McElwee et al 2004 ST2 Not up-regulated in daf-2 , 41 genes

Gene list file name:McElwee2004_ST2_Not-Up
Type of gene identifier:Cosmid name
Description:McElwee et al 2004 ST2 Expression of cytochrome P450 genes in daf-2 mutants and dauer larvae. Not up-regulated in daf-2 mutants or dauer larvae (41/77)  
Organism:Caenorhabditis elegans (nematode)
Gene list type:Experimental

Gene name             Source Gene ID          Annotation                                                  Date       Added by    

B0213.16 B0213.16 P W All gene names: cyp-34A10; B0213.16; 5E448; CE16786; NM_071703; WBGene00015045; WP:CE16786 WormBase description: cytochrome P-450
B0304.3 B0304.3 P W All gene names: cyp-23A1; B0304.3; 2E805; CE27050; NM_062396; WBGene00015135; WP:CE27050 WormBase description: The B0304.3 gene encodes a homolog of the human gene CYP7B1, which when mutated leads to giant cell hepatitis (OMIM:231100). WormBase CDS description: Cytochrome P450
B0331.1 B0331.1 P W All gene names: cyp-29A4; B0331.1; 5K137; CE15551; NM_073089; WBGene00007140; WP:CE15551 WormBase description: cytochrome P450
C01F6.3 C01F6.3 P W All gene names: ccp-31A1; cyp-31A1; C01F6.3; 4J866; NM_069185; WBGene00000374
C03G6.14 C03G6.14 P W All gene names: cyp-35A1; C03G6.14; 5H838; CE36781; NM_072478; WBGene00015399; WP:CE36781
C03G6.15 C03G6.15 P W All gene names: cyp-35A2; C03G6.15; 5H840; CE35217; NM_072479; WBGene00015400; WP:CE35217 WormBase description: cytochrome P450
C06B3.3 C06B3.3 P W All gene names: cyp-35C1; C06B3.3; 5O378; CE27662; NM_171550; WBGene00007362; WP:CE27662 WormBase description: cytochrome P450
C12D5.7 C12D5.7 P W All gene names: cyp-33A1; C12D5.7; 5I160; CE06809; NM_072587; WBGene00015709; WP:CE06809 WormBase description: cytochrome P450
C34B7.3 C34B7.3 P W All gene names: cyp-36A1; C34B7.3; 1I916; C36A1_CAEEL; CE08567; NM_059866; WBGene00007913; WP:CE08567 WormBase description: cytochrome P450
C41G6.1 C41G6.1 P W All gene names: cyp-34A3; C41G6.1; 5P707; CE15699; NM_074364; WBGene00008055; WP:CE15699 WormBase description: cytochrome P450
C44C10.2 C44C10.2 P W All gene names: cyp-29A1; C44C10.2; WBGene00008083; XM324
C49G7.8 C49G7.8 P W All gene names: cyp-35A4; C49G7.8; 5E505; CE08866; NM_071723; WBGene00016786; WP:CE08866 WormBase description: cytochrome P450
C50H11.15 C50H11.15 P W All gene names: cyp-33C9; C50H11.15; 5D570; CE08931; NM_071445; WBGene00016860; WP:CE08931 WormBase description: cytochrome P450
E03E2.1 E03E2.1 P W All gene names: cyp-43A1; E03E2.1; E03E2.1.1; E03E2.1.2; CE29747; NM_076560; WBGene00017108; WP:CE29747; XG335 WormBase description: cytochrome P450
F01D5.9 F01D5.9 P W All gene names: cyp-37A1; F01D5.9; 2O304; CE35449; NM_064538; WBGene00008499; WP:CE35449 WormBase description: Cytochrome P450
F08F3.7 F08F3.7 P W All gene names: ccp-14A5; cyp-14A5; F08F3.7; 5F900; CE09262; NM_072034; Q27531_CAEEL; WBGene00000373; WP:CE09262 WormBase description: ccp-14A5 encodes a member of the cytochrome P450 family. WormBase CDS description: cytochrome P450
F14H3.10 F14H3.10 P W All gene names: cyp-35D1; F14H3.10; 5Q549; CE15834; NM_074643; O45364_CAEEL; WBGene00008829; WP:CE15834 WormBase description: cytochrome P450
F28G4.1 F28G4.1 P W All gene names: cyp-37B1; F28G4.1; 5Q759; CE15919; NM_074708; WBGene00009226; WP:CE15919 WormBase description: cytochrome P450
F41B5.2 F41B5.2 P W All gene names: cyp-33C7; F41B5.2; 5C729; CE10218; NM_071217; WBGene00018260; WP:CE10218 WormBase description: cytochrome P450
F41B5.7 F41B5.7 P W All gene names: cyp-33C6; F41B5.7; 5C726; CE10228; NM_071216; WBGene00018264; WP:CE10228 WormBase description: cytochrome P450
F42A9.4 F42A9.4 P W All gene names: cyp-33E3; F42A9.4; 4J375; CE07226; NM_069070; WBGene00018333; WP:CE07226
F44C8.1 F44C8.1 P W All gene names: cyp-33C4; F44C8.1; 5C715; CE10378; NM_071211; WBGene00018413; WP:CE10378 WormBase description: cytochrome P450
K06G5.2 K06G5.2 P W All gene names: cyp-13B2; K06G5.2; CE37720; NM_077968; WBGene00010606; WP:CE37720; XO845 WormBase description: Cytochrome P450
K07C6.2 K07C6.2 P W All gene names: cyp-35B3; K07C6.2; 5E423; CE17173; NM_071694; WBGene00019470; WP:CE17173 WormBase description: cytochrome P450
K07C6.5 K07C6.5 P W All gene names: cyp-35A5; K07C6.5; 5E415; CE17176; NM_071691; WBGene00019473; WP:CE17176 WormBase description: cytochrome P450
K09A11.3 K09A11.3 P W All gene names: cyp-14A2; K09A11.3; CE03474; NM_077803; WBGene00010706; WP:CE03474; XN886 WormBase description: Cytochrome P450
K09D9.2 K09D9.2 P W All gene names: cyp-35A3; K09D9.2; K09D9.J; 5E497; CE21056; NM_071720; WBGene00019565; WP:CE21056 WormBase description: cytochrome P450
R08F11.3 R08F11.3 P W All gene names: cyp-33C8; R08F11.3; 5E272; CE12584; NM_071650; WBGene00019967; WP:CE12584 WormBase description: cytochrome P450
T09H2.1 T09H2.1 P W All gene names: cyp-34A4; T09H2.1; 5E427; CE18231; NM_071696; WBGene00020386; WP:CE18231 WormBase description: cytochrome P450
T10B9.3 T10B9.3 P W All gene names: cyp-13A6; T10B9.3; 2K88; C13A6_CAEEL; CE01657; NM_063712; WBGene00011673; WP:CE01657 WormBase description: cytochrome P450
T10B9.4 T10B9.4 P W All gene names: cyp-13A8; T10B9.4; 2K92; C13A8_CAEEL; CE13541; NM_063714; WBGene00011674; WP:CE13541 WormBase description: cytochrome P450
T10B9.5 T10B9.5 P W All gene names: cyp-13A3; T10B9.5; 2K78; C13A3_CAEEL; CE01658; NM_063709; WBGene00011675; WP:CE01658 WormBase description: cytochrome P450
T10B9.7 T10B9.7 P W All gene names: cyp-13A2; T10B9.7; 2K74; C13A2_CAEEL; CE01659; NM_063708; WBGene00011676; WP:CE01659 WormBase description: cytochrome P450
T10B9.8 T10B9.8 P W All gene names: cyp-13A1; T10B9.8; 2K70; C13A1_CAEEL; CE01660; NM_063707; WBGene00011677; WP:CE01660 WormBase description: cytochrome P450
T13C5.1 T13C5.1 P W All gene names: cyp-22A1; daf-9; mig-8; T13C5.1; CE27206; CE30451; NM_171699; WBGene00000905; WP:CE27206; WP:CE30451; XG819 WormBase description: daf-9 encodes a cytochrome P450 of the CYP2 subfamily that by homology is predicted to function as a steroidogenic or fatty acid hydroxylase; DAF-9 likely functions cell nonautonomously in hypodermal and neuronal cells to produce, for the DAF-12 nuclear receptor, a lipophilic hormone whose presence is necessary for bypassing entry into the alternative L3/dauer larval stage and promoting reproductive development; in regulating dauer formation, daf-9 acts downstream of the DAF-2/insulin/IGF receptor and the DAF-7/TGFbeta ligand, suggesting that at least two of the signaling pathways that control dauer formation converge, in part, upon daf-9; in addition, daf-9 activity is required for gonadal cell migration; a DAF-9::GFP fusion is expressed in the XXXL/R head cells at all developmental stages, in hypodermal cells from the L2 to L4 larval stages, and in the spermatheca of adult hermaphrodites. WormBase CDS description: cytochrome P450
Y17D7A.4 Y17D7A.4 P W All gene names: cyp-33D3; Y17D7A.4; 5T310; CE16589; NM_075278; WBGene00012448; WP:CE16589 WormBase description: Cytochrome P450
Y38C9B.1 Y38C9B.1 P W All gene names: cyp-29A3; Y38C9B.1; Y38C9B.C; 5A539; CE35365; NM_070729; WBGene00021412; WP:CE35365 WormBase description: cytochrome P450
Y49C4A.9 Y49C4A.9 P W All gene names: cyp-33C11; Y49C4A.9; Y49C4A.A; Y49C4A_72.A; 5B190; CE22218; NM_070902; WBGene00021710; WP:CE22218
Y80D3A.5 Y80D3A.5 P W All gene names: cyp-42A1; Y80D3A.5; Y80D3B.C; 5T391; CE36516; NM_075287; WBGene00013585; WP:CE36516 WormBase description: cytochrome P450
ZK1320.4 ZK1320.4 P W All gene names: cyp-13A10; ZK1320.4; 2J952; C13AA_CAEEL; CE37736; NM_063684; WBGene00014254; WP:CE37736 WormBase description: cytochrome P450
ZK177.5 ZK177.5 P W All gene names: ccp-44; cyp-44; cyp-44A1; ZK177.5; ZK177.5.1; ZK177.5.2; 2F797; CC44_CAEEL; CE25682; NM_062651; WBGene00000375; WP:CE25682 WormBase description: ccp-44 encodes a cytochrome P450 that is most closely related to the mammalian CYP24A1 enzymes (OMIM:126065, also known as vitamin D 24-hydroxylase, overexpression is associated with albuminuria and hyperlipidemia); by homology, CCP-44 is predicted to function as a monooxygenase that, during electron transport, catalyzes the oxidative degradation of various metabolites and the synthesis of cholesterol, steroids, and lipids; however, as loss of ccp-44 function via RNA-mediated interference (RNAi) does not result in any obvious abnormalities, the precise role of CCP-44 in C. elegans development and/or behavior is not yet known. WormBase CDS description: cytochrome p450