Kunitomo et al 2005, S2 muscle neuron-expressed ge, 43 genes

Gene list file name:Kunitomo2005_S2_53_muscles
Type of gene identifier:Cosmid name
Description:Kunitomo et al 2005 Supplementary 2: 53 muscle neuron-expressed genes  
Organism:Caenorhabditis elegans (nematode)
Gene list type:Experimental

Gene name             Source Gene ID          Annotation                                                  Date       Added by    

B0304.1 B0304.1 P W All gene names: hlh-1; B0304.1; 2E811; CE02423; CE30067; CE31766; MYOD1_CAEEL; MyoD1; WBGene00001948; WP:CE02423; WP:CE30067; WP:CE31766 WormBase description: hlh-1 encodes a basic helix-loop-helix (bHLH) transcription factor that is the sole C. elegans member of the myogenic regulatory factor (MRF) subgroup of bHLH proteins; in C. elegans, HLH-1 activity is required during embryonic development for the proper differentiation and function of body wall muscle cells, indicating that unlike its vertebrate counterparts, hlh-1 is not absolutely required for body wall muscle specification; however, ectopic expression of hlh-1 in the embryo is sufficient to convert nearly all embryonic cell types to a muscle-like fate; in regulating body wall muscle cell development in some cell lineages, hlh-1 likely lies downstream of the PAL-1 homeodomain protein that is required for specification of the C and D founder cell fates; HLH-1 is expressed in nuclei and first appears in body wall muscle precursors beginning at the ~80-cell stage of embryogenesis; expression then continues in these cells and their differentiated descendants throughout embryonic, larval, and adult stages of development. WormBase CDS description: helix-loop-helix transcription factor
C08B11.5 C08B11.5 P W All gene names: sap-49; C08B11.5; C08B11.5.1; C08B11.5.2; C08B11.5.3; C08B11.5.4; 2I326; CE36374; SF3B4_CAEEL; WBGene00004723; WP:CE36374 WormBase description: Poly(A) RNA binding protein
C18A11.7 C18A11.7 P W All gene names: dim-1; C18A11.7; C18A11.7b.1; C18A11.7b.2; C18A11.7b.3; C18A11.7b.4; CE04038; CE27706; DIM1_CAEEL; WBGene00001000; WP:CE04038; WP:CE27706; XI670
C24A3.6 C24A3.6 P W All gene names: mah-2; twk-18; unc-110; C24A3.5; C24A3.6; C24A3.6.1; C24A3.6.2; CE24811; TWK18_CAEEL; WBGene00006672; WP:CE24811; XJ611 WormBase description: twk-18 encodes one of 44 C. elegans TWK (two-P domain K+) potassium channel subunits that contain two pore-forming domains and four transmembrane domains; TWK-18 was originally defined by gain-of-function mutations that result in embryonic lethality at the two-fold stage, locomotion defects, longer than normal body length, abnormal egg-laying, and temperature-sensitive paralysis; as loss of TWK-18 function via reversion or RNA-mediated interference does not result in any abnormalities, TWK-18 likely functions redundantly with other TWK channels; TWK-18 can function as an outwardly rectifying K+ channel, and is activated by temperature increases, thus making it a temperature-gated channel; TWK-18 is expressed in body wall muscle. WormBase CDS description: potassium channel protein
C25A8.4 C25A8.4 P W All gene names: C25A8.4; 4H773; CE32592; CHITL_CAEEL; WBGene00016084; WP:CE32592
C44B12.2 C44B12.2 P W All gene names: ost-1; C44B12.2; 4B863; CE08703; NM_067638; SPARC; SPARC/1; SPRC_CAEEL; WBGene00003893; WP:CE08703 WormBase description: osteonectin
C47E8.7 C47E8.7 P W All gene names: unc-112; C47E8.7; C47E8.7.1; C47E8.7.2; 5P172; CE05443; NM_074227; UN112_CAEEL; WBGene00006836; WP:CE05443 WormBase description: The unc-112 gene encodes a pleckstrin homology domain-containing protein, orthologous to human Mitogen inducible gene-2, that is required for assembly of muscle dense bodies and M lines during embryogenesis; UNC-112 is a dense body/M-line component and requires PAT-3/beta-integrin, UNC-52/perlecan, and PAT-4/integrin-linked kinase for proper localization; UNC-112 binds PAT-4 directly, forms a ternary complex with PAT-4 and PAT-6/actopaxin, and is required for recruitment of PAT-3 and PAT-4 to muscle cell attachment sites; viable unc-112 mutations are suppressed by mutation of dim-1. WormBase CDS description: mitogen inducible MIG-2 protein like
C52E4.2 C52E4.2 P W All gene names: mif-2; C52E4.2; C52E4.2.1; C52E4.2.2; 5M458; CE08944; MIF2_CAEEL; NM_073602; WBGene00003235; WP:CE08944 WormBase description: macrophage migration inhibitory factor like protein
F01G12.5 F01G12.5 P W All gene names: alpha-2 (IV) collagen; clb-1; let-2; let-8; sup-20; F01G12.5; F01G12.5b.1; F01G12.5b.2; CE04334; CE04335; CO4A2_CAEEL; NM_078262; NM_078263; WBGene00002280; WP:CE04334; WP:CE04335; XQ996 WormBase description: let-2 encodes an alpha-2 type IV collagen, probably most closely equivalent to the human gene COL4A2 (OMIM:120090) on the basis of biological function; LET-2 is required for embryonic development and is a component of the basement membrane between muscle and hypodermis; LET-2 interacts with UNC-105, a mechanosensory ion channel of the degenerin ion channel superfamily that is expressed in muscle and required for normal growth, muscle contraction, and muscle organization. WormBase CDS description: alpha-2 type IV collagen
F02A9.3 F02A9.3 P W All gene names: far-2; pes-3; F02A9.3; F02A9.3.1; F02A9.3.2; 3K171; CE00134; FAR2_CAEEL; NM_066610; WBGene00001386; WP:CE00134 WormBase description: far-2 encodes a protein similar to a class of secreted fatty acid and retinol-binding proteins expressed in parasitic nematodes and secreted in the surrounding tissues of the host; expressed in body wall muscle and vulval cells of adult hermaphrodites, and transcript levels progressively increase during development.
F02A9.4 F02A9.4 P W All gene names: F02A9.4; F02A9.5; 3K174; CE00136; CE33612; WBGene00008514; WP:CE00136; WP:CE33612; YLPC_CAEEL; YLPD_CAEEL WormBase description: F02A9.4 is orthologous to the human gene SIMILAR TO METHYLCROTONOYL-COENZYME A CARBOXYLASE 2 (BETA) (MCCC2; OMIM:210210), which when mutated leads to disease.
F07C3.4 F07C3.4 P W All gene names: glo-4; F07C3.4; 5J716; CE38062; RPGRH_CAEEL; WBGene00017195; WP:CE38062 WormBase description: The F07C3.4 gene encodes a guanine-nucleotide releasing factor homolog that is homologous to human RP3. WormBase CDS description: guanine-nucleotide releasing factor
F08C6.7 F08C6.7 P W All gene names: unc-98; F08C6.7; CE31900; NM_076883; UNC98_CAEEL; WBGene00006827; WP:CE31900; XI190 WormBase description: unc-98 encodes a protein with four C2H2 zinc fingers and several possible nuclear localization and export sequences; UNC-98 is required for normal mobility, M-line structures, and dense body (Z-line analog) structures; UNC-98 binds UNC-97/PINCH, HUM-6, and MEP-1; UNC-98 is located in M-lines, muscle cell nuclei, and perhaps dense bodies. WormBase CDS description: Zinc finger
F11C3.2 F11C3.2 P W All gene names: cof-1; ofm-1; unc-122; F11C3.2; 1P467; CE20668; NM_061197; WBGene00006845; WP:CE20668 WormBase description: unc-122 encodes a predicted type II transmembrane protein with extracellular collagen-like domains and a highly conserved olfactomedin (OLF) domain that is found in a family of secreted proteins involved in formation and function of nervous systems; UNC-122 is required for proper locomotion and for normal morphology of the DVB motorneuron, and may regulate neuromuscular function by acting in an aminergic/peptidergic pathway parallel to cholinergic neurotransmission; although mosaic analysis indicates that UNC-122 activity is required in muscle cells, the precise expression and localization patterns of UNC-122 are not yet known.
F15D3.1 F15D3.1 P W All gene names: dys-1; F15D3.1; F32B4.3; 1M120; CE24904; CE27129; DMD_CAEEL; NM_060545; WBGene00001131; WP:CE24904; WP:CE27129 WormBase description: The dys-1 gene encodes an ortholog of human DMD, which when mutated leads to Duchenne muscular dystrophy (OMIM:310200). WormBase CDS description: dystrophin
F15G9.4 F15G9.4 P W All gene names: him-4; F15G9.4; CE18595; CE18596; NM_077234; WBGene00001863; WP:CE18595; WP:CE18596; XK371 WormBase description: The him-4 gene encodes a large (5198-residue) extracellular protein, called 'hemicentin', that belongs to the immunoglobulin superfamily. WormBase CDS description: IG (immunoglobulin) superfamily (47 domains)
F18G5.3 F18G5.3 P W All gene names: gpa-12; F18G5.3; CE20692; GPA12_CAEEL; NM_077156; WBGene00001674; WP:CE20692; XJ867 WormBase description: gpa-12 encodes a member of the G protein alpha subunit family of heterotrimeric GTPases; it is expressed in the pharynx and in the hypodermis. WormBase CDS description: guanine nucleotide-binding protein
F30H5.1 F30H5.1 P W All gene names: unc-45; F30H5.1; 3B119; CE01925; NM_064804; WBGene00006781; WP:CE01925 WormBase description: P59 protein and TPR domain
F33D4.2 F33D4.2 P W All gene names: dec-4; itr-1; lfe-1; F33D4.2; F33D4.2f.1; F33D4.2f.2; 4I461; CE28017; CE28018; CE31690; CE37905; CE37906; WBGene00002173; WP:CE28017; WP:CE28018; WP:CE31690; WP:CE37905; WP:CE37906 WormBase description: itr-1 encodes a putative inositol (1,4,5) trisphosphate receptor that affects the defecation cycle and pharyngeal pumping, and also affects ovulation in a pathway downstream of LET-23; interacts with UNC-54 in vivo, and is expressed in the adult intestine, pharynx, excretory cell, germ line, and spermatheca, with limited neuronal expression.
F40E10.3 F40E10.3 P W All gene names: csq-1; F40E10.3; F40E10.3.1; F40E10.3.2; CE05839; NM_078037; WBGene00000822; WP:CE05839; XP305 WormBase description: calsequestrin like
F41C3.2 F41C3.2 P W All gene names: F41C3.2; 2F41; CE39500; WBGene00018268; WP:CE39500 WormBase description: Sodium/phosphate transporter protein
F44B9.2 F44B9.2 P W All gene names: F44B9.2; 3J113; CE00171; WBGene00018407; WP:CE00171; YL32_CAEEL
F46B6.3 F46B6.3 P W All gene names: mab-14; smg-4; F46B6.3; 5K256; CE26973; CE30440; NM_171514; NM_171515; WBGene00004882; WP:CE26973; WP:CE30440
F49B2.5 F49B2.5 P W All gene names: kin-22; src-2; F49B2.5; 1O919; CE24991; NM_061101; WBGene00005078; WP:CE24991 WormBase description: Src homology domain 2, Src homology domain 3, protein tyrosine kinase (src subfamily)
F52H3.1 F52H3.1 P W All gene names: let-268; F52H3.1; F52H3.1.1; F52H3.1.2; F52H3.1.3; 2K324; CE03397; NM_063769; PLOD_CAEEL; WBGene00002497; WP:CE03397 WormBase description: let-268 encodes a procollagen lysyl hydroxylase that processes type IV collagen, a collagen secreted and incorporated into the basement membrane during embryogenesis (and encoded partly by emb-9); LET-268 activity is essential for type IV collagen processing and secretion and for the stability, but not the formation of, the basement membrane that provides mechanical support to body wall muscle once contraction begins; LET-268 also appears to be required for pharyngeal muscle contraction. WormBase CDS description: procollagen-lysine,2-oxoglutarate 5-dioxygenase precusor
F54C1.7 F54C1.7 P W All gene names: pat-10; tnc-1; F54C1.7; F54C1.7.1; F54C1.7.2; F54C1.7.3; 1F588; CE11052; NM_059100; WBGene00003934; WP:CE11052 WormBase description: pat-10 encodes body wall muscle troponin C, the calcium-binding component of the troponin complex of actin thin filaments; PAT-10 is essential for muscle contraction and thus for completion of embryonic morphogenesis and elongation; by homology, PAT-10 likely functions to regulate body wall muscle contraction in response to changes in intracellular calcium; PAT-10 is expressed in body wall muscle but is also detected in vulval and anal muscles; expression in body wall muscle begins during early embryonic morphogenesis, concurrent with expression of other body wall muscle structural components. WormBase CDS description: calcium binding protein
F54C9.1 F54C9.1 P W All gene names: iff-2; F54C9.1; F54C9.1.1; F54C9.1.2; F54C9.1.3; 2I850; CE02249; IF5A2_CAEEL; NM_063406; WBGene00002065; WP:CE02249 WormBase description: initiation factor 5A
F55A8.2 F55A8.2 P W All gene names: cgk-1; egl-4; odr-9; F55A8.2; F55A8.2a.1; F55A8.2a.2; 4C643; CE19897; CE19898; CE31541; CE37241; CE37242; CE37718; NM_067740; NM_067741; NM_171279; NM_171280; WBGene00001173; WP:CE19897; WP:CE19898; WP:CE31541; WP:CE37241; WP:CE37242; WP:CE37718 WormBase description: The egl-4 gene encodes a cyclic GMP-dependant protein kinase that may act through the TGF-beta signalling pathway relay sensory cues that modulate chemosensory behavior, dauer formation, foraging and egg-laying.
F57B7.4 F57B7.4 P W All gene names: mig-17; F57B7.4; 5L929; CE31010; MIG17_CAEEL; NM_073500; WBGene00003248; WP:CE31010 WormBase description: mig-17 encodes a secreted metalloprotease that is a member of the ADAM (A Disintegrin And Metalloprotease) protein family; MIG-17 activity is required for proper migration of gonadal leader cells, namely the hermaphrodite distal tip cells (DTCs) and the male linker cell (MLC); a MIG-17::GFP translational fusion protein is first detected in late embryos with expression continuing through adulthood; expression is initially seen on the pseudocoelomic face of body wall muscles and then on the surface of the gonad, when the DTCs migrate over the lateral hypodermis towards the dorsal muscles; proper MIG-17 localization and glycosylation requires activity of MIG-23, a membrane-bound nucleoside diphosphatase, as well as activity of COGC-3 and COGC-1, two members of the conserved oligomeric Golgi complex; expression studies with MIG-17 deletion derivatives indicate that MIG-17 is expressed by the body wall muscles and then localizes to the DTCs where its activity is sufficient for guiding DTC migration. WormBase CDS description: zinc metallopeptidase (M12B family)
F58A3.2 F58A3.2 P W All gene names: egl-15; F58A3.2; F58A3.2b.1; F58A3.2b.2; F58A3.2b.3; CE28238; CE29049; CE31549; CE35726; CE35727; EGL15_CAEEL; NM_077441; WBGene00001184; WP:CE28238; WP:CE29049; WP:CE31549; WP:CE35726; WP:CE35727; XL641 WormBase description: egl-15 encodes an FGF-like receptor tyrosine kinase orthologous to human FGFR1 (OMIM:136350, which when mutated leads to Pfeiffer syndrome); EGL-15 is required for several processes including fluid balance and sex myoblast migration, which is essential for proper development of the egg-laying system, and is required to phosphorylate SAX-7, which inhibits the colocalization of SAX-7 with the ankyrin UNC-44; EGL-15 activators may include the FGF-like signalling molecules EGL-17 and LET-756; negative regulators include CLR-1, a receptor protein-tyrosine phosphatase.
K08E3.8 K08E3.8 P W All gene names: mdt-29; K08E3.8; K08E3.8.1; K08E3.8.2; 3O867; CE18874; NM_067446; Q9XUS2_CAEEL; WBGene00007025; WP:CE18874 WormBase description: mdt-29 encodes a putative mediator subunit with a prion-like (asparagine- or glutamine-rich) domain; note that K08E3.8 is allegedly an ortholog of Drosophila INTERSEX/IX, but the actual C. elegans IX ortholog appears to be PQN-15); in yeast two-hybrid screens, MDT-29 interacts with SEL-7 and SEL-8; MDT-29 protein also self-associates; RNAi of K08E3.8 weakly enhances the two-anchor-cell phenotype of lin-12(ar170), roughly as much as sel-7 RNAi; since SEL-7 is a novel nuclear protein, MDT-29/SEL-7/SEL-8 is likely to form a nuclear complex formed in response to LIN-12 activation.
M03F4.2 M03F4.2 P W All gene names: act-4; M03F4.2; M03F4.2a.1; M03F4.2a.2; M03F4.2a.3; M03F4.2b.1; M03F4.2b.2; ACT4_CAEEL; CE12358; CE28620; CE37134; NM_076440; NM_076441; WBGene00000066; WP:CE12358; WP:CE28620; WP:CE37134; XF583; act4 WormBase description: An actin that is expressed in body wall and vulval muscles and the spermatheca.
R12E2.7 R12E2.7 P W All gene names: R12E2.7; 1E722; CE18139; WBGene00020033; WP:CE18139
T01H3.3 T01H3.3 P W All gene names: T01H3.3; T01H3.3.1; T01H3.3.2; 2I162; CE03597; WBGene00011349; WP:CE03597 WormBase description: sodium/phosphate transporter
T08G11.5 T08G11.5 P W All gene names: tmr-4; unc-21; unc-29; unc-56; T08G11.5; 1J474; ACH2_CAEEL; CE13451; NM_059998; WBGene00006765; WP:CE13451 WormBase description: unc-29 encodes an non-alpha subunit of the nicotinic acetylcholine receptor (nAChR) superfamily; UNC-29 is required for normal locomotion and egg-laying, and functions as a subunit of a ligand-gated ion channel that likely mediates fast actions of acetylcholine at neuromuscular junctions and in the nervous system; when coexpressed with LEV-1, a non-alpha nAChR subunit, and UNC-38 or UNC-63, alpha AChR subunits, the resulting multimer can form levamisole-gated channels; UNC-29 is expressed in body wall muscle. WormBase CDS description: acetylcholine receptor, beta precursor
T18D3.4 T18D3.4 P W All gene names: myo-2; T18D3.4; CE31619; MYO2_CAEEL; NM_077691; WBGene00003514; WP:CE31619; XN91 WormBase description: myo-2 encodes a muscle-type specific myosin heavy chain isoform; myo-2 is expressed in pharyngeal muscle. WormBase CDS description: myosin heavy chain C
T21C12.1 T21C12.1 P W All gene names: unc-49; unc-49A; unc-49B; unc-49C; T21C12.1; T21C12.1c.1; T21C12.1c.2; 3L621; CE02346; CE28082; CE28083; CE28084; CE28085; CE28086; CE35949; WBGene00006784; WP:CE02346; WP:CE28082; WP:CE28083; WP:CE28084; WP:CE28085; WP:CE28086; WP:CE35949 WormBase description: gamma-aminobutyric-acid receptor
W05F2.4 W05F2.4 P W All gene names: W05F2.4; CE30702; CE37251; WBGene00021036; WP:CE30702; WP:CE37251
Y105E8B.1 Y105E8B.1 P W All gene names: lev-11; tmy-1; Y105E8B.1; Y105E8B.1b.1; Y105E8B.1b.2; Y105E8B.1b.3; Y105E8B.1b.4; Y105E8B.1e.1; Y105E8B.1e.2; Y105E8B.1e.3; 1P214; CE28782; CE29059; CE29060; CE31733; CE36223; CE36224; TPM1_CAEEL; TPM3_CAEEL; WBGene00002978; WP:CE28782; WP:CE29059; WP:CE29060; WP:CE31733; WP:CE36223; WP:CE36224 WormBase description: lev-11 encodes tropomyosin, an actin-binding contractile structural protein orthologous to human TROPOMYOSIN 1 (TPM1; OMIM:191010), which when mutated leads to familial hypertrophic cardiomyopathy; LEV-11 is required for embryonic development, normal body morphology, and locomotion; expressed as multiple tissue-specific isoforms generated by alternative mRNA splicing and promoter use, LEV-11 is detected in several tissues including muscle, pharynx, intestine, and the germ line.
Y40B10A.9 Y40B10A.9 P W All gene names: Y40B10A.9; 5C548; CE26083; WBGene00021493; WP:CE26083
Y71G12B.14 Y71G12B.14 P W All gene names: lsm-6; Y71G12B.14; 1C175; CE22886; NM_058482; WBGene00003080; WP:CE22886 WormBase description: U6 small nuclear RNA-associated Sm-like protein LSm6
ZC410.4 ZC410.4 P W All gene names: twk-19; ZC410.4; 4J851; CE03808; CE35702; WBGene00006663; WP:CE03808; WP:CE35702 WormBase description: twk-8 encodes one of more than 40 TWK (two-P domain K+) potassium channels in C. elegans that contain two pore regions and four transmembrane domains; expressed in body-wall muscle.
ZK973.6 ZK973.6 P W All gene names: anc-1; ZK973.6; 1E925; ANC1_CAEEL; CE33588; NM_058952; WBGene00000140; WP:CE33588 WormBase description: anc-1 encodes a 8546-residue protein, orthologous to Drosophila Msp-300 and mammalian SYNE1 and SYNE2 proteins, which may extend more than 0.5 micrometers in vivo; ANC-1 has coiled regions, a nuclear envelope localization domain (the KASH domain) and an actin-binding domain; ANC-1 affects the positioning of nuclei and mitochondria within the cytoskeleton; ANC-1 is expressed in the cytoplasm, but localized to the nuclear periphery in an UNC-84-dependent manner.