Golden et al 2004, N2 downregulated as aging, 13 genes

Gene list file name:Golden2004_T2_N2_Down_as_aging
Type of gene identifier:MA primer pair (sjj)
Description:Golden et al 2004, Table 2, N2 genes differentially expressed as a function of time  
Organism:Caenorhabditis elegans (nematode)
Gene list type:Experimental

Gene name             Source Gene ID          Annotation                                                  Date       Added by    

C52E4.1 C52E4.1 P W All gene names: cpr-1; gcp-1; C52E4.1; 5M457; CE31896; CPR1_CAEEL; CPROT/1; NM_073601; WBGene00000781; WP:CE31896 WormBase description: cpr-1 encodes a cysteine protease of the cathepsin B-like cysteine protease family; cpr-1 appears to be required for embryogenesis; cpr-1 is specifically expressed in the gut of all stages except the embryo and around developing embryos in the gonad; expression of cpr-1 is regulated by three promoter GATA motifs. WormBase CDS description: cathepsin-like cysteine protease
C55B7.4 C55B7.4 P W All gene names: acdh-1; dod-12; C55B7.4; C55B7.4b.1; C55B7.4b.2; C55B7.4b.3; C55B7.4b.4; 1H75; CE09015; CE32840; NM_059470; NM_181994; Q966M3_CAEEL; WBGene00016943; WP:CE09015; WP:CE32840 WormBase description: acdh-1 encodes a short-chain acyl-CoA dehydrogenase; ACDH-1 is predicted to be a mitochondrial enzyme that catalyzes the first step of fatty acid beta-oxidation and thus plays a key role in energy production; steady-state acdh-1 mRNA levels are under the control of the MDT-15 mediator complex subunit; in addition, gene expression studies indicate that acdh-1 expression is upregulated in daf-2 mutant animals, but downregulated in fasted animals; loss of acdh-1 activity via RNAi can shorten lifespan.
F21F8.4 F21F8.4 P W All gene names: F21F8.4; F21F8.4.1; F21F8.4.2; 5I751; CE09540; WBGene00017678; WP:CE09540 WormBase description: protease
F28D1.5 F28D1.5 P W All gene names: thn-2; F28D1.5; 4N149; CE05745; NM_069961; WBGene00009215; WP:CE05745 WormBase description: Arabidopsis pathogenesis-related protein 5 like
F42A10.7 F42A10.7 P W All gene names: F42A10.7; F42A10.7.1; F42A10.7.2; 3H268; CE01298; WBGene00018343; WP:CE01298
F44C4.3 F44C4.3 P W All gene names: cpr-4; F44C4.3; F44C4.3.1; F44C4.3.2; 5H95; CE07251; CPR4_CAEEL; NM_072281; WBGene00000784; WP:CE07251 WormBase description: cpr-4 encodes a cathepsin B-like cysteine protease expressed at all life stages. WormBase CDS description: cathepsin B-like cysteine proteinase 4 precursor
H22K11.1 H22K11.1 P W All gene names: asp-3; H22K11.1; ASP3_CAEEL; CE19495; NM_076741; WBGene00000216; WP:CE19495; XH411 WormBase description: asp-3 encodes an aspartyl protease homolog that is required, in parallel with ASP-4 but downstream of CLP-1 and TRA-3, for degenerative (necrotic-like) cell death in neurons induced by mutations such as mec-4(d), deg-3(d), or gsa-1(gf). WormBase CDS description: aspartyl protease
M60.2 M60.1 P W
W07B8.4 W07B8.4 P W All gene names: W07B8.4; 5B610; CE14680; WBGene00021072; WP:CE14680 WormBase description: thiol protease
W07B8.5 W07B8.5 P W All gene names: cpr-5; W07B8.5; 5B612; CE14682; CPR5_CAEEL; NM_070982; WBGene00000785; WP:CE14682 WormBase description: cpr-5 encodes a cysteine protease. WormBase CDS description: thiol protease
Y39B6A.20 Y39B6B.g P W
Y40H7A.10 Y40H7A.10 P W All gene names: Y40H7A.10; 4P968; CE21821; WBGene00012747; WP:CE21821 WormBase description: Cysteine protease
Y47H9C.6 Y47H9C.6 P W All gene names: csp-3; Y47H9C.6; 1M480; CE27635; NM_060610; WBGene00000821; WP:CE27635 WormBase description: csp-3 encodes a protein that is homologous to the C-terminal domain of caspase-like cysteine proteases; unlike other caspases, CSP-3 does not contain a middle or N-terminal domain, and thus may either function in concert with the middle domains of other caspases or may play a regulatory (dominant negative) role in caspase activation; as loss of csp-3 activity via large-scale RNAi does not result in any obvious abnormalities, the precise role of CSP-3 in C. elegans development and/or behavior is not yet known. WormBase CDS description: ICE-like protease (caspase) p10 domain.