGene00009718; WP:CE10428; XP583 WormBase description: phosphoprotein RGP4 like
F52E1.1 F52E1.1 P W All gene names: pos-1; F52E1.1; 5I895; CE04629; NM_072771; WBGene00004078; WP:CE04629 WormBase description: pos-1 encodes a CCCH-type zinc-finger protein; during embryogenesis, maternally provided POS-1 is essential for proper fate specification of germ cells, intestine, pharynx, and hypodermis; POS-1's role in cell fate specification is likely as a translational regulator, as POS-1 is required, in posterior blastomeres, for positive regulation of apx-1 mRNA translation and negative regulation of glp-1 mRNA translation via direct binding to the spatial control region (SCR) in the glp-1 mRNA 3' UTR; in regulating mRNA translation, POS-1 interacts with SPN-4, an RNP-type RNA binding protein, that may function to negatively regulate POS-1 activity; pos-1 mRNA is first detected in the gonads of L4 and adult animals, and is present uniformly in oocytes and newly fertilized embryos; during early embryonic divisions, pos-1 mRNA is present at higher levels in germline blastomeres until it disappears following the division of P4; POS-1 protein is first apparent at low levels in 1-cell embryos, with subsequent expression mirroring that of pos-1 mRNA: high levels in germline blastomeres until its disappearance after the P4 division; in the germline blastomeres P1, P2, P3, and P4, POS-1 colocalizes with cytoplasmic and perinuclear P granules. WormBase CDS description: zinc-finger protein
F53G12.1 F53G12.1 P W All gene names: rab-11.1; RAB-11; F53G12.1; 1A582; CE11006; NM_058274; WBGene00004274; WP:CE11006 WormBase description: rab-11.1 encodes a small GTPase homologous to the Rab GTPases that function in endocytosis, membrane fusion, and vesicular trafficking events; RAB-11.1 activity is required for completion of the final stages of cytokinesis during early embryogenesis and for efficient uptake of yolk proteins during oocyte development; RAB-11.1 is also required for normal peripheral localization of nuclei in the synctial germ cell in the ovary. WormBase CDS description: RAS-related protein
M05B5.4 M05B5.4 P W All gene names: M05B5.4; 1H765; CE06190; WBGene00010872; WP:CE06190 WormBase description: The M05B5.4 gene encodes an ortholog of the human gene LECITHIN-CHOLESTEROL ACYLTRANSFERASE (LCAT; OMIM:606967), which when mutated leads to lecithin-cholesterol acyltransferase deficiency (OMIM:245900). WormBase CDS description: phosphatidylcholine-sterol acyltransferase
R09E12.3 R09E12.3 P W All gene names: R09E12.3; 5B253; CE12646; WBGene00019983; WP:CE12646
T01C3.3 T01C3.3 P W All gene names: T01C3.3; 5P472; CE12912; Q22055_CAEEL; WBGene00011320; WP:CE12912 WormBase description: Zinc finger, C3HC4 type (RING finger)
T03D3.5 T03D3.5 P W All gene names: T03D3.5; 5D302; CE33823; WBGene00020183; WP:CE33823
T04H1.2 T04H1.2 P W All gene names: T04H1.2; T04H1.2.1; T04H1.2.2; 5M722; CE13169; Q22174_CAEEL; WBGene00011449; WP:CE13169 WormBase description: GTP-binding protein
T05G11.1 T05G11.1 P W All gene names: T05G11.1; 5Q408; CE18930; WBGene00011505; WP:CE18930 WormBase description: Zinc finger, C2H2 (2 domains)
T23G7.1 T23G7.1 P W All gene names: dpl-1; mex-4; T23G7.1; 2J461; CE21197; NM_063556; TDP1_CAEEL; WBGene00001061; WP:CE21197 WormBase description: dpl-1 encodes a homolog of mammalian DP required for embryonic asymmetry. WormBase CDS description: transcription factor DP-1
Y18D10A.17 Y18D10A.17 P W All gene names: car-1; lsm-14; Y18D10A.17; Y18D10A.17.1; Y18D10A.17.2; Y18D10A.P; 1N497; CE21413; NM_060853; Q9XW17_CAEEL; WBGene00012484; WP:CE21413
Y75B12B.1 Y75B12B.1 P W All gene names: Y75B12B.1; 5P663; CE20370; WBGene00013567; WP:CE20370
Y79H2A.11 Y79H2A.11 P W All gene names: apo-1; zyg-8; Y79H2A.11; Y79H2A.G; 3N161; CE31133; NM_067170; Q95QC4_CAEEL; WBGene00006993; WP:CE31133 WormBase description: The zyg-8 gene encodes a protein with a doublecortin-like domain and a protein kinase domain; mutations of zyg-8 impair mitosis at the one-cell embryonic stage, which is normally asymmetrical, but which fails to show proper asymmetry in zyg-8 mutant embryos.