Plot GO group p-values on a GO tree diagram

Enter a file containing a list of GO categories.
The lists in the file you enter will be plotted on a tree display of the GO hierarchy. The entered data must have two columns, the GO id and the p-value. The GO set type you select should match the input file.

P-values can be either original or log(10) transformed and can be positive or negative to indicate the direction of expression change.

GO groups containing few genes are omitted to keep the graph size manageable (the cutoff is 10-20 genes depending on the GO release date).


There are line(s) at the beginning of the file before the data.
GO ID column:
p-value column:    log transformed (i.e., 3, 1.70, -3.68) original (i.e., 1e-03, 0.02, -2.1e-04)
(The first column is referred to as column zero.)

to one of these sets of gene lists: