Fox et al 2005, S14/T2 Ligand-gated ion channel S, 9 genes

Gene list file name:Fox2005_S14-T2_unc-4_neuron-transcript_Ligand-gate
Type of gene identifier:Cosmid name
Description:Fox et al 2005 Additional File 14/Table2: Summary of unc-4::GFP enriched and expressed (EGs) transcripts in selected categories. This file is an expanded version of Table 2 (see text) in which EGs are added to the list of enriched genes. Genes are organized as in Table 2 according to molecular function (KOG description, other description Statistical rank is indicated for each enriched transcript and "EG" designates transcripts that are EGs.  
Organism:Caenorhabditis elegans (nematode)
Gene list type:Experimental

Gene name             Source Gene ID          Annotation                                                  Date       Added by    

B0207.12 B0207.12 P W All gene names: avr-14; gbr-2; B0207.12; 1G544; CE26421; CE30227; CE32092; WBGene00000232; WP:CE26421; WP:CE30227; WP:CE32092 WormBase description: avr-14 encodes an alpha-type subunit of a glutamate-gated chloride channel homologous to human GLRA2, which when mutated leads to hyperekplexia (OMIM:149400); AVR-14 affects sensitivity to the antiparisitic drug, ivermectin, in parallel with avr-15 and glc-1 and in a genetic pathway with unc-9; it functions in the extrapharyngeal nervous system, and is expressed in a subset of neurons in the ring ganglia, ventral cord, and some mechanosensory neurons.
C53D6.3 C53D6.3 P W All gene names: C53D6.3; 4J783; CE05488; WBGene00008280; WP:CE05488 WormBase description: ligand-gated ion channel
R11G10.1 R11G10.1 P W All gene names: avr-15; R11G10.1; R11G10.1b.1; R11G10.1b.2; T10G3.7; 5N980; CE13573; CE25076; WBGene00000233; WP:CE13573; WP:CE25076 WormBase description: avr-15 encodes, via alternative splicing, two glutamate-gated chloride channel subunit homologs; these proteins mediate fast inhibitory glutamatergic neuromuscular transmission, as well as ivermectin sensitivity, and are required for normal pharyngeal function. WormBase CDS description: glutamate-gated chloride channel
T15B7.16 T15B7.16 P W All gene names: T15B7.16; 5H320; CE30301; WBGene00020528; WP:CE30301 WormBase description: ligand-gated ionic channel protein
T27E9.9 T27E9.9 P W All gene names: T27E9.9; 3O570; CE24020; WBGene00012099; WP:CE24020 WormBase description: ligand-gated ion channel
Y46G5A.30 Y46G5A.30 P W All gene names: snf-5; Y46G5A.30; 2N152; CE29609; NM_064334; WBGene00004904; WP:CE29609
Y71D11A.5 Y71D11A.5 P W All gene names: Y71D11A.5; 3C216; CE29908; WBGene00022106; WP:CE29908 WormBase description: ion channel protein
ZC196.7 ZC196.7 P W All gene names: glr-5; ZC196.7; 5J199; CE15078; NM_072843; WBGene00001616; WP:CE15078 WormBase description: glr-5 encodes a kainate (non-NMDA)-type ionotropic glutamate receptor subunit; GLR-5 activity is required for normal brood sizes, especially at high temperatures; GLR-5 is expressed in neurons. WormBase CDS description: ligand-gated ionic channel protein