PWang et al 2005, Supplimental Table 1, 159 genes

Gene list file name:PWang2005_ST1_Up
Type of gene identifier:Cosmid name
Description:Wang et al 2005 Supplemental Table 1: Up-regulated genes upon overexpression of both CeTwist and CeE/DA in microarray.  
Organism:Caenorhabditis elegans (nematode)
Gene list type:Experimental

Gene name             Source Gene ID          Annotation                                                  Date       Added by    

B0310.6 B0310.6 P W All gene names: B0310.6; CE03879; WBGene00015142; WP:CE03879; XB150; YWS6_CAEEL
C01B10.1 C01B10.1 P W All gene names: drh-2; C01B10.1; 4H380; CE33024; NM_068618; WBGene00001091; WP:CE33024
C01B10.3 C01B10.3 P W All gene names: C01B10.3; 4H384; CE33355; Q17543_CAEEL; WBGene00015278; WP:CE33355 WormBase description: C01B10.3 encodes a paralog of IPP-5, and thus may functionally overlap with ipp-5 in vivo.
C02D4.1 C02D4.1 P W All gene names: C02D4.1; CE07836; WBGene00007262; WP:CE07836; XP903
C02F5.9 C02F5.9 P W All gene names: pbs-6; C02F5.9; C02F5.9.1; C02F5.9.2; 3I332; 3J332; CE26745; NM_066405; PSB1_CAEEL; WBGene00003952; WP:CE26745 WormBase description: The pbs-6 gene encodes a homolog of mammalian PSMB1. WormBase CDS description: Proteasome component C5
C05B5.6 C05B5.6 P W All gene names: C05B5.6; 3L98; CE33966; WBGene00007323; WP:CE33966; YKO6_CAEEL
C06C3.4 C06C3.4 P W All gene names: C06C3.4; 2J665; CE32568; WBGene00007375; WP:CE32568
C06C6.5 C06C6.5 P W All gene names: nhr-50; C06C6.5; 5Q478; CE15599; CE29171; NM_074614; WBGene00003640; WP:CE15599; WP:CE29171 WormBase description: Zinc finger, C4 type (two domains)
C07A12.2 C07A12.2 P W All gene names: C07A12.2; CE03970; WBGene00015560; WP:CE03970; XF163
C07A9.9 C07A9.9 P W All gene names: C07A9.9; 3K750; CE00493; WBGene00007405; WP:CE00493; YKT9_CAEEL
C09C7.1 C09C7.1 P W All gene names: zig-4; C09C7.1; CE02468; NM_076934; WBGene00006981; WP:CE02468; XI545 WormBase description: IG-like C2-type domains
C10G8.3 C10G8.3 P W All gene names: C10G8.3; 5F791; CE20494; WBGene00015682; WP:CE20494
C13A10.2 C13A10.2 P W All gene names: C13A10.2; 2B648; CE08124; WBGene00015729; WP:CE08124
C17B7.2 C17B7.2 P W All gene names: C17B7.2; 5D829; CE16850; U376B_CAEEL; WBGene00015876; WP:CE16850
C17B7.3 C17B7.3 P W All gene names: C17B7.3; 5D823; CE16851; WBGene00015877; WP:CE16851
C18B12.6 C18B12.6 P W All gene names: C18B12.6; CE32590; WBGene00007668; WP:CE32590; XP624
C28C12.11 C28C12.11 P W All gene names: C28C12.11; 4J239; CE29192; WBGene00016181; WP:CE29192
C28C12.4 C28C12.4 P W All gene names: C28C12.4; 4J251; CE04111; WBGene00016180; WP:CE04111
C31A11.5 C31A11.5 P W All gene names: C31A11.5; 5Q785; CE15656; WBGene00007833; WP:CE15656
C34C12.6 C34C12.6 P W All gene names: C34C12.6; 3E573; CE01514; WBGene00007925; WP:CE01514; YQF6_CAEEL
C34D4.15 C34D4.15 P W All gene names: col-113; C34D4.15; 4H916; CE17509; NM_068722; WBGene00000687; WP:CE17509
C36C5.14 C36C5.14 P W All gene names: C36C5.14; 5D636; CE08603; WBGene00016483; WP:CE08603
C38C6.6 C38C6.6 P W All gene names: tag-297; C38C6.6; C38C6.6.1; C38C6.6.2; 2O915; CE15698; WBGene00007999; WP:CE15698
C38D9.2 C38D9.2 P W All gene names: C38D9.2; 5S51; CE19728; WBGene00008010; WP:CE19728
C42D4.3 C42D4.3 P W All gene names: C42D4.3; 4H945; CE04191; WBGene00016596; WP:CE04191
C45B2.1 C45B2.1 P W All gene names: C45B2.1; CE27853; WBGene00016658; WP:CE27853; XG705
C45B2.2 C45B2.2 P W All gene names: C45B2.2; CE02552; WBGene00016659; WP:CE02552; XG703
C46F4.1 C46F4.1 P W All gene names: C46F4.1; CE04219; WBGene00016715; WP:CE04219; XG555
C48B6.6 C48B6.6 P W All gene names: mab-1; smg-1; C48B6.6; 1H478; CE30258; CE36919; NM_059569; SMG1_CAEEL; WBGene00004879; WP:CE30258; WP:CE36919 WormBase description: kinase
C49G7.10 C49G7.10 P W All gene names: C49G7.10; 5E512; CE08868; WBGene00016788; WP:CE08868
C50F7.5 C50F7.5 P W All gene names: C50F7.5; 4I491; CE04243; WBGene00016845; WP:CE04243
C55C3.5 C55C3.5 P W All gene names: C55C3.5; 4G462; CE29735; WBGene00016955; WP:CE29735
C56C10.4 C56C10.4 P W All gene names: C56C10.4; 2G873; CE02569; WBGene00016962; WP:CE02569
D1005.1 D1005.1 P W All gene names: D1005.1; ACLY_CAEEL; CE06997; WBGene00016995; WP:CE06997; XC101 WormBase description: ATP citrate lyase
D1007.5 D1007.5 P W All gene names: D1007.5; D1007.5a.1; D1007.5a.2; D1007.5b.1; D1007.5b.2; 1F150; CE29034; CE33577; WBGene00017003; WP:CE29034; WP:CE33577
D1044.1 D1044.1 P W All gene names: D1044.1; 3G635; CE39140; WBGene00017027; WP:CE39140; YLK1_CAEEL
D1044.2 D1044.2 P W All gene names: D1044.2; 3G623; CE29243; CE29244; CE39713; WBGene00017028; WP:CE29243; WP:CE29244; WP:CE39713; YLK2_CAEEL
D1046.5 D1046.5 P W All gene names: D1046.5; 4J731; CE32845; U359_CAEEL; WBGene00008366; WP:CE32845
D1069.2 D1069.2 P W All gene names: cpn-2; D1069.2; D1069.2.1; D1069.2.2; 2A629; CE38495; NM_061312; WBGene00000778; WP:CE38495 WormBase description: cpn-2 encodes a calponin homolog, more similar to the calponin paralogs transgelin (SM22 alpha) or neuronal protein NP25 than to calponin per se. WormBase CDS description: calponin
D2023.7 D2023.7 P W All gene names: col-158; D2023.7; 5M311; CE09077; NM_073580; WBGene00000731; WP:CE09077 WormBase description: collagen
E04F6.8 E04F6.8 P W All gene names: E04F6.8; E04F6.8.1; E04F6.8.2; 2H500; CE01220; WBGene00017127; WP:CE01220
EEED8.4 EEED8.4 P W All gene names: EEED8.4; 2F699; CE39716; WBGene00017135; WP:CE39716; YQO4_CAEEL WormBase description: Probable RNA binding protein
F01D5.6 F01D5.6 P W All gene names: F01D5.6; 2O297; CE18563; WBGene00008496; WP:CE18563
F08D12.7 F08D12.7 P W All gene names: F08D12.7; 2D56; CE27927; WBGene00017250; WP:CE27927
F08E10.7 F08E10.7 P W All gene names: F08E10.7; 5R961; CE18577; WBGene00008575; WP:CE18577
F10D2.11 F10D2.11 P W All gene names: ugt-41; F10D2.11; 5H640; CE36127; WBGene00017336; WP:CE36127 WormBase description: 7TM chemoreceptor, ugt family
F10D2.9 F10D2.9 P W All gene names: fat-7; F10D2.9; 5H632; CE09320; NM_072413; WBGene00001399; WP:CE09320 WormBase description: fat-7 encodes an essential delta-9 fatty acid desaturase that is required for the synthesis of monounsaturated fatty acids; fat-7 can substitute for the functions of the other two fatty acid desaturases, fat-5 and fat-6; RNA interference has shown that fat-7 is required for viability and normal growth. WormBase CDS description: stearoyl-CoA desaturase
F11A6.2 F11A6.2 P W All gene names: F11A6.2; 1M270; CE36130; WBGene00008681; WP:CE36130 WormBase description: F11A6.2 encodes a homolog of human scramblase (PLSCR1; OMIM:604170), which is activated by a rise of intracellular calcium, and which promotes the exposure of phosphatidylserine on the surface of cells undergoing activation, injury, or apoptosis; paralogs of F11A6.2 include C04E12.7, T22H2.5, ZK1053.5.
F12A10.1 F12A10.1 P W All gene names: F12A10.1; 2F787; CE39351; WBGene00017390; WP:CE39351
F12A10.7 F12A10.7 P W All gene names: F12A10.7; 2F784; CE39352; WBGene00017396; WP:CE39352; YSH7_CAEEL
F13D12.3 F13D12.3 P W All gene names: F13D12.3; 2M11; CE03197; WBGene00008739; WP:CE03197
F13G3.5 F13G3.5 P W All gene names: F13G3.5; F13G3.5.1; F13G3.5.2; 1H878; CE29761; IMPA1_CAEEL; WBGene00008765; WP:CE29761 WormBase description: myo-inositol-1-monophosphatase
F14D7.7 F14D7.7 P W All gene names: F14D7.7; 5O788; CE09385; WBGene00008794; WP:CE09385
F14E5.5 F14E5.5 P W All gene names: F14E5.5; 2I731; CE03208; WBGene00008803; WP:CE03208
F14F8.8 F14F8.8 P W All gene names: F14F8.8; 5R150; CE18592; WBGene00008816; WP:CE18592
F15B9.1 F15B9.1 P W All gene names: far-3; F15B9.1; 5N476; CE09406; NM_073850; WBGene00001387; WP:CE09406 WormBase description: O.volvulus antigen peptide like
F15B9.2 F15B9.2 P W All gene names: far-4; F15B9.2; 5N478; CE09407; NM_073851; WBGene00001388; WP:CE09407 WormBase description: far-4 encodes a fatty acid and retinol-binding protein, paralogous to FAR-3 and FAR-5 and distantly homologous to FAR proteins of parasitic nematodes; FAR-4 binds lipids in vitro; far-4 is transcribed at highest levels in the fourth larval stage, and is dispensable for viability and gross morphology in mass RNAi assays. WormBase CDS description: O.volvulus antigen peptide like
F15E6.8 F15E6.8 P W All gene names: F15E6.8; 4F54; CE16997; WBGene00017488; WP:CE16997
F20D1.3 F20D1.3 P W All gene names: F20D1.3; F20D1.3.1; F20D1.3.2; CE31486; WBGene00008975; WP:CE31486; XP595
F21D5.3 F21D5.3 P W All gene names: F21D5.3; F21D5.3.1; F21D5.3.2; F21D5.3.3; 4J499; CE03246; WBGene00009008; WP:CE03246 WormBase description: laccase like copper oxidase
F22B7.4 F22B7.4 P W All gene names: F22B7.4; 3J731; CE00157; WBGene00017695; WP:CE00157; YLW4_CAEEL WormBase description: Environmental stress
F22B8.5 F22B8.5 P W All gene names: str-7; F22B8.5; 5Q578; CE15883; NM_074651; WBGene00006075; WP:CE15883 WormBase description: 7TM receptor
F25F2.2 F25F2.2 P W All gene names: cdh-4; F25F2.2; 3F625; CADH4_CAEEL; CE00961; NM_065516; WBGene00000396; WP:CE00961 WormBase description: A homolog of a member of the cadherin superfamily that is involved in cell-cell adhesion. WormBase CDS description: Approximately 25 cadherin-repeats, 3 EGF domains and one Laminin G domain
F25H5.8 F25H5.8 P W All gene names: F25H5.8; 1J754; CE24917; WBGene00009130; WP:CE24917
F25H9.6 F25H9.6 P W All gene names: F25H9.6; 5N948; CE09663; P91988_CAEEL; WBGene00009138; WP:CE09663 WormBase description: Yeast hypothetical 65.2 KD protein like
F27E5.4 F27E5.4 P W All gene names: phas-1; phg-1; F27E5.4; 2K425; CE30964; GAS1_CAEEL; NM_063785; WBGene00004017; WP:CE30964 WormBase description: growth arrest protein extracellular domain
F31F6.5 F31F6.5 P W All gene names: daf-6; ptr-7; F31F6.5; CE38955; NM_078071; WBGene00000902; WP:CE38955; XP511 WormBase description: daf-6 is required for an unidentified function of the nonneuronal amphidial sheath cells that promotes correct morphology of both the amphid and the outer labial sensilla; daf-6 mutants disrupt the joining of the amphid sheath and socket cells to form the receptor channel, and display defects in several distinct functions including formation of dauer larvae, chemotaxis, osmotic avoidance, male mating, negative regulation of lifespan, negative regulation of ASJ's axonal growth late in development, and dye uptake by amphids and phasmids; daf-6 has recently been reported to be identical to the coding sequence ptr-7/F31F6.5, but this assertion has not yet been verified by transgenic rescue.
F35B3.4 F35B3.4 P W All gene names: F35B3.4; CE07171; WBGene00018031; WP:CE07171; XR632
F35E12.5 F35E12.5 P W All gene names: F35E12.5; 5O218; CE38510; WBGene00009429; WP:CE38510
F35F10.13 F35F10.13 P W All gene names: F35F10.13; 5D796; CE09938; WBGene00018062; WP:CE09938
F35F10.5 F35F10.5 P W All gene names: F35F10.5; 5D759; CE09930; WBGene00018055; WP:CE09930
F35F10.6 F35F10.6 P W All gene names: F35F10.6; 5D762; CE09931; WBGene00018056; WP:CE09931
F35F10.7 F35F10.7 P W All gene names: F35F10.7; 5D760; CE09932; WBGene00018057; WP:CE09932
F36A4.8 F36A4.8 P W All gene names: F36A4.8; F36A4.8.1; F36A4.8.2; 4F11; CE07184; WBGene00018085; WP:CE07184
F44F1.4 F44F1.4 P W All gene names: F44F1.4; 1N856; CE10418; WBGene00009696; WP:CE10418
F52D2.6 F52D2.6 P W All gene names: F52D2.6; CE20842; WBGene00018688; WP:CE20842; XC601
F52H3.1 F52H3.1 P W All gene names: let-268; F52H3.1; F52H3.1.1; F52H3.1.2; F52H3.1.3; 2K324; CE03397; NM_063769; PLOD_CAEEL; WBGene00002497; WP:CE03397 WormBase description: let-268 encodes a procollagen lysyl hydroxylase that processes type IV collagen, a collagen secreted and incorporated into the basement membrane during embryogenesis (and encoded partly by emb-9); LET-268 activity is essential for type IV collagen processing and secretion and for the stability, but not the formation of, the basement membrane that provides mechanical support to body wall muscle once contraction begins; LET-268 also appears to be required for pharyngeal muscle contraction. WormBase CDS description: procollagen-lysine,2-oxoglutarate 5-dioxygenase precusor
F53A3.7 F53A3.7 P W All gene names: F53A3.7; 3D41; CE23764; WBGene00018723; WP:CE23764
F53B6.8 F53B6.8 P W All gene names: F53B6.8; 1J522; CE23765; WBGene00009963; WP:CE23765
F53H4.1 F53H4.1 P W All gene names: csb-1; F53H4.1; CE33793; Cecsb; NM_078206; WBGene00000803; WP:CE33793; XQ480 WormBase description: csb-1 is orthologous to human gene ERCC6 (OMIM:133530, mutated in Cockayne syndrome); CSB-1 is required for embryonic viability, and represses UV-induced apoptosis in germ cells. WormBase CDS description: excision repair protein ERCC-6 like
F54E4.1 F54E4.1 P W All gene names: rbc-1; F54E4.1; CE11074; NM_078030; WBGene00004313; WP:CE11074; XP243 WormBase description: rbc-1 encodes an ortholog of S. cerevisiae RAV1; like RAV1, RBC-1 may be required for the reassociation of vacuolar proton-translocating ATPase (V-ATPase) after temporary glucose starvation. WormBase CDS description: Drosophila protein X like
F54E7.6 F54E7.6 P W All gene names: F54E7.6; 3G748; CE01317; WBGene00018829; WP:CE01317
F56B6.5 F56B6.5 P W All gene names: uvt-6; F56B6.5; CE31186; CE39375; NM_076205; WBGene00006864; WP:CE31186; WP:CE39375; XE149 WormBase description: uvt-6 encodes a G protein-coupled receptor that is most similar to the mammalian somatostatin receptors; uvt-6 was first identified in molecular analyses of gene products linked to the vitellogenin (vit) loci on the X chromosome; as loss of uvt-6 activity via large-scale RNAi screens does not result in any obvious abnormalities, the precise role of uvt-6 in C. elegans development and/or behavior is not yet known; uvt-6 mRNA is expressed weakly in adult hermaphrodites.
F56B6.6 F56B6.6 P W All gene names: F56B6.6; CE04666; WBGene00018937; WP:CE04666; XE150
F56D1.5 F56D1.5 P W All gene names: dhs-5; F56D1.5; 2F745; CE28036; DHS5_CAEEL; NM_062634; WBGene00000969; WP:CE28036 WormBase description: dhs-5 encodes a possible steroid dehydrogenase; DHS-5 generally resembles short chain-type alcohol/other dehydrogenases, but has two predicted N-terminal transmembrane sequences, and its closest relatives in vertebrates are known or putative steroid dehydrogenases such as hydroxysteroid (17-beta) dehydrogenase 12 from mouse (also known as KIK-I or DHBK_MOUSE).
F56D1.6 F56D1.6 P W All gene names: cex-1; F56D1.6; 2F739; CE01974; CEX1_CAEEL; NM_062633; WBGene00018962; WBGene00023407; WP:CE01974 WormBase description: calcium binding protein (weak)
F57B10.8 F57B10.8 P W All gene names: F57B10.8; 1H124; CE11312; WBGene00019005; WP:CE11312
F59A2.5 F59A2.5 P W All gene names: F59A2.5; 3E495; CE01023; WBGene00010305; WP:CE01023
F59A7.2 F59A7.2 P W All gene names: F59A7.2; 5C494; CE11438; WBGene00019090; WP:CE11438
H01A20.1 H01A20.1 P W All gene names: nhr-3; H01A20.1; CE18798; NHR3_CAEEL; NM_078022; WBGene00003602; WP:CE18798; XP179 WormBase description: nhr-3 encodes a member of the superfamily of nuclear receptors which is one of the most abundant class of transcriptional regulators; nuclear receptors have a well conserved DNA binding domain and a less conserved C-terminal ligand binding domain; nhr-3 has been identified and characterised as a gene affected by ethanol exposure in a microarray analysis of all C. elegans ORFs. WormBase CDS description: Zinc finger, C4 type (two domains)
K01A2.1 K01A2.1 P W All gene names: sgcb-1; K01A2.1; 2A617; CE35984; WBGene00019277; WP:CE35984 WormBase description: K01A2.1 is orthologous to the human gene SARCOGLYCAN, BETA (43KD DYSTROPHIN-ASSOCIATED GLYCOPROTEIN) (SGCB; OMIM:600900), which when mutated leads to disease.
K02B7.3 K02B7.3 P W All gene names: K02B7.3; K02B7.3.1; K02B7.3.2; 2O980; CE16205; WBGene00010491; WP:CE16205
K03A1.4 K03A1.4 P W All gene names: K03A1.4; CE04712; CE39580; WBGene00019352; WP:CE04712; WP:CE39580; XH914 WormBase description: calmodulin calcium-binding sites
K04D7.4 K04D7.4 P W All gene names: K04D7.4; 4K950; CE06093; PTP2_CAEEL; WBGene00010558; WP:CE06093 WormBase description: protein-tyrosine phosphatase
K04F1.9 K04F1.9 P W All gene names: K04F1.9; 5C139; CE19960; WBGene00019388; WP:CE19960
K04F10.1 K04F10.1 P W All gene names: K04F10.1; 1G939; CE11722; WBGene00019394; WP:CE11722 WormBase description: The K04F10.1 gene encodes a homolog of SCA1, which when mutated leads to spinocerebellar ataxia 1 (OMIM:164400).
K04G2.11 K04G2.11 P W All gene names: K04G2.11; 1I616; CE27389; WBGene00010569; WP:CE27389
K07F5.3 K07F5.3 P W All gene names: msp-56; K07F5.3; 4K607; NM_069361; WBGene00003449 WormBase description: msp-56 encodes a protein that belongs to a family of proteins called the Major Sperm Proteins (MSPs) that is conserved in nematodes; this family consists of closely related, small, basic proteins that make up 15% of sperm protein; this multigene family consists of over fifty genes, including many pseudogenes; MSPs are involved in both extracellular signaling and cytoskeletal functions during reproduction-MSP antagonizes Eph/ephrin signaling, in part, by binding VAB-1 Eph receptor tyrosine kinase on oocytes and sheath cells to promote oocyte maturation and MAPK activation; MSPs assemble into fibrous networks that drive movement of the C. elegans sperm; msp genes are expressed only in late primary spermatocytes. WormBase CDS description: major sperm protein
K08A2.1 K08A2.1 P W All gene names: K08A2.1; 2D289; CE23860; WBGene00019511; WP:CE23860
K08D12.4 K08D12.4 P W All gene names: K08D12.4; 4C471; CE21044; WBGene00019538; WP:CE21044
K08E7.6 K08E7.6 P W All gene names: K08E7.6; 4N344; CE11926; WBGene00010674; WP:CE11926
K08H10.1 K08H10.1 P W All gene names: lea-1; K08H10.1; K08H10.1.1; K08H10.1.2; 5K507; CE18875; NM_073174; WBGene00002263; WP:CE18875; lea WormBase description: The lea-1 gene encodes a protein that is predicted to be hydrophilic and heat-resistant, and that might participate in anhydrobiosis.
K08H10.2 K08H10.2 P W All gene names: K08H10.2; CE31359; CE37843; Q9XTH4_CAEEL; WBGene00010695; WP:CE31359; WP:CE37843 WormBase description: The K08H10.2 gene encodes a protein (K08H10.2A) that is predicted to be hydrophilic and heat-resistant, and that might participate in anhydrobiosis.
K09A9.4 K09A9.4 P W All gene names: K09A9.4; K09A9.4.1; K09A9.4.2; CE31559; WBGene00010702; WP:CE31559; XQ213 WormBase description: ubiquitin caroboxyl-terminal hydrolase
K09E9.2 K09E9.2 P W All gene names: K09E9.2; K09E9.2.1; K09E9.2.2; CE12012; WBGene00010725; WP:CE12012; XQ234 WormBase description: Yeast YAE2 hypothetical protein
K09E9.3 K09E9.3 P W All gene names: K09E9.3; CE12014; WBGene00010726; WP:CE12014; XQ232
K09H11.7 K09H11.7 P W All gene names: K09H11.7; 5G232; CE12060; WBGene00019604; WP:CE12060 WormBase description: nitrophenylphosphatase
K09H9.3 K09H9.3 P W All gene names: col-49; K09H9.3; 1D705; CE18038; NM_058705; WBGene00000626; WP:CE18038 WormBase description: cuticular collagen
M02B7.6 M02B7.6 P W All gene names: cal-3; M02B7.6; 4E594; CE39753; NM_068020; WBGene00000287; WP:CE39753 WormBase description: cal-3 encodes a member of the calmodulin family. WormBase CDS description: calmodulin-like protein
M02H5.6 M02H5.6 P W All gene names: nhr-98; M02H5.6; 5A935; CE35342; NHR98_CAEEL; NM_070807; WBGene00003688; WP:CE35342 WormBase description: nhr-98 encodes a member of the superfamily of nuclear receptors, which is one of the most abundant class of transcriptional regulators; nuclear receptors have a well conserved DNA binding domain and a less conserved C-terminal ligand binding domain.
M03F8.1 M03F8.1 P W All gene names: M03F8.1; 5G433; CE12372; WBGene00019761; WP:CE12372
M163.1 M163.1 P W All gene names: M163.1; CE12446; WBGene00010935; WP:CE12446; XP122
M60.6 M60.6 P W All gene names: M60.6; CE31208; WBGene00019781; WP:CE31208; XI868
R02E4.1 R02E4.1 P W All gene names: R02E4.1; CE39605; WBGene00019826; WP:CE39605; XE720
R03A10.5 R03A10.5 P W All gene names: R03A10.5; CE34077; WBGene00010985; WP:CE34077; XQ67
R07E3.4 R07E3.4 P W All gene names: R07E3.4; CE02298; WBGene00011105; WP:CE02298; XK950 WormBase description: ADP,ATP carrier protein
R08H2.8 R08H2.8 P W All gene names: R08H2.8; 5P850; CE12608; WBGene00011149; WP:CE12608
R09B5.11 R09B5.11 P W All gene names: R09B5.11; 5B919; CE30296; WBGene00019979; WP:CE30296 WormBase description: sugar transporter
R09B5.9 R09B5.9 P W All gene names: cnc-4; R09B5.9; 5B925; CE12634; NM_071015; WBGene00000558; WP:CE12634
R11D1.10 R11D1.10 P W All gene names: R11D1.10; 5N211; CE37547; WBGene00011248; WP:CE37547
T01B7.7 T01B7.7 P W All gene names: rol-6; T01B7.7; 2J23; CE03591; NM_063457; ROL6_CAEEL; WBGene00004397; WP:CE03591 WormBase description: The rol-6 gene encodes a cuticle collagen related to human collagen alpha 1 (III) chain precursor (OMIM:120180), and is required for normal cuticular morphology; ROL-6 interacts with SQT-1, a closely related cuticle collagen, and is expressed at all stages from L2 to adult with transcripts detected at each of the molts preceding these stages. WormBase CDS description: cuticle collagen ROL-6
T04H1.9 T04H1.9 P W All gene names: tbb-6; T04H1.9; 5M743; CE36500; NM_073674; WBGene00006539; WP:CE36500 WormBase description: tubulin beta-chain
T05C1.2 T05C1.2 P W All gene names: T05C1.2; 2E770; CE02860; WBGene00020249; WP:CE02860
T07C4.9 T07C4.9 P W All gene names: nex-2; T07C4.9; T07C4.9b.1; T07C4.9b.2; 3L416; CE23956; CE35364; WBGene00003589; WP:CE23956; WP:CE35364 WormBase description: nex-2 encodes an annexin, a member of a family of calcium-dependent phospholipid binding proteins; by homology, NEX-2 could function in a number of processes, such as membrane fusion, cytoskeletal interactions, and intracellular signaling; however, as loss of nex-2 function via RNA-mediated interference (RNAi) does not result in any abnormalities, the precise role of NEX-2 in C. elegans development and/or behavior is not yet known.
T09F5.12 T09F5.12 P W All gene names: T09F5.12; 5P646; WBGene00014836
T12A7.1 T12A7.1 P W All gene names: gem-4; tag-121; T12A7.1; T12A7.1.1; T12A7.1.2; 4M511; CE27445; NM_069824; WBGene00001577; WP:CE27445 WormBase description: gem-4 encodes a Ca[2+]-dependent phosphatidylserine binding protein (copine) that antagonizes GON-2 in gonadal cell division, with no other obvious function in normal animals; GEM-4 is highly similar to three human proteins, copine I, copine III, and KIA1599 (40% identity over 590 residues); GEM-4 is also similar to its C. elegans paralog, F26D10.4 (73% identity over 637 residues), with at least three other copines being encoded by the C. elegans genome; since both GEM-4 and GON-2 are predicted to be plasma membrane proteins, they may interact directly. WormBase CDS description: C2 domain (2 domains)
T13A10.10 T13A10.10 P W All gene names: aat-4; T13A10.10; 4H38; CE30174; CE35008; WBGene00000005; WP:CE30174; WP:CE35008 WormBase description: aat-4 encodes a predicted amino acid transporter catalytic subunit; unlike catalytic subunits in other organisms, however, AAT-4 does not contain the highly conserved cysteine residue known to facilitate covalent interaction with a glycoprotein subunit, suggesting that AAT-4 does not require this residue for heterodimer formation or, alternatively, does not require the glycoprotein subunit for function.
T20D4.12 T20D4.12 P W All gene names: T20D4.12; 5D873; CE39631; WBGene00020618; WP:CE39631
T23B3.2 T23B3.2 P W All gene names: T23B3.2; 1H293; CE14010; WBGene00020710; WP:CE14010
T28A11.16 T28A11.16 P W All gene names: T28A11.16; 5D734; CE14309; WBGene00020878; WP:CE14309
T28A11.2 T28A11.2 P W All gene names: T28A11.2; 5D755; CE20109; WBGene00020869; WP:CE20109
T28A11.20 T28A11.20 P W All gene names: T28A11.20; 5D746; CE35790; WBGene00020882; WP:CE35790 WormBase description: T28A11.20 encodes a neprilysin; neprilysins are thermolysin-like zinc metallopeptidases, found on the outer surface of animal cells, that negatively regulate small signalling peptides (e.g., enkephalin, tachykinin, insulin, and natriuretic peptides) by cleaving them; T28A11.20 has no clear orthologs in other organisms.
T28A11.5 T28A11.5 P W All gene names: T28A11.5; 5D745; CE20110; WBGene00020872; WP:CE20110
W03D2.1 W03D2.1 P W All gene names: pqn-75; W03D2.1; 4E841; CE14506; CE28501; CE31729; NM_171311; NM_171312; NM_171903; WBGene00004157; WP:CE14506; WP:CE28501; WP:CE31729 WormBase description: The protein product of this gene is predicted to contain a glutamine/asparagine (Q/N)-rich ('prion') domain, by the algorithm of Michelitsch and Weissman (as of the WS77 release of WormBase, i.e., in wormpep77).
W08E12.2 W08E12.2 P W All gene names: W08E12.2; W08E12.J; 4E71; CE21279; WBGene00021083; WP:CE21279
Y37D8A.10 Y37D8A.10 P W All gene names: Y37D8A.10; 3N965; CE20214; SPCS2_CAEEL; WBGene00012550; WP:CE20214
Y40H4A.1 Y40H4A.1 P W All gene names: acm-3; gar-3; gar-3a; Y40H4A.1; Y40H4A.1a.1; Y40H4A.1a.2; Y40H4A.1b.1; Y40H4A.1b.2; Y40H4A.A; 5P46; ACM3_CAEEL; CE27783; CE35800; NM_074207; WBGene00001519; WP:CE27783; WP:CE35800 WormBase description: gar-3 encodes a muscarinic acetylcholine receptor; gar-3 activity is required for regulation of membrane potential and excitation-contraction coupling in pharyngeal muscle and thus, for normal feeding behavior; in regulating pharyngeal pumping, GAR-3 likely acts upstream of GPB-2, a G-protein beta-subunit; a gar-3::gfp reporter fusion is expressed in the I3 pharyngeal neuron, extrapharyngeal neurons, and in pharyngeal muscles, where expression is highest in the terminal bulb.
Y41G9A.5 Y41G9A.5 P W All gene names: Y41G9A.5; CE21861; WBGene00021529; WP:CE21861; XD565
Y43D4A.2 Y43D4A.2 P W All gene names: Y43D4A.2; Y43D4A.C; 4R690; CE21875; WBGene00012788; WP:CE21875
Y43F8C.1 Y43F8C.1 P W All gene names: nlp-25; Y43F8C.1; 5U81; CE21899; NM_075400; Q9XWP3_CAEEL; WBGene00003763; WP:CE21899
Y46E12A.1 Y46E12A.1 P W All gene names: cnc-6; Y46E12A.1; 3C853; CE26996; NM_065054; WBGene00000560; WP:CE26996
Y48C3A.15 Y48C3A.15 P W All gene names: Y48C3A.15; WBGene00043678
Y48G1C.7 Y48G1C.7 P W All gene names: Y48G1C.7; 1A570; CE27266; WBGene00021680; WP:CE27266
Y51A2D.10 Y51A2D.10 P W All gene names: Y51A2D.10; 5T37; CE19206; WBGene00013078; WP:CE19206 WormBase description: Transthyretin-like family
Y54F10BM.9 Y54F10BM.9 P W All gene names: Y54F10BM.9; 3D386; CE29121; WBGene00021863; WP:CE29121
Y54G11A.4 Y54G11A.4 P W All gene names: Y54G11A.4; 2O583; CE22475; WBGene00013215; WP:CE22475
Y58A7A.2 Y58A7A.2 P W All gene names: Y58A7A.2; 5F548; CE26195; WBGene00021976; WP:CE26195
Y58A7A.4 Y58A7A.4 P W All gene names: Y58A7A.4; 5F560; CE26197; WBGene00021978; WP:CE26197
Y67H2B.C Y67H2B.C P W All gene names: Y67H2B.C; WBGene00043793
Y71H9A.3 Y71H9A.3 P W All gene names: sto-4; Y71H9A.3; Y71H9A.3.1; Y71H9A.3.2; CE22957; NM_077543; STO4_CAEEL; WBGene00006066; WP:CE22957; XM265 WormBase description: Band 7 family
Y73B6BL.28 Y73B6BL.28 P W All gene names: Y73B6BL.28; 4H246; CE23198; WBGene00022249; WP:CE23198
Y7A5A.6 Y7A5A.6 P W All gene names: Y7A5A.6; Y7A5A.G; CE21331; WBGene00012412; WP:CE21331; XQ416
Y81G3A.4 Y81G3A.4 P W All gene names: Y81G3A.4; 2N383; CE23119; WBGene00013592; WP:CE23119
ZC334.1 ZC334.1 P W All gene names: ins-26; ZC334.1; 1O628; CE19307; NM_061044; WBGene00002109; WP:CE19307 WormBase description: ins-26 encodes an insulin-like peptide.
ZK1320.4 ZK1320.4 P W All gene names: cyp-13A10; ZK1320.4; 2J952; C13AA_CAEEL; CE37736; NM_063684; WBGene00014254; WP:CE37736 WormBase description: cytochrome P450
ZK596.1 ZK596.1 P W All gene names: ZK596.1; ZK596.1.1; ZK596.1.2; 4L665; CE06631; WBGene00014006; WP:CE06631
ZK675.2 ZK675.2 P W All gene names: rev-1; ZK675.2; 2I193; CE01721; NM_063262; WBGene00014066; WP:CE01721 WormBase description: DNA repair protein (REV1)
ZK783.1 ZK783.1 P W All gene names: fbn-1; ZK783.1; 3I729; CE25695; WBGene00022816; WP:CE25695 WormBase description: ZK783.1 is homologous to human fibrillin-1 (FBN1), which when mutated leads to Marfan syndrome (OMIM:154700).
ZK84.1 ZK84.1 P W All gene names: ZK84.1; 2G313; CE02924; WBGene00022649; WP:CE02924