Program for: Worm gene database search


An HTML form calls a Perl CGI program. Info associated with worm genes is pulled from a database.


Tarred gzip package.

File list

config.txt			Config file
fill_tables			Perl program to load db tables
Gene_search.html		Search form
load_mysql.bat			Script to load database
load_oracle.bat			Script to load database
load_primers			Perl program to load primer db table.
make_tables_mysql.sql		Setup database tables
make_tables_oracle.sql		Setup database tables
next_db_link.cgi		Perl CGI to grab images from NEXT_DB
Primers.all.8-05.txt		C. elegans sjj primers (Used on Kim lab microarray, etc).
proteome.title.4-02.txt		Proteome gene descriptions
show_gene.cgi			Perl CGI to search db for entered genes.
wb_all_map.8-05.txt		Chromosomal locations of genes.			Perl library.				Perl library.

Install instructions.


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