and expressed transcripts, 18 genes

Gene list file name:Fox2005_S14-T2_unc-4_neuron-transcript_Calcium-Ion
Type of gene identifier:Cosmid name
Description:Fox et al 2005 Additional File 14/Table2: Summary of unc-4::GFP enriched and expressed (EGs) transcripts in selected categories. This file is an expanded version of Table 2 (see text) in which EGs are added to the list of enriched genes. Genes are organized as in Table 2 according to molecular function (KOG description, other description Statistical rank is indicated for each enriched transcript and "EG" designates transcripts that are EGs.  
Organism:Caenorhabditis elegans (nematode)
Gene list type:Experimental

Gene name             Source Gene ID          Annotation                                                  Date       Added by    

C04B4.2 C04B4.2 P W All gene names: C04B4.2; CE05204; WBGene00007290; WP:CE05204; XM903
C07A9.5 C07A9.5 P W All gene names: C07A9.5; 3K770; CE02981; WBGene00007401; WP:CE02981; YKT5_CAEEL WormBase description: Actin-binding protein
F12A10.5 F12A10.5 P W All gene names: F12A10.5; 2F770; CE01908; WBGene00017394; WP:CE01908 WormBase description: Calmodulin
F23H11.8 F23H11.8 P W All gene names: pef-1; F23H11.8; F23H11.8b.1; F23H11.8b.2; 3B538; CE27999; CE30662; NM_171080; WBGene00003969; WP:CE27999; WP:CE30662 WormBase description: pef-1 encodes an ortholog of the rhodopsin-specific serine/threonine phosphatase RdgC in D. melanogaster and of RdgC-related proteins in humans (PPEF1 and PPEF2; OMIM:300109 and OMIM:602256); PEF-1 has a EF-hand calcium-binding domain, and is peripherally bound to the plasma membrane by myristoylation and palmitoylation; pef-1 has no known mutant phenotype, but is expressed in several anterior amphid neurons, from what appears to be the 3-fold embryo stage onward; on the basis of its expression and its orthology, PEF-1 may negatively regulate signalling through serpentine receptors such as STR-2.
F25B3.1 F25B3.1 P W All gene names: F25B3.1; 5K35; CE05711; WBGene00009098; WP:CE05711 WormBase description: actin binding domain
F30A10.1 F30A10.1 P W All gene names: F30A10.1; 1K48; CE09802; WBGene00009260; WP:CE09802 WormBase description: calcineurin B subunit like
F54E7.7 F54E7.7 P W All gene names: rcn-1; F54E7.7; 3G772; CCPL_CAEEL; CE31002; DSCR1L; NM_065822; SC; WBGene00004321; WP:CE31002 WormBase description: rcn-1 encodes a calcipressin, which binds and inhibits calcineurin; RCN-1's orthologs include yeast Rcn1p and human DSCR1 (OMIM:602917; overexpressed in Down syndrome and Alzheimer disease); rcn-1 is expressed in hypodermal seam cells, various neurons, vulval epithelial and muscle cells, marginal pharyngeal cells, and in the male tail; rcn-1 transcription is regulated by TAX-6, and RCN-1 binds TAX-6 protein if free Ca[2+] is present; RCN-1 overexpression, like calcineurin deficiency, causes defects in body size, cuticle thickness, fertility, growth rate, and serotonin-resistance in egg-laying.
F55C10.1 F55C10.1 P W All gene names: cnb-1; F55C10.1; 5L857; CE32679; NM_073484; WBGene00000554; WP:CE32679 WormBase description: cnb-1 encodes an ortholog of calcineurin B, the regulatory subunit of the protein phosphatase 2B with four EF-hand motifs for calcium binding, that binds TAX-6 (a calcineurin A ortholog) in a calcium-dependent manner; CNB-1 binds calcium, enhances the phosphatase activity of TAX-6 in vitro, promotes transcription of rcn-1, and is required for normal cuticle formation, sperm morphology, and brood size. WormBase CDS description: calcineurin B
K10B3.10 K10B3.10 P W All gene names: imo-1; spc-1; K10B3.10; CE07373; NM_076136; WBGene00004951; WP:CE07373; XD738 WormBase description: spectrin alpha chain
M04F3.4 M04F3.4 P W All gene names: M04F3.4; 1F340; CE12418; WBGene00019770; WP:CE12418 WormBase description: calcium binding protein
R08D7.5 R08D7.5 P W All gene names: R08D7.5; 3K65; CE33292; WBGene00011145; WP:CE33292; YNE5_CAEEL WormBase description: caltractin
T08G5.10 T08G5.10 P W All gene names: met-II; mtl-2; T08G5.10; 5O498; CE25109; MT2_CAEEL; NM_074081; WBGene00003474; WP:CE25109 WormBase description: mtl-2 encodes a metallothionein, a small, cysteine-rich, metal-binding protein; MTL-2 functions in metal detoxification and homeostasis and stress adaptation; MTL-2 expression is induced in larval and adult intestinal cells following exposure to cadmium or heat stress; MTL-2 intestinal expression is dependent upon ELT-2, an intestine-specific GATA-type transcription factor.
T21H3.3 T21H3.3 P W All gene names: cmd-1; T21H3.3; T21H3.3.1; T21H3.3.2; 5B635; CALM_CAEEL; CE13902; NM_070985; WBGene00000552; WP:CE13902 WormBase description: cmd-1 encodes a putative homolog of calmodulin 1 that affects growth rate and fertility. WormBase CDS description: calmodulin
Y73B3A.12 Y73B3A.12 P W All gene names: Y73B3A.12; CE27325; WBGene00022214; WP:CE27325; XA777
ZC155.1 ZC155.1 P W All gene names: nex-1; ZC155.1; ZC155.1.1; ZC155.1.2; ZC155.1.3; 3G315; CE01431; NM_065708; Q27864_CAEEL; WBGene00003588; WP:CE01431 WormBase description: nex-1 encodes an annexin, a member of a family of calcium-dependent phospholipid binding proteins; NEX-1 is required for efficient engulfment of apoptotic cell corpses in the pharynx, and may also function in other membrane fusion events, such as exocytosis; NEX-1 in vitro can bind phosphatidylserine, phosphatidylinositol, heparin, heparan sulfate, and chondroitin sulfate; NEX-1 is expressed in the pharynx, hypodermal cells, the vulva, the uterus, the spermathecal valve, and yolk granules of maturing oocytes.