Fox et al 2005, S14/T2 DEG/ENaC Subunit in unc-4:, 3 genes

Gene list file name:Fox2005_S14-T2_unc-4_neuron-transcript_DEG-ENaC
Type of gene identifier:MA primer pair (sjj)
Description:Fox et al 2005 Additional File 14/Table2: Summary of unc-4::GFP enriched and expressed (EGs) transcripts in selected categories. This file is an expanded version of Table 2 (see text) in which EGs are added to the list of enriched genes. Genes are organized as in Table 2 according to molecular function (KOG description, other description Statistical rank is indicated for each enriched transcript and "EG" designates transcripts that are EGs.  
Organism:Caenorhabditis elegans (nematode)
Gene list type:Experimental

Gene name             Source Gene ID          Annotation                                                  Date       Added by    

C18B2.6 C18B2.6 P W All gene names: C18B2.6; CE04045; WBGene00015957; WP:CE04045; XE232
R13A1.4 R13A1.4 P W All gene names: unc-28; unc-8; R13A1.4; 4H967; CE26381; NM_068737; UNC8_CAEEL; WBGene00006748; WP:CE26381 WormBase description: unc-8 encodes an amiloride-sensitive DEG/ENaC cation-selective channel subunit orthologous to human ENaCB (OMIM:600760, associated with Liddle syndrome, an autosomal dominant form of hypertension); UNC-8 is predicted to function as part of a mechanically gated channel that responds to stretch, and is required for modulating the sinusoidal body wave that is characteristic of C. elegans locomotion; unc-8 interacts genetically with unc-1 and unc-24, which encode stomatin-like proteins, and with mec-6, which encodes a paraoxonase; UNC-8 is expressed in motor neurons, sensory neurons, and interneurons in the nerve ring; UNC-8 may form a channel with the degenerin DEL-1, with which it is coexpressed in ventral cord motor neurons. WormBase CDS description: degenerin
ZK770.1 ZK770.1 P W All gene names: asic-1; ZK770.1; 1E341; ASIC1_CAEEL; CE15411; NM_058813; WBGene00022815; WP:CE15411 WormBase description: degenerin