Fox et al 2005, S11 previously unc-4::GFP neurons, 27 genes

Gene list file name:Fox2005_S11_27_unc-4_neuron_expressed_Genes
Type of gene identifier:MA primer pair (sjj)
Description:Fox et al 2005 Additional File 11: Genes previously known to be expressed in unc-4::GFP neurons. Published literature and wormbase were searched to identify 27 genes that are expressed in embryonic neurons that also express unc-4::GFP (I5, DA, SAB).  
Organism:Caenorhabditis elegans (nematode)
Gene list type:Experimental

Gene name             Source Gene ID          Annotation                                                  Date       Added by    

C06A8.9 C06A8.9 P W All gene names: glr-4; C06A8.9; 2I76; CE31294; NM_063238; WBGene00001615; WP:CE31294 WormBase description: glr-4 encodes a putative non-NMDA ionotropic glutamate receptor subunit, most closely related to GLR-3 and less so to GLR-7, possibly of the kainate subfamily; glr-4 is expressed in various sensory neurons and interneurons from embyrogenesis onward; glr-4 expression requires UNC-42, as well as CFI-1 in URA cells. WormBase CDS description: Glutamate receptor
C53D6.2 C53D6.2 P W All gene names: unc-129; C53D6.2; 4J768; CE24863; NM_069165; O44371_CAEEL; WBGene00006852; WP:CE24863 WormBase description: The unc-129 gene encodes a member of the TGF-beta family of secreted growth factor signaling molecules; UNC-129 is required for proper axonal guidance of commissural motorneurons and for proper migration of the distal tip cells of the somatic gonad; UNC-129 is expressed in dorsal body wall muscle and at present does not appear to act through the known TGF-beta type I and II receptors. WormBase CDS description: bone morphogenetic protein like
E02H4.1 E02H4.1 P W All gene names: del-1; E02H4.1; CE05547; DEL1_CAEEL; NM_077979; WBGene00000952; WP:CE05547; XO895 WormBase description: del-1 encodes an ion channel protein of the DEG/ENaC (degenerin/epithelial Na+ channel) family; like other members of the degenerin family, DEL-1 is predicted to function as a sensory mechanotransduction channel, however detailed analysis of the DEL-1 mutant phenotype has not yet been reported; DEL-1 is expressed postembryonically in the VA and VB motor neurons and in the FLP sensory neurons; the DEL-1 expression pattern overlaps that of UNC-8, an additional C. elegans degenerin involved in movement control, with which DEL-1 may coassemble to form mechanically activated cation channels. WormBase CDS description: mechanosensory protein
F09C3.1 F09C3.1 P W All gene names: pes-7; tag-2; F09C3.1; 1O861; CE23636; NM_061091; WBGene00003980; WP:CE23636 WormBase description: pes-7 encodes an IQGAP ortholog; IQGAP proteins bind actin and CLIP-170, effect activities of the Rho family GTPases Rac1 and Cdc42, and function in cytokinesis; PES-7 is required for completing meiosis and mitosis, and for germline formation and maintenance; IQGAP's alpha-actinin domain is related distantly to alpha-actinin domains in calponin, transgelin (SM22 alpha), and the proto-oncogene Vav; a pes-7 reporter is first expressed in the ventral nerve cord of the elongating embryo and in later stages of development is also expressed in all major ganglia, the vulva, and in the spermathecal valves; in the ventral nerve cord, pes-7 expression is detected in nuclei as well as in cell bodies and neural processes. WormBase CDS description: ras GTPase-activating protein like
F26C11.2 F26C11.2 P W All gene names: ceh-4; unc-4; F26C11.2; 2K188; CE01560; NM_063737; UNC4_CAEEL; WBGene00006744; WP:CE01560 WormBase description: The unc-4 gene encodes a paired-class homeodomain protein with homologs in Drosophila and vertebrates; UNC-4 is required for establishing the identity of the A class motor neurons DA and VA, and is thus required for movement, axon guidance, and synapse formation; UNC-4 is negatively regulated by VAB-7, and UNC-4 activity requires UNC-37; unc-4 is expressed in the A-type motor neurons, DA and VA, the six VC motor neurons that innervate the vulval muscles, and the three SAB motor neurons; unc-4 is also expressed in the pharyngeal I5 motor neuron and the AVF neurons in the retrovesicular ganglion. WormBase CDS description: homeobox protein (otd subfamily)
F26E4.8 F26E4.8 P W All gene names: tba-1; F26E4.8; F26E4.8.1; F26E4.8.2; 1K362; CE09692; NM_060199; O18688_CAEEL; TUBA3; WBGene00006528; WP:CE09692 WormBase description: TBA-2 tubulin alpha-2 chain
F33D4.3 F33D4.3 P W All gene names: flp-13; F33D4.3; 4I462; CE17033; FLP13_CAEEL; NM_068854; WBGene00001456; WP:CE17033
F38E1.5 F38E1.5 P W All gene names: gpa-2; F38E1.5; 5I853; CE04523; GPA2_CAEEL; NM_072756; WBGene00001664; WP:CE04523 WormBase description: gpa-2 encodes a member of the G protein alpha subunit family of heterotrimeric GTPases that is involved in dauer formation and chemotaxis to water-soluble odorants; it is expressed in the phasmid neurons PHA and PHB, three pharyngeal neurons, one interneuron, three pairs of head neurons, and the anal sphincter muscle. WormBase CDS description: guanine nucleotide-binding protein
F46H5.6 F46H5.6 P W All gene names: grd-7; F46H5.6; CE37648; NM_076823; WBGene00001696; WP:CE37648; XH886 WormBase description: grd-7 encodes a hedgehog-like protein, with an N-terminal DUF271 domain, a central low-complexity proline-rich domain, and a C-terminal Ground (Grd) domain; GRD-7 is expressed in three to four posterior DA motor neurons of the ventral nerve cord; the Ground domain is predicted to form a cysteine-crosslinked protein involved in intercellular signalling, and it has subtle similarity to the N-terminal Hedge domain of HEDGEHOG proteins; GRD-7 is weakly required for normal molting; GRD-7 is also required for normal growth to full size, cuticle adhesion, locomotion, and vulval morphogenesis; all of these requirements may reflect common defects in cholesterol-dependent hedgehog-like signalling or in vesicle trafficking.
F56E3.4 F56E3.4 P W All gene names: fax-1; nhr-29; F56E3.4; CE28464; NM_076146; WBGene00001400; WP:CE28464; XD816 WormBase description: fax-1 encodes a predicted nuclear hormone receptor that contains two C4-type zinc fingers; FAX-1 is orthologous to the vertebrate photoreceptor-specific nuclear receptor (NR2E3 or PNR; OMIM:604485, mutated in enhanced S-cone syndrome and retinitis pigmentosa); FAX-1 is required for normal locomotion and for specification of neuronal identities, including pathfinding of the AVKR, AVKL, HSNL, and PVQL axons and expresion of the FMRFamide-like FLP-1 peptide neurotransmitter in AVKR and AVKL; FAX-1 is expressed in embryonic neurons, including the AVK interneurons, just prior to axon extension. WormBase CDS description: nuclear hormone receptor
F59B2.13 F59B2.13 P W All gene names: SRQ-1; F59B2.13; 3K110; CE37246; WBGene00010315; WP:CE37246; YMJC_CAEEL WormBase description: possible G protein coupled receptor
K02B12.1 K02B12.1 P W All gene names: ceh-6; K02B12.1; 1J76; CE28045; HM06_CAEEL; NM_059903; WBGene00000431; WP:CE28045 WormBase description: ceh-6 encodes a POU family homeodomain protein, homologous to human POU3F4 (OMIM:304400, mutated in conductive deafness 3) that affects embryonic viability, locomotion, and molting, and that regulates ectodermal and excretory function; CEH-6 is expressed dynamically during development and expression includes neurons, the excretory cell, and ectodermal cells. WormBase CDS description: Homeobox domain, Pou domain - N-terminal to homeobox domain
K02G10.4 K02G10.4 P W All gene names: flp-11; flp-11a; flp-11b; K02G10.4; CE04704; CE31030; CE34328; WBGene00001454; WP:CE04704; WP:CE31030; WP:CE34328; XF296
K11G12.2 K11G12.2 P W All gene names: acr-2; K11G12.2; ACR2_CAEEL; CE07380; NM_076727; WBGene00000042; WP:CE07380; XH327 WormBase description: A homolog of a non-alpha type nicotinic acetylcholine receptor subunit that forms a functional channel when co-expressed with the unc-38 alpha subunit. WormBase CDS description: nicotinic acetylcholine receptor subunit
R13A1.4 R13A1.4 P W All gene names: unc-28; unc-8; R13A1.4; 4H967; CE26381; NM_068737; UNC8_CAEEL; WBGene00006748; WP:CE26381 WormBase description: unc-8 encodes an amiloride-sensitive DEG/ENaC cation-selective channel subunit orthologous to human ENaCB (OMIM:600760, associated with Liddle syndrome, an autosomal dominant form of hypertension); UNC-8 is predicted to function as part of a mechanically gated channel that responds to stretch, and is required for modulating the sinusoidal body wave that is characteristic of C. elegans locomotion; unc-8 interacts genetically with unc-1 and unc-24, which encode stomatin-like proteins, and with mec-6, which encodes a paraoxonase; UNC-8 is expressed in motor neurons, sensory neurons, and interneurons in the nerve ring; UNC-8 may form a channel with the degenerin DEL-1, with which it is coexpressed in ventral cord motor neurons. WormBase CDS description: degenerin
T25F10.2 T25F10.2 P W All gene names: cet-1; dbl-1; T25F10.2; T25F10.2.1; T25F10.2.2; 5H239; CE26386; NM_072308; WBGene00000936; WP:CE26386 WormBase description: dbl-1 encodes a member of the transforming growth factor beta (TGFbeta) superfamily that includes Drosophila decapentaplegic (Dpp) and the vertebrate bone morphogenetic proteins (BMPs); DBL-1 functions as a dose-dependent ligand for the SMA-6 and DAF-4 TGFbeta receptors that ultimately activate the SMA-2, -3, and -4 complex of transcription factors to regulate body length and size, as well as the patterning of male sensory rays and copulatory spicules; DBL-1 signaling upregulates sma-6 expression, suggesting that there is positive autoregulation in the DBL-1 signaling pathway; in contrast, DBL-1 negatively regulates expression of LON-1, a predicted secreted protein that is a downstream component of the body size pathway; DBL-1 is expressed primarily in neurons. WormBase CDS description: TGF-beta-like growth factor
Y16B4A.1 Y16B4A.1 P W All gene names: unc-3; Y16B4A.1; CE29366; NM_078052; UNC3_CAEEL; WBGene00006743; WP:CE29366; XP401 WormBase description: The unc-3 gene encodes a protein with homology to immunoglobulin (Ig) domain-containing transcription factors such as OLF-1 or SU(H). WormBase CDS description: transcription factor OLF-1 like
ZC196.7 ZC196.7 P W All gene names: glr-5; ZC196.7; 5J199; CE15078; NM_072843; WBGene00001616; WP:CE15078 WormBase description: glr-5 encodes a kainate (non-NMDA)-type ionotropic glutamate receptor subunit; GLR-5 activity is required for normal brood sizes, especially at high temperatures; GLR-5 is expressed in neurons. WormBase CDS description: ligand-gated ionic channel protein
ZK512.6 ZK512.6 P W All gene names: eat-4; not-1; ZK512.6; 3K231; CE01109; NM_066622; WBGene00001135; WP:CE01109; YOQ6_CAEEL WormBase description: eat-4 encodes an ortholog of the mammalian BNPI vesicular glutamate transporter that affects chemotaxis, feeding, foraging and thermotaxis; eat-4 is expressed in specific neurons, including M3L and M3R which are known to be glutamatergic. WormBase CDS description: Sodium/phosphate cotransporter